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Description of magicplan

Instantly create and share floor plans, field reports, and estimates with one easy-to-use application. magicplan offers a better way to get work done while in the field.

Measuring & Sketching

We use state-of-the-art tech with an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to measure and sketch interior plans in 2D & 3D.


Add photos, 360° images, notes, custom forms, and markups to create structured reports that eliminate any risk of confusion.


We developed a way to combine take-off and estimate to automatically calculate pricing on your mobile device.

magicplan is renowned worldwide:

Downloaded by over 20 million users

Every day the equivalent of a small city is mapped with magicplan

Training session available in English at https://www.magicplan.app/webinars/

Can I use magicplan for free?

Using magicplan for free allows you to experience the full potential of magicplan by giving you access to all features on two projects. There's no time limit.

What are the limits when using magicplan for free?

Create more than two projects

Collaborate in teams

Access the magicplan API

What paid options do you offer?

We offer three subscription plans, including unlimited projects and the features to meet your needs. You have the choice between a comprehensive sketching, reporting, or estimating solution.

Sketch - Create and share professional interior plans in 2D and 3D

Report - Create structured reports including photos, notes, markups & more.

Estimate - Automatically calculate pricing for quick, accurate estimates.

Supported laser distance meters:


• BOSCH GLM 50 C, GLM 50 CX, GLM 100 C, GLM 120 C, PLR 30C, PLR 40C, PLR 50C

• DeWalt DW03201

• Leica Disto D110, D510 (Europe), E7100i, E7500i (North America), D810, D1, D2

• Stabila LD520, LD250 BT

• WDM 8-14


• Android device running AR Core

• Requires a gyroscope

magicplan technology is protected by multiple patents.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:9.14.0 Publish Date:2021-11-24 Developer:Sensopia Inc

User Reviews


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steven beck 2020-05-01

App looked good to purchase at £150. As soon as I put my card details in they took £200 out. I emailed Magic Plan regarding the payment and said that there\'s nothing they can do. I then tried to cancel my subscription so they could reimburse the money back. Again there nothing that I can do even though I only had the software for less than 24hrs. Unprofessional, waste of money, and poor service.
Kelly Woolf 2020-07-29

I have been using this app for 7 years now, and each update WAS better and better...until this one. Previously, you were allowed to create an unlimited # of basic plans-walls and some furniture, windows, stairs, and doors. If you want to add more furniture, cabinets, HVAC, then you could purchase your plans for $2.99 each, and add those things. Now, you must pay a monthly subscription to even have access to more than two plans, no matter how basic/advanced the plans are/were. Super disappointed.
Reality Hacker Entertainment 2020-05-05

Love it where I can map out my personal garage to see things better digitally. But I am using this for personal use for some rather minor repairs. Can\'t even save the floorplan of my garage without the app either making a black screen due to a \"security policy\" or putting the whole \"purchase the full version for $99\"... in my face. Greedy much? For real, a hundred bucks for personal use?! I am not even a contractor, I don\'t make tons of cash to blow away on an app. Get real..
Melissa Short 2019-08-28

I love using this app. It is an excellent tool if you like to play around in creating floor plans or if you want to document a current layout. The link to do 3D rendering is also excellent. It gave us a chance to constantly improve a layout for a new build. My only issue is you can\'t do multi-level homes easily, but that\'s expected in any program as it\'s a tough thing to expand on. But it\'s an easy work around if you can imagine it and not get bogged down by straight visual expectations.
Taylor Schwartz 2020-12-24

I like to design possible future homes and this byfar is the best free program! No annoying ads or pay walls and you can do a lot of things for it being free! I also thought it was pretty easy to use. The only problem I have is it could have more objects and some of the objects are the wrong size (the king bed in the app, for example, is a little smaller than an actual king bed). Overall, great app!
Lacie Labrie 2019-09-27

Was great, not so much now. I loved this app at first, now I can\'t even open it. I spent lots of time working on a floorplan, now when I try to open it all I can do is start a new plan. If I try to open my existing plan it just shuts down. So disappointed at all the work I put into it and I can\'t make any adjustments, I\'ll have to start over.
Cayelyn Barrows 2020-02-11

This is a good app but I find it ridiculous that I have to pay just to save a plan. I can\'t even download it to my phone or take a screenshot of it! So stupid.
Tisha Beedle 2019-04-30

The app was working fine until all of a sudden my plan went blank with dark lines. It was my first plan and I had paid $2.99 to be able to change the 1st plan as much as I wanted(as I understood it). I wanted to completey change my plan after having a different idea. Unfortunately, I lost all of my work. I couldn\'t get those dark lines to go away even after restarting the app. The cloud only saved my original plan. Now I have to start over. What happened? Ugh!
Michael Bafitis 2020-01-17

You asked for a rating, this is what you get... You\'re asking way too much for access to basic functions, especially when there are near free apps that do the same thing... So I\'ll be removing your app and using those in the future... Trying to put simple cabinets in a floor plan and you want a hundred bucks, that\'s insane...
Carl Vidal 2020-08-15

I feel swindled. Terrible customer service!!! I have used magic plan for the past six months. During that time I purchased multiple homes to completely unlock the functionality. Approximately one month agothe company move to a monthly payment plan instead of a per home plan. The software is now expensive to use. Even worse my prior purchases are disabled and I can\'t access my purchased plans. I have written the company three times and received zero response from customer service.