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Description of Ludo Dream

Ludo dream is a modern version of the royal dice game called Pacheesi. You will find classic Ludo rules and ancient royal designs in the game, roll the dice to move your soldiers, reach the finish line and become the King of Ludo.

With Ludo Dream, you can play ludo on your mobile phone, recall the classic and beautiful ludo game, make friends all over the world, and play Ludo Dream with your family and friends.

Features in Ludo Dream:

Play against the computer to get the Game Points and get the corresponding Game Titles.

Play with new players all over the world and let them be your partner

Play with Computer and Local User without any internet connection

It will give you feelings and visual effects of classic look and royal gameplay.

Ancient Emperors used to play Ludo game once, and now you can play that game with your family and friends, although the game of rolling dice may seem so simple at first, but this game gets more interesting and challenging as time goes on. Your entire family will have fun with this Game and you will be unknowingly playing for hours and hours. Try to defeat your opponent and compete for the highest score on the rankings.

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More Information Of Ludo Dream

lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.20 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Higgs Games

User Reviews


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Marcelo Matos 2020-12-23

Visually it\'s the best ludo app available and I tried a lot of them. I give it 1 star because the challenges are a waste of time and the game glitches a lot, crashes and trow you out of the game. It makes the UI unresponsive and the system to restart. The funny thing is that I run far more demanding apps perfectly. This is the only app with some kind of issue. No support from the devs too. I tried.
Sangz Don 2020-07-22

It\'s addictive and still one of the best format for ludo game platform. Only issue is the server delay that makes your game very unpredictable and your play figures are moved by the time the network gets back. It\'s the only pitfall in this ludo. Everything else is superb. I wish you could block players who write rude insults about India or indians all the time in the comment section while playing. It\'s not fun anymore. There are bullies in this game.
MisakiPureBlood 2020-03-23

I had a reason why I give a 1 star, because the screen suddenly black.. and all player screen stuck.. we can chat but the dice didnt move.. no one can play... Idk what happen, but olease fix this bugs.. this is the only Ludo that I love and woukd be nice if there is a voice chat options, typing is kinda hard there .
Ahanna Narine 2020-09-17

Yesterday i write a review about this game about the new levels that start to play and the old levels......it was something like this why is when the new level play with the old levels why is the new levels always win no matter what and they can eliminate u all they want and u can\'t seems to get one correct number to eliminate them anyway after the review i only keep on getting new levels people to play with not my own levels just new one\'s why is that? Is this how this game works
Mix red 2020-05-17

The algorithm is cheap and after playing for nearly 3 weeks and playing 5 or 6 consecutive rounds different amounts in the last two days, and losing every single time. First and second place every time every game. Im done. Loooots of other games like this. Sucks too cause the graphics look good, but like i said cheap algorithm set up for certain accounts to lose based on how much money they have. Pay to win in that case. Like i said done.
Maddy Be 2020-11-22

GUYS DON\'T INSTALL THIS GAME!!! Full of glitches. Biased game, the game goes in favour of AI every damn time. The online mode is not even full of real people but bots. It\'ll NEVER EVER let you win. The chat box is full of abusers. Why depelopers doesn\'t pay attention to that. Disappointing. Uninstalling.
Rajesh M 2020-07-06

Ludo dream is amazing graphical interface compare to other ludo games. But when I try to cut opponent coin suddenly my network lost. Most of the time I felt playing with the game administers they controlling dice... last thing when I keep my coin on six to cut down opponents excatly they put six how ...
Gnanavel. k 2021-02-03

Ludo app graphics design are good.
Priyank Khuman 2020-04-14

It is superb 👌 awesome gaming experience.No lagging or no issue faced while playing game. It runs smoothly on my Galaxy Note 10 😋. Only One thing i couldn\'t found anywhere on play store that no any Ludo app allowed more than 4 player like 5p or 6p in multiplayer mode. It is available only in local mode. (Don\'t know why). It would be great if you can do this on multiplayer mode too. 😇
Kirsty Price 2020-10-26

Its the best ludo game out there but the glitches are a real pain in the ass!!!! I dont understand why some people have different smiley faces to other people 😕, if you could do another update and sort it out I\'d of given it a 5 star 🌟