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Description of Madness at Hobbsgate

Madness at Hobbsgate is an exploration adventure game inspired by the works of Lovecraft, where players explore and investigate a large open world map, progressing though an engaging and exciting story. It is a mobile phone adaption of the classic text-based adventure genre, similar to the point-and-click classics. The game combines a bleak environment, an sense of underlying dread, and several moments of comedy to keep you entertained.

As the fourth game in the "Horror in the Darkness" series, the protagonist finds himself trapped within the walls of Hobbsgate Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Unsure of how he came to be there he finds out quickly enough that the line between sane and insane can often be blurry.

Website: http://www.karmicshift.co.nz/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karmicshiftstudios/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/karmic_shift

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.5 Publish Date:2022-05-25 Developer:Karmic Shift Studios

User Reviews


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Curtis Marx 2017-09-06

This is the third (of four total) game I\'ve played in this series and it was pretty good. Much better than the last game Horror in the Pacific --which I did not like much -- but not quite as good as the original Horror in the Darkness. The puzzles were a lot more logical/straightforward than the last game, while still challenging enough that I had to use the hints every once in a while. I also like that the developer is starting to link the stories together which makes things more interesting. The biggest complaint is that there\'s a lack of lore -- I hope in future episodes the developer fleshes out the monsters, cult, etc. more.
Mackenzie Bell 2017-09-15

Such a great game! I\'ve played every installment a couple times, they\'re all so well made! I enjoyed the challenges in this one, many of them seemed very logical. I keep playing this one over to see if I can find uses for my unused items but nothing yet. Can\'t wait for the next one!
Shiggy Simp 2017-11-26

Really interesting story, I liked it a lot. I\'ve played all of the previous ones except the first (I really need to read the first). The puzzles were fun, not impossible, and made me want to keep playing. A bit anticlimactic ending, and there were a bunch of items that I didn\'t use for some reason (secret endings/events?). Overall, good job, I can\'t wait for the next one!
graycat 010 2019-10-06

Wow. This would be the text-based adventure games that I will be inpsired to create for my own. The only thing I miss in this game is the plot after escaping. I was expecting that there will a more terrifying plot within the village once I passed through the mad house. Also with facing Dr. Engel, or even terminating the evil they enlive. I also assumed that the main character was a girl because of its expression and weak points in the game. Still, its one of the best! Thank you so much!
Molly Taylor 2020-03-06

Very fun, but parts of it would have been impossible to solve if not for a walkthrough I found on YouTube. It\'s also quite short, and feels less like it has a mysterious, Lovecraftian ending, and more like a start without a middle or an end. If it had been longer, though, I\'d definitely give it 4 stars - this game was loads of fun, and the creator(s) clearly put a lot of time into developing the puzzles.
Nick Woebcke 2019-10-12

Walk the maze, collect things, solve puzzles, don\'t die! This was a fun game. I played the standard free game. I almost ran out of lives before finishing. It took me a half day to finish it. It might be better if the map and the movements were connected some how. One hint: some items must be used in rooms far from where they are found.
Lucas Spencer 2019-11-23

This game is an absolute masterpiece. I have always been fascinated by the world in which H.P. Lovecraft wrote of. This game does an absolutely incredible job of continuing the story after the insmouth incident. You can vividly picture each and every detail, the background music adds the perfect ambience. I will be playing this for a long time. 10/10
Kelen Pilkenton 2019-09-09

Very enjoyable! Ive loved all the installments so far. I even bought the premium version. Only trouble is ive gotten really stuck and i cant get any new hints. Great game though, hopefullu i can actually finish it. Update: I e-mailed the developers at Karmic Shift Studios and received help getting past the butcher. I really appreciate the feedback form them! Wonderful games!
gaypanic 2020-04-12

Some parts were difficult to solve, and the hints were sometimes of little to no help. I had to use a walkthrough on YouTube to fill some of the gaps. It felt short, and there could definitely be more added onto it— Perhaps a sequel is in order? Nonetheless, however, I truly did enjoy this game, it was as boring as it was long.
blinded journeyman 2018-09-22

Ok...Im sorry I was an ass that day. Bad time irl. Imma give it another shot n be a bit more grateful. I am sincerely sorry I normally dont say things like this. And I will try n buy it if I ever get better off, I had no right to be as bitter as I was that day. I really did do ya wrong m8. Have decent day/night