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Description of Magicsing Karaoke

Introducing the MagicSing app!

Sing, shout, and dance to all of your favorite songs by accessing

over 200,000 songs from all over the world!

The MagicSing app is presented by EnterMedia Co., Ltd., the world’s number one karaoke manufacturer!

We are proud to introduce a mobile karaoke app based on MIDI technology.

MagicSing highlights the various elements of music and singing by allowing users to alter the tone, tempo, and melody so that the song can be tailored to each unique singer!

It provides a voice search function and a wide-range of musical genres from gospel music to the latest pop songs.

By using the streaming method, the latest songs are automatically updated so that it’s ready to play anytime and anywhere.

The MagicSing app is also compatible with EnterMedia’s latest streaming-based MagicSing karaoke machines, which work together to create a more lively karaoke experience. Refer to the MagicSing karaoke manual to connect the app and the karaoke machine!


* Provides an extensive music library of more than 200,000 songs in a variety of languages

* Supports Melody, Bass, Obrigado, Drum Sheet Music.

* Supports key changes, tone, tempo, and melody

* Instrumental accompaniment with volume and control to match the users’ taste

* The latest songs are automatically updated

* MagicSing can be used together with EnterMedia’s MagicSing karaoke machines

* MIDI-based music, rather than recordings. This service only uses a small amount of data; about 20 ~ 30 KB per song, so that you can get fast streaming and immediate music for fewer data.


* Contact "qna@magicsing.com” for song requests or any other inquiries.

* Official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/magicsing.karaokeapp

Thank you for using MagicSing!

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More Information Of Magicsing Karaoke

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:4.9.04 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:ENTERMEDIA Co., Ltd.

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

edi wow 2017-07-20

Thank you magic sing! Please add more latest english and tagalog/Philippine songs. Thank you again for this great karaoke app :) please add this song \"The Best of Times - Dream theater\" thank you! :) . Please add songs of Silent Sanctuary/pinoy songs. Sa\'yo - Silent Sanctuary, Ikaw Lamang - Silent Sanctuary, Pasensya kana - Silent Santuary, Rebound - Silent Sanctuary, Bumalik kana sa akin - Silent Sanctuary, 14 - Silent Sanctuary, Ingat ka - Silent Sanctuary, Tuyo na\'ng damdamin - Silent Sanctuary, Please also include this songs from other band. Pelikula - Bob, Wag ka ng umiyak - Sugarfree, Wag mo na sana - Parokya ni Edgar, I don\'t love you - My chemical romance. Thank you very much.. 😊😊 Please fix new song updates like song of silent sanctuary called 14 and wolfgang halik ni hudas cause it cant play. Thanks
Cherry Rubin 2020-06-14

Since when I was young I really love to sing though I am not that good. 😁 Magic sing app has the professional music quality and karaoke songs I ever wanted. It also has up to date songs and the app is easy to use. You may save your favorite karaoke songs, you can pause the song and play it anytime you want. It needs an internet connection though before you can use the app. I highly recommend Magic Sing app! Why? Because of it\'s karaoke sound and voice quality! Great quality, Happy singers!😍
Bert Recamunda BSPC 2021-02-09

Review update. I am reviewing the uses of this vocal guides. Its just a duplication of songs specially when i am in automatic play. I just want improved scale notation with chords. Is it possible instead of Obligato we have piano accompaniment? Also many Philippine songs dont have chords and bass notation. I\'m downgrading my rating to 2 star.
Maria Morales 2017-05-09

They have alot of grwat songs from old to new but you cant play back what you sung and can\'t share your recording. So i give it 2 stars.
Precious Formilleza 2020-06-06

Karaoke just made it more magical! Eversince I was kid, I love singing. We didn\'t have any karaoke machine during that time because it was expensive. My parents didn\'t have extra money or thought of it as a non-essential. I envy other kids having one but now I\'m a working adult and finally bought one last Dec. 2019. That decision was really the best! My family loves it and we sing all through the night. We can access many songs online but only 3 months free. Great app for great memories!
alvin magistrado 2020-02-19

This is simply the best entertainment app that happened to smart phones. There can never be a comparison. Well, there is, the Magicsing karaoke itself. I use it when I\'m on a long travel. Sync my phone to car\'s Bluetooth and there you go, its like using a top of the line karaoke complete machine set that you\'ll forget the word boredom even how long you\'re gonna travel. Many thanks to the creator of this app. Salute!
Jessa Joyo 2020-06-21

This app is very useful for us, it is the best among others who actually loves singing and we get to sing the latest and popular songs . I\'ve been using it almost a year now, and to be honest it became a part of our lives. We use this app to sing our favorite songs in every occassions, or even on leisure time together with our family and friends. I am amazed on this app for it is very easy to operate and you no longer use the songbook to search for the songs. Thank you for this wonderful app! ❤️
Lynn Holtz 2017-07-24

I pretty much like the app. It has a good song selection. It is fun to sing favorite oldies including some that my folks listened to. Unfortunately, I don\'t think that I will be paying for the subscription. I also have very low tolerance for the midi sound that is used for every song. It\'s like squeaky chalk. Orchestration even if done electronically would be wonderful.
Annemarie May 2020-11-16

Doesn\'t tell you you only get 3 songs a day which you should be told, so you can decide if you want the app or not because, if you want more you have to pay a subscription fee. 3 unsolicited images taking up space and data keep being downloaded onto my device without my permission. I keep deleting them but they keep reappearing.... Other issues, too. But some features are OK or good.
Adam Gamez 2020-11-22

I am beyond frustrated right now. Almost each songs I picked shows as DEMO so basically you can\'t even sing the whole freaking song. I picked old tagalog song and thought it was not part of DEMO but it turned out to be DEMO as well. Are all the songs going to be like that if we don\'t pay? So no built in songs that are free??? If that\'s the case...this sucks! I\'d rather go back to the old fashion way where we can add song chips..at least we keep it for as long as we want to. You need to modify this features because it is not cool to be pricing it that way and end not being able to use it unless we pay the money you asked.