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Description of Luna Story - A forgotten tale (nonogram)

Why don’t you travel to a sentimental and beautiful story hidden in the puzzle?

This is a story that has come down since long ago.

It is said a cursed moon keeper was keeping the flower and tree alone that bloomed in a blue crescent moon that emerged in the night sky from time to time.

As if he was looking forward to something eagerly for a very long time….

The fact there was a beautiful castle called ‘Nobilrunia’ here longer ago has now become a forgotten story only the moon keeper remembers.

Then one day, the flowers in the moon began withering.

Please help the moon keeper.

Please find the abundant figure that used to be.

Game function ---------------------------------------------

- puzzle save

- Use the touch pad at the same time

- Small map Large map available (both free)

- Hinting offer

- Incorrect checking options available

- X offers a complete line of display options

- Undo / Redo function provided

- Large puzzles can be solved easier through a drag button

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:2.2 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:Floralmong company

User Reviews


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Aeterna Nox 2019-06-24

Lovely interface and lots of puzzle options. the English translation is a little clunky at times, but not unclear. the music is soothing and I play as often with as without. The varying degrees of difficulty on the puzzles keeps things interesting while still allowing for rapid progression. Very easy to get wrapped up and spend hours playing, but individual puzzles are small enough to fit in if you only have a few minutes to kill. I would love to see an option to pay for ad removal, though.
fiona hawkes 2020-06-26

This is a lovely little game that\'s so unique in not being like all the other games that start easy, get hard, get impossible, then make you pay to go forward or put time restrictions on when you can play again. It just gently lets you go at your own pace, doesn\'t penalise you if you make a mistake, doesn\'t ask for money, and has only a few understandable ads. It\'s only fault is how addictive it is!
Jeff Lee 2019-11-08

Gameplay is good, puzzles are challenging at the upper levels, but not impossible. Only complaints are that puzzles in progress are not saved (so if you switch away and the app leaves resident memory, you have to start the puzzle again from scratch), and after completing several levels on \"Big\" mode, it gets annoying having to scroll through all the completed ones to get to the one you\'re working on (after opening the app).
Katelyn Mann 2019-08-08

This is a good, nice, fun app to get and play on a lot, because even though you have a certain amount of lives and hints, after you run out of lives you\'re able to pick to go back to the list of the Picross Luna picture(s), restart the picture you\'re working on, or watch a little ad video and get a life, you\'re also able to keep picking to watch a little ad video to get another life until you\'re finished with the one you\'re working on.
Amelia Garvey 2020-04-09

Awesome game, I\'d pay for no ads! Please put in an option to pay to remove ads. I don\'t know how much you make per person off of the ads, but make the cost equal to whatever that is, and allow people to buy it! I like to play before I go to sleep, but the ads are so loud and bright white, they just ruin the game. Great job, please let us buy it! I\'ll change to five stars!
Jerich McAfee 2018-10-08

It has some issues that make the game much less enjoyable. The grid actually doesn\'t stop at the edges of the puzzle, making it possible to try to place a block or an x outside the puzzle on the bottom edge or right edge. If you place a block, that\'s an automatic error and you lose a life. I have actually failed puzzles near the end because of this bug. It\'s not even really a bug. It\'s just lazy programming. I shouldn\'t be able to place a block too far right on the x axis, or too far down on the y axis.
Reyna 2020-08-29

Love the UI but the new ads system is disrupting to game play. Today I got an ad that popped up after a puzzle with no way of getting rid of it. It took up the entire screen, made me watch a video, and there was no option to skip or close it. I repeatedly hit the back button but nothing happened. I had to quit and restart the game to play again.
Victoria Criloux 2020-01-13

Its a good and calm distraction I could do for hours. It\'s just a little confusing to start the game if you don\'t have any entirely full line of shaded squares.But if you love challenging yourself and/or, you love fairy tales, then you are sure to like this game!Each puzzle is equal to a page of the story.This app is simply amazing. VMAC
Racheal Logan 2020-07-11

I have loved this app for a long time and play it nearly daily. Recently the ads have become intrusive. Some do not even have an option to close without exiting the game completely. Specifically when completing a level. If there were a pro version of this game that removed ads, I would gladly pay for it. I am not sure I can continue to play it in its current state so I have lowered my rating until something changes.
Ari Fazio 2020-03-12

Found this app after finishing its sequel. It has fewer features than that one, but not enough of a difference to make it any less enjoyable. I love the way each section is set up to progress from easy to difficult. It feels really rewarding but also nice to have options when I don\'t want to do a really thought consuming puzzle.