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Description of Magica.io - Battle Royale

It’s time to become a champion!

Magica.io is a mobile Battle Royale game for true leaders! Smash other players on the battle arena and conquer the leaderboard charts!

Fight for survival in great battles, collect epic loot, improve your character's fighting skills! All this and more you can find in the Magica.io battle royale game!

Game features:

- Play online & offline

- Fight against real players

- Enjoy different locations

- Tons of new heroes

- Choose your weapon from the variety of magic ammo

- Different game modes

- Complete daily quests

- Earn rewards & unique weapons

Magica.io will be your favorite io battle royale game! It's a great combination of outstanding graphics and interesting gameplay. Upgrade your hero, improve your fighting skills to stay as long as possible on the arena and survive! Prevent your enemies' attacks and crush 'em all with your magical abilities!

Ready to become a champion? Tap the install button and enjoy the fantastic battle royale io game! Let’s rumble!

You can also play Magica.io offline if you don’t have an Internet connection.




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/azur_games

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames

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More Information Of Magica.io - Battle Royale

lable: Action - Games Current Version:2.1.12 Publish Date:2021-11-24 Developer:CASUAL AZUR GAMES

User Reviews


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Anthony Chiboucas 2020-12-29

Fun at first, and the game has potential, but... you only play against AI. You can\'t choose difficulty or level, but are locked into whatever level you haven\'t yet beaten. This means you\'ll eventually be fighting against good AI, that can one-shot you, while you have to hit them 5 or 6 times to drop them. All fun gone.
Lwan Moe Aung 2020-12-23

I normally never give a game 1 star because I know they have to make money too.But this one?After I get started with the game there\'s ads everywhere,in game revive/heal? Ads,open loot boxes? Ads,even after you finish a round there\'s a forced Ads.To remove all ads you are supposed to buy no ads option.Here\'s my point IF U DONT EVEN LET ME FIGURE OUT HOW THE GAME WORKS AND FORCE SELLING,I WONT SPEND ANY MONEY TO THIS GAME.Thank you.
Daniel Dickson 2020-12-16

The good stuff- VERY fun gameplay, addicting. Feels fresh, something i hadn\'t seen before. Ads aren\'t forced on you, but you can pay to remove ads for some nice bonuses. Balanced gameplay (up until late game also lightning can be OP). Good control. The bad stuff- Matchmaking (if they aren\'t bots) later on the game is poor. Best characters are behind a \"premium currency\" paywall. Would recommend giving it a whirl, try combining all the element combinations see what suits you!
Jabari Lance 2020-12-08

This is a fun game to a point. You hit a major paywall, at least for me, around the end of the silver level. I understand the need to make money, but bombarding us with ads, making us pay irl money for gems so better equipment can be gotten, and almost making the game unplayable due to the high level bots just isn\'t the way to do it. All these things really cheapens the experience of what could be a 5 star game.
cory saunders 2021-02-02

Paid $1.99 for no adds and it just reset all my progress. Had a high lvl character with good gear too. I purchased the no add pack and hit \"play\" to go into next match and it crashed. When the game loaded back all my progress was gone and had to start from scratch, Also still have to watch adds. I emailed them a few days ago and still have not received a response.
Psychaotic Goo 2021-02-25

I\'ve read reviews complaining about the game being \"impossible\", and \"scam\", and I can definitely deny these things since I finished the game without having to pay anything and finished it in less than a 5 days, so it\'s not impossible. I only rated 4 stars because I want more updates. The AI system is pretty decent, and it\'s not that hard if you just know how to play the game. Overall, I really like the game.
Haisham Rasheedh 2021-02-11

I hope to see the day it\'s real life PvP. Offline with bots I do like it. The difficulty is also rewarding when it comes to bots. I have been playing this on and off every time a new update comes along. Unfortunate that all previous progress has been lost. Why don\'t you make it so that we can sync progress to Google play? I hope this game keeps developing. Would it be possible to add more elements next time ?
Wyatt Ignaczak 2021-01-16

I\'ve had it for a day or two now and I still haven\'t gotten bored. The combat allows for multiple paths of fight, each with pros and cons. This allows for an interesting game each time as well as let\'s you discover what works best with you. I\'m still convinced I haven\'t found all the possible combinations for the elements.
Andrej Zivojinovic 2021-01-15

You only play against AI, and said AI has advantages over you. They can shoot you from off screen. Left and right, not a problem, but up and down? Becomes a big issue. And also, the AI has pitch perfect aim, whereas your aim is insanely stunted by the terrible controls, specifically the movement. The way you move with the stick is just not precise enough, and the stick is so small your finger will slide off and you\'ll be a sitting duck. Rating changed cuz game got worse and money hungry.
Drake Pinkowski 2021-02-10

The game itself is ok, even if it\'s just a copy of axes.io. What I hate about it is that it\'s almost impossible. Took me 2 days to get out of Bronze League even though I was at an advantage. Also, the fact that you need to pay REAL MONEY to revive where you most likely die instantly anyway is borderline scamming. The bots are COMPLETELY unfair. One of them took ten hits. TEN. Yet he could kill me twice over in one attack. Ok game, but awful mechanics. By the way, the devs use rating bots.