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Description of Mahjong Gold

Mahjong Gold is a free mah jong solitaire game, with one simple yet addictive rule: match and clear all the identical tiles.

Play over 3,000 boards, unlock dozens of premium tile sets and backgrounds! Sit back, relax and enjoy hours of Mahjong Solitaire! Will you be able to finish them all and become the Mahjongg Master?

New: With the free mahjong editor, build your own boards, play them and share them with the community!

► 3,000 unique levels

► One free Mahjong Solitaire board daily

► 7 quality matching tile sets

► 5 amazing backgrounds

► Build your own majong boards!

► 1080p HD Graphics

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More Information Of Mahjong Gold

lable: Board - Games Current Version:3.42 Publish Date:2021-07-23 Developer:Iguazu Games

User Reviews


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Vicki Jones 2020-02-08

This game has helped me as one of my rehab tools. I had a ruptured brain aneurysm and stroke so I have several brain issues. This game has helped me with a few of these. I play 10-20 mins. I am no doctor but from personal use I can say this is a great rehab tool for those suffering from brain issues due to aneurysms or strokes. 😊
Paula Collins 2020-01-05

I absolutely enjoy this game! The letters are nice and big enabling me to play as long as I Iike due to the fact that I have cataracts so bad in both of my eyes. I also like the choices they give you, like the background colors and figures. It is really unique. Try it out and see for yourself. My favorite so far!
K B 2020-02-26

I enjoy playing manning gold. I think it is challenging yet not so much that I feel stressed because I was unable to complete a game or rushed to complete a game. I personally don\'t like the games that you are racing against the clock to complete within a certain amount of time. The daily puzzle does have a time limit, but I haven\'t had any issues completing them. I will add that the quicker the game is completed the higher the coins you receive. If Mahjong is your game, check out Mahjong Gold.
Sara Beth Bryant 2019-10-22

Lots of fun!! Really enjoy the different boards and levels in the game. I have started a 10 yr old on this game and she really likes it!
Jana Rogers 2019-07-12

This is a totally average game except they demand that you pay them to use all of tiles that are available in other mahjong games. Not worth paying for.
Kat San 2020-01-20

I get the ads to allow you to get extra coins but even before you can play you have to watch an ad. Numbered tiles hard to read. The six hourly extra 2000 coins always seems to have a magical 30 seconds left even if you haven\'t logged in for well over six hours. Designed to make you wait.
Binnie Hawker 2019-04-17

I really like Mahjong Gold BUT half way through playing a layout a bloody ad takes over the whole screen and stops you playing so I\'m now uninstaling, it\'s a shame as it\'s a nice game 😟
Jean Brideau 2020-07-12

I use to love this game. But now there is an ad for lending tree that can\'t be backed out of!! I have no plans on getting a loan for anything! I have to power off my phone to get rid of this ad in your game. But that is actually useless, because the ad comes right back. So I am uninstalling this game and will never install any game from this company. Waste of time.
Douglas Walker 2019-10-18

Constantly locks up app with adds...frezzes screnn to point were I need to reboot to exit game....
Lisa B 2019-12-14

Make your own layout option doesn\'t work. When playing, there\'s a weird lag after every pair found, so you can\'t go as fast as you want.