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Description of Lyrica

《Lyrica》is a rhythm game combined classic poems and modern musics, in addition to classic styled narratives.

The story portrays a young man Chun who wants to become a musician. One night he has a dream of traveling to the ancient past in China and encounters a mysterious poet.

The game combined music notes and classic poems, gamers experience the beauty of Chinese calligraphies and poems by tapping on the lyric that sync with the rhythm, or draw a calligraphy through the music notes.


Lyrica is a rhythm game that’s unique in many ways. It’s musically entertaining; it expresses literature artistically; it applied poetries in the gameplay and created a new gaming experience for the gamers.


2017 2nd International Mobile Games Awards SEA “Best Meaningful Play”

2017 3rd Tencent GAD Game Award “Best Mobile Game”

2017 International Mobile Games Awards CHINA Nominee

2017 Indie Pitch Awards Nominee

2017 TapTap Annual Game Awards "Best Audio" Nominee

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More Information Of Lyrica

lable: Music - Games Current Version:4.2.1 Publish Date:2021-09-25 Developer:漢創文化

User Reviews


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Sara Cate 2019-02-03

It\'s a fun game, but the sound effect when you hit the note has got to go. It can really ruin the sound of the song and the visual effect is more than enough to let you know that you hit the note in time. Other than that, super fun and interesting! Having to buy chapters is kinda lame, but I\'m learning that it\'s common in this genre of game. 🤷🏼‍♀️
-20 C 2019-04-01

I\'ve had been playing rhythm games and so far Lyrica is my favorite one. It\'s my first time playing the rhythm game using Chinese music not to mentioned the musics are amazing. The graphic I don\'t have anything to complaint, it\'s gorgeous. I like the button with Chinese and Japanese calligraphy too. Gonna purchase the story first because I\'m curious. To sum it up, Lyrica is great :)
Alvin Lou 2019-04-02

not sure if it\'s the problem of the appearance of the app in my google pixel 3, but almost all the tempo is wrong, which is fatal to a music game. pls fix it !
Xì Dầu 2019-12-09

I love the game! The music is great, the stories are good. Love it!
A Google user 2019-03-30

Really nice and relaxing game, perfect for an osu player
Matthew Eskuchen 2019-03-31

Wants access to local storage, then wants to know who i am via Google Games, then asks permission to my Google Drive! I\'m done.
Lyn Tampi 2018-12-10

I really like this game so far. It works well both on phone and on tablet. It works really well on tablet- with the sound effects and harder levels. It doesn\'t require wifi connection to do free play but if you want to do missions, you\'ll need connection. There\'s a few grammar errors here and there for English which isn\'t a huge problem, but it could be improved. I\'m really excited to see where this game goes, especially with events coming up. I do think we should be able to unlock stories with our coins though, or maybe through events.
RyujiGaming _ 2019-08-18

This game is pretty fun and the music/poems are nice. Every week there are multiple free songs available to be played. It great!
A Google user 2019-01-09

i just recently finished the game and i loved it! it was worth it to buy the first chapter for chun! im hoping that this game will get an update and add a continuation to the story. i want to see more interactions of li bai and chun. i have high hopes for this game and i also wish that chun and yang\'s relationship wont go into deep romance and just stay platonic.
Sora Udagawa 2019-02-04

Terrible sound lag on Huawei Mate 20. As far as I know that problem is caused by a sound option in the Unity Engine.