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Luna Story II - Six Pieces Of Tears



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Description of Luna Story II - Six Pieces Of Tears

Travel with emotional and beautiful stories hidden in it with nonogram.

After the first story, a second richer story will come to you.

Please join us for the adventure of the moon for Princess!

After Nobilunia had fallen,

The Moon keeper has finally met the Princess after the long long time.

The Princess was lovely as always and The Moon keeper finally regained his old form.

They decided to honor the people from Nobilunia.

They built a little cabin and stayed there hoping peace.

But the tragedy wasn't over, nightmare took their destiny away into darkness.

The destiny was twisted,

and the lone journey to bring that back has just began.

Game function ---------------------------------------------

- puzzle save

- Use the touch pad at the same time

- Small map Large map available (both free)

- Hinting offer

- Incorrect checking options available

- X offers a complete line of display options

- Undo / Redo function provided

- Large puzzles can be solved easier through a drag button

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More Information Of Luna Story II - Six Pieces Of Tears

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.0.2 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Floralmong company

User Reviews


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Aaron Lahman 2021-02-04

Looks to just be an updated version to match the innovations of the third installment, can we get the ability to import our save data from the old version?
Carlena Keith 2021-01-23

Sound doesn\'t turn off in this version. Even when you select it un settings, it stays on. Very annoying.
dee dee Rockford 2021-02-19

Logic-able with a bit of challenge & no guesswork needed. Just a gentle game to put things in order. Beautiful artwork & only a light amount of ads. Thanks for a well produced app
Ryunaker1 2021-02-17

They updated the game with some of the features from 3, and they also changed the story episodes from a 10x10 block of blocks (for a total of 100) per episode, to an 8x8, along with adding a few episodes, for a total of 36 vs 30. The lowering from 10x10 to 8x8 does make the story episodes take less time, but the results do not look as good, side by side, prior to whole puzzle completion. (I still have the old version installed, as well.)
andrew lagattuta 2021-01-30

What\'s the difference between this version, and the other Luna story 2?
Taylor Barnett 2021-02-05

There is a typo on the witch puzzle on voyage 6 but other than that great game and addicting
Tonia Addison-Hall 2021-03-15

This app is constantly crashing on the ads, when it isn\'t annoying you to \"rate\" it!! DON\'T WASTE YOUR TIME!