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Description of Mafia42: Social Deduction Game

Strategize, persuade, deceive, and unveil mysteries to win in this social game.

Welcome to Mafia42, the new, mobile version of the classic game Mafia. You can play anywhere you’d like, relaxing on your couch or riding to your destination with players from all around the world!

Mafia42 is a chat-based social deduction game where players actively interact with one another and test their wits. Players are divided into two teams, Mafia vs. Citizens, and each player is assigned a different occupation. Each night and day, players use their unique skills such as Murder, Heal, or Investigate other players. During the day, time is given to players to freely debate and deduce to find out who the hidden Mafia is and eliminate them.

But wait.

Mafia42 provides a fresh twist by offering new roles and new teams. Say goodbye to the boring minor character roles: here, every player is unique in some way.

You can be part of the Cult Team that sneaks around in the darkness of the night trying to convert citizens.

The Citizen Team is stronger than ever with influential citizens such as the Politician and the Hacker that use their abilities to defeat the Mafia.

The Mafia team welcomes new deviants such as the Witch and Mad Scientist to seize the night.

We highly recommend checking out our https://mafia42.fandom.com/wiki/Mafia42_Wiki before playing to familiarize yourself with all our unique occupations.


- 32 fun and unique occupations with more to come!

- Say goodbye to the boring citizen role! Every player is assigned a special role such as the Spy, Psychic, Magician, etc

- Play and chat with your friends online

- Join a guild to socialize and interact with other players

- Multiple game modes that let you play casually, competitively, and privately

- Complete daily quests to receive special bonuses

- Collect rare icons by completing hidden missions

- Customize your account with various items such as skins and nameplates


Mafia42 is free to play but optional in-game items require payment. Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to download and play the game. This game requires a network connection to play.

Can’t get enough of us?

Wiki : https://mafia42.fandom.com/wiki/Mafia42_Wiki

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/Mafia42/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mafia42us

Twitter : https://twitter.com/mafia42us

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/mafia42us

Discord : https://discordapp.com/channels/415032556916965376/415032556916965379

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:3.1491-playstore Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:TEAM42

User Reviews


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Mehvish Shaikh 2020-11-04

Very nice and interesting game. But 4 stars since it lacks things like proper guide. Many players can\'t make out the game at all. It\'s not supposed to be an easy game but it needs a proper manual or guide to understand each feature. Many of the gamers just deduce or sit silently cause they can\'t understand. I don\'t understand the cards and what all is to be used. Before actual game starts the manual is also not at all helpful. Please do something to make things easier. Game has lot of potential.
Janine Lauron 2020-12-28

I love this game sm. I might even be addicted to this. It\'s kinda similar to among us, at least it reminds me of it but I think this is even better. I love that you can reconnect back to the game when you are lagging and if suddenly the connection went out. The roles are very interesting and amusing and I got to play with a lot of cool players but I wish we could report players or block them because I played with some that are salty trolls. Overall, my experience in playing this game is amazing.
Yanjun 2020-10-19

This game has a lot of potential but there are too many bugs to fix. I\'ve had a lot of good memories playing this game. I still play it every now and then, but not as much anymore as before. I used to fear losing and taking the blame from my teammates but now everytime i play i fear that i might get in trouble with someone again because there are a lot of toxic players in the game. It\'s just a game but a lot of people take it personally.
한지성 2020-10-28

It has a lot of potential. I really love this game because its similar to the \"Find the mafia\" game se used to play. But I only gave 4 because the pictures gone, and I still dont know how to acquire the job. Another one is, it has only few rooms and server, \'cause only few know this game. I also gain some friend internationally.
Race Do 2020-12-07

Love the game. It was hard at first cause I don\'t really know how to use the role\'s skills but it gets better overtime. And I love meeting new players who I can chat and joke with. I don\'t know, just love the game overall except the *Island of Betrayal*, one time played that game I always keep on getting disconnected even though I have a stable internet connection. Aside from that nothing else. Love lots! Hwaiting!
Hi Ro Mi 2020-11-29

Very fun! Its so detailed i love it. But i wish you guys make the tutorials more detailed because i think its not enough for beginners to understand. I actually installed this last year but uninstalled it cuz i don\'t get it. And i came back now i still had a hard time coping up but i\'m fine now. So yeah, make the tutorials better. But overall its good. But some says there\'s a bug where a cult leader can recruit at night 4 which is not an odd night so.. Yeah fix it too. Looking forward on it!
BadApple123 2020-12-02

Overall the game is very addicting to play and has a lot of potential. The only cons I would say is how expensive it is to get duel cards and upgrade them, how pictures fail to load and some other minor bugs do happen, along with the daily gift sometimes say it has been rewarded but I have yet to receive it after watching the ads.
DeathGaming 2020-11-23

Everything is very fun, and I enjoy this game greatly, with the graphics, the people (some salty some not but oh well), and it\'s very fun. The one thing I hate though is that there are event skins (yes I get they are tied to their events) that can never be redeemed unless its during that event, which is very hard. If you could allow people to get these skins without needing to wait for an event that will almost never return, that would be very nice, please and thank you
ZZZ 2021-01-11

I used to play mafia with playing cards years ago. But this only included Cop, Doc, Mafia and Citizen. It was one of my favorite games. Once I found it in an app version I was thrilled. My first impression was the games were very fast paced. At first, not knowing all the new roles, I struggled to play. I had to go to the rule book and read and play each role to find out how each one worked. This could of been prevented if the tutorial was better. Other than that I\'m very grateful for a beautifully illustrated version of one of my favorite card games.
Kenneth Hoang 2020-11-08

Very interesting game. There are a few problems with this game. Some roles are op while others are completely useless. 2 examples are the prophet is so op maybe extend time to day 5 while politician is useless. The voting seems bugged out at times for example, its a 3 to 3 tie but someone is still in danger of getting voted out. The prices of things are so expensive its pay to win. Another thing is people can bully others. Btw, the tutorial is so confusing. This game needs a lot of work.