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Description of Lunar Calendar 2022 Daily Moon

This app is a real individual and accurate lunar calendar, your irreplaceable adviser, which is always with you. You no longer have to buy paper versions of lunar calendars for each year.

You can adjust your plans every day with it. When should you have surgery to recover as quickly as possible? When should you have your hair cut to make your hair stronger and more luxuriant? When should you water your plants? Besides, you regularly receive supplementary recommendations concerning the thorough influence of lunar rhythms on your general and everyday life and health.

For the first time ever we’ve developed the most accurate algorithm of lunar days calculation available in the internet, so you don’t have to worry about the correctness of recommendations and you won’t miss the beginning of a lunar day.

For your convenience we’ve integrated the feature of calculation of the nearest days with the detailed description. All recommendations are based upon multiple parameters, such as the moon in a certain zodiacal sign, the moon phase, the lunar day, etc.

For long-term planning you can select any date from the calendar without any limitations plan an event and share the info with your friends in a social network, send an Email, etc.

For better choice of recommendations we’ve added the database of settlements in the CIS countries.

Currently the following headings are available:

1. Health and nutrition

2. Hair care (haircut calendar)

3. Garden and agriculture

4. Business and finances

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:2.1.3 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:DASHBY.IO

User Reviews


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Richard Edward Ward 2016-09-07

Very helpful but ads after paying This is a very helpful app but after paying for upgrades there are still annoying ads asking me download garbage. Otherwise 5 stars.
A Google user 2017-11-26

I\'d like to change day by sweep right and left but I have to choose every day at calendar... And more, l want the sun calendar to have also (sun days as well as moon) I have to find v another one. But anyway this one is easy to use.:)
Anna Belle Bair 2016-11-13

My Go-To app I always reference this app for my hair care needs, especially when it comes to trimming. My hair does seem to grow faster when I schedule haircuts during the indicated favorable \"growing moon\" days...... Although it could provide a more informative description of each lunar phase and of the day.
nicole Howard 2017-09-26

Accurate, and easy to use.
Heather Jacques 2018-10-30

Fun app with some useful information. Lacks proper english and can be confusing at times, but I still enjoy it for what it is. Great gardening tips that I plan to use coming next spring.
Joanne Light 2018-09-18

Awesome app! It\'s interface is clean and beautiful, it gives a good idea of what lunar day and Zodiac sign in moon we have today, and it gives different kinds of advice for the day. Recommended!
Anny Camargo 2019-12-12

A really well done app. Gives you times of full moon and new moon . Shows you the complete calendar, gives you advice in different aspects! Amazing
R Wes 2017-09-26

I not for personal use, can\'t add reminders for yourself kind pointless if you cant I can look up random moon info on my own. without allow you to add personal reminders or notificaton I feel this app is useless.
A Google user 2017-04-06

This app doesn\'t change the signs. I tried everything to bring up Aquarius and all I got was FRUSTRATED IT SUCKS, I was so excited to see what it said also it doesn\'t update or something, it leaves the same reading up with the same sign dang sign and I can\'t change it
Brigid Barner 2020-02-25

Very clear and easy to use. I would like to see void of course periods noted if an update is available. Thanks.