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Ludo King™(53M)

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Roger M 2020-09-17

The game\'s algorithm is fixed for drama. I\'ve played now almost a hundred games and on way too many occasions the dice \"magically\" strikes exactly the right number when it counts the most. I can easily tell when I\'ll win or lose no matter the actual game strategy. Overall the game is good to pass the time but the developers should move away from the \"scripted\" dice play and make the dice truly random. Anyone notice how close the games are at the end? At this stage, it\'s no longer fun to play.
A Google user 2019-02-14

love love love looooooooove it this app gives so much personalised experience as if u are playing with some in person even if you are playing online, never hangs , just so fluent, fast and so much fun and the emoji they have. In fact it hard for me focus on work sometimes. i just feel like playing all the time n m a grown up not a kid saying such thing. love it
Ravi Teja Reddy Chaganti 2021-02-20

I think the quick game mode has a bug in it. Sometimes the pawn is moved without actually clicking on it. It happened to me atleast 5-6 times. I will be thinking about which one to move and suddenly one of my pawns is moved automatically. And yeah I still have time left to move, it\'s not like I\'m missing the time limit. It happens way before the time bar goes to zero. Hope they fix it.
Unfathomable Reasons 2019-04-19

This would be enjoyable except for a few things. There\'s a ton of ads in this game. The people who play it are typically adults that are middle aged, yet they behave really immaturely when they lose. Like six year olds throwing a tantrum. There\'s also a lot of racism, and I\'ve noticed that certain things seemed rigged during gameplay. Like it\'s set up purposely to roll certain numbers to keep it going longer. If you need three 6s and a four to catch me, and you get it... that\'s rigged.
Bikash Gurung 2020-07-28

This game is getting worse than ever. Way too much ads even in the online game, and this so distracting and irritating at the same time. I know ads are important for earning money but don\'t ruin your business by giving more priority to the money rather than your customers. If we got frustrated of your game & stopped playing this game, then how can you imagine to gain profits or money?
A Google user 2019-03-03

Some of the players keep on getting 6 after 6 while others have to wait eons to get it. This is No random play. Please Improve your app to curb Mod apk . As far as AI is concerned, the dice doesn\'t roll at random numbers, as you guys seem to profess so openly ; especially at the start of the game or when the player reaches their house. This is supposed to be a game of luck, not a carefully planned out balanced game of wins and losses which slaps a 15 second advertisement everytime you play !
Ashutosh Mani 2020-05-03

This game is so poorly coded! Even if you have all the tokens inside the house, still you have chances (90%) of losing the game . This game is frustrating, because people who just got their token out, still have a higher chance if winning than you if you are just left with just 1 token to to win. You won\'t get the number 90% of the time .
BHARGAV KUMAR 2020-07-16

Very bad and fake game. It is a hacked game those who hacked it wins always. Gives 6 continuously to some players who gave them money. I will give this game 0 stars but there was no option for it. This game is planned. You will keep losing untill you did not pay an amount of rupees to them(real money). And now I will uninstall this game. And recommend you too to uninstall or don\'t download it.
Vishika Khemani 2020-06-02

I love ludo king! It\'s very addictive, the game play is smooth and the themes makes it even better. The only objection I have is regarding the latest update, if your team could provide missions to avail the newest amazon prime theme for those who are not it\'s members then that would be great:)
Krishnamoorthy Nagarajan 2021-01-21

The fun part of game is randomness. But this is not happening. It\'s easily predictable. Noticed dice will roll in favor of you when opponent is entering near home. Well that happens for opponent too. Just crossing each other\'s home and the dice rolls 6. No randomness and it\'s not ludo for that reason. Doesn\'t do what it is supposed to do and the app is overrated with millions of downloads. Find a better app for playing this game. Hey, favoring ppl paying money, pass 🤷‍♂️