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Description of Magnifier Pro

The paid version is ad-free magnifying glass or a magnifying glass.

Camera zoom, autofocus, LED flash, use a magnifying glass app.

This app is a little loud and clear text or object and enlarge.

Use the zoom feature is not available in the camera device.

Zoom in or smartphone volume up / down buttons on the zoom level can be selected easily.

Inverted image through a filter to better visually impaired can see this text.

Pause the image brighter in the dark you can see the flash light is turned on (using a smartphone's camera flash)

Well not see eye filial piety of the parents when a magnifying glass, magnifying glass for scientific observation, it is highly recommended magnifier works fine.

★ Features:

- Zoom in / out (volume keys)

- Full screen mode (menu key toggle)

- Supports Freeze

- Support camera shooting close-ups

- Photo storage function support

- Flashlight Support

- Reverse the filter support

- Support auto-focus

- Picture rotation Support

- Supports a maximum brightness

- No ads

★ Note:

Image quality and zoom level depends on the smartphone's camera.

Not supported by some hardware features are not available in some devices.

Depending on the capabilities of the camera auto-focus not recommend you to keep optimal distance.

★ Before buying this app, you can use the free version.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.0.1 Publish Date:2022-06-06 Developer:SOFTDX

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