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Description of Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game is a fun & easy, addicting puzzle game.

Free to play by MobilityWare, the ORIGINAL maker of the Klondike Solitaire card game. Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game is a fun, easy to learn, matching game that will train your brain with hundreds of Puzzles for hours of endless Fun! Puzzle boards take only 2-4 minutes to complete, making each game quick and fun – perfect for when you just need a break.

How to Play the Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game

The goal of the game Mahjong Solitaire is to remove all the Mahjong tiles from the puzzle board by matching pairs of Mahjong tiles.

Match mahjong tiles with the same picture and they will disappear. You can only remove mahjong tiles that are free and not covered.

Keep your brain sharp while having fun, relaxing, and completing the game at your pace. There’s no timer or move counter to ensure the game is relaxing and stress free.

Mahjong Solitaire Features

Easy & Fun Matching Game Mechanics

- Tap on matching mahjong tiles to remove them from the puzzle

- Slide matching mahjong tiles together to remove them from the puzzle

Shuffle Tiles/Hints/Undos

- Game is intended to be fun, easy & relaxing. Utilize unlimited hints and undos if you get stuck on any puzzle board

- If there are no moves available on the puzzle, just shuffle the puzzle board and start matching mahjong tiles

- Too easy? Remove highlighting tiles & hints

Traditional/Card Tiles

- Select between traditional Mahjong tiles or card Mahjong Tiles if you prefer more of Solitaire feel

Daily Challenge Game Puzzles

- Earn points and unlock new game boards to play

- Fun & easy puzzle boards added each day. Try and complete the daily puzzle for the entire month to earn trophies

Stats Tracking

- Track your game progress and understand your style of play

- Earn Crowns & Trophies when you complete each game puzzle of Mahjong Solitaire

- Game stats are not shown while you work on the Mahjong Puzzle. This way you focus on relaxing and having fun with your Mahjong game

Fun In-Game Animations

- Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game has fun game animations after completing each puzzle

- Fun winning animations will have Mahjong tiles dancing with you

Why Play Mahjong Solitaire

- Play Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game offline

- Play at your own pace. When you want a quick break, have fun and play Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game. Pause any game puzzle and finish the puzzle when you have time

- Train Your Brain. Complete fun puzzles to keep your mind sharp. The puzzle is not hard and you have unlimited hints/shuffles if don’t can’t find tiles to match in the puzzle


Free Game: Play Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game for free. Ads are served after each game puzzle is finished.

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More Information Of Mahjong Solitaire

lable: Card - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:MobilityWare

User Reviews


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Devra Douglas 2020-12-18

This is one of my favourite apps, adds can be knocked off in 5 secs, doesn\'t pester you to buy stuff and games can be completed and help given without the need for coins / tokens whatever. If that weren\'t enough, the gameplay is excellent with very clear, traditional style tiles. Music is pleasant so you can keep it on . If I have any criticism, and it is minor, it would be that there is no real difficulty progression, yes some boards are harder than others, but not by much.
Darrin Lee Hutton 2019-07-16

Love, love, love that undo does not ruin your winning streak. The sounds and music are excellent and deftly understated. And let me just add that the DEEPLY satisfying actual click sound effect for the tiles is perfection that cannot be overstated. The challenge of the games so far is lovely and very zen for those of us who play this sort of game to relax. Once again, Mobilityware wins! Bravo!
Janet Van Buren 2021-02-02

I really enjoy playing this specific app for mahjong. It\'s not timed to create pressure to finish quickly. I rarely use the hint button, but when I do, it\'s free. The daily challenges are easy to do as well. Even though I like the relaxed version on most days, I would love to see a timed option added for those who like to have a speedy challenge. Great app overall. Keep up the great work.
Garth Giles 2019-07-12

Deleted without even attempting to play since Mobilityware gives me no choice but to accept personalised ads. The whole concept of personalised ads is a fools errand since it involves either advertising something I\'ve just bought, or something I have researched and rejected. When I get the option to select random ads, I\'ll take another look.
Laura Michael 2019-11-20

I\'ve played numerous Mahjong versions & find this to be one of the best. While there are ads they are short & there are no more than I\'ve experienced on any other free to play app. One aspect of this version I particularly like is that there are no time limits. While others enjoy that challenge, I appreciate not having that constraint. One thing I do wish I had is a choice of tiles & backgrounds, perhaps in the future?
Jeffrey Barrieau 2020-12-27

This is as good as mobile games get now a days. Would get a 5 star if I could purchase to remove ads. It\'s difficult to find a game that doesn\'t also bundle in daily challenges, unlocks and taking our the trash. I have enough errands to do in life, I don\'t want to do them in a game, I just want to waste 10min while I wait for something to complete
A Google user 2020-01-09

I enjoy playing Mahjong games and i have really enjoyed MobilityWare games so I gave their MajongSolitaire a chance. I got a pleasant surprise. They had a version available using numbers! Sounded like easy and fun. It can be challenging and what seems easy in one game can be more difficult the next time. Which is exactly why I enjoy these Solitaire games. Mobility Ware presents theirs in a grat way.
Andy Lee 2020-10-12

Well... I was really enjoying this game. But the ads are becomjng far too intrusive and almost impossible to \'skip\' or \'fast forward\' or close as repeatedly claimed. I DON\'T WANT the daily challenge! I never wanted it, didn\'t ask for it and can\'t stop it. It\'s irritating, unnecessary, adds nothing and it\'s only purpose seems to be to slow down getting to the next game. Having now reached game 158 which appears to be unsolvable without a shuffle I\'ve decided I\'ve had enough. Uninstalling.
Sam Sam 2020-12-30

I like being able to play in landscape mode. I like that you don\'t have a specific amount of time in which to finish. However, it does keep time of how long it takes to complete a board. Would like to be able to put game on pause because \"life happens\" when playing. I like the daily challenges. Would like to know what are typical scores and times for boards.
K P 2019-09-25

Could you explain to me why the hell this game keeps getting Frozen and then it crashes my phone. But didn\'t just stop there, your game also put an \"running ad\" for every game on my phone. It would not delete it!!! So now I have to factory reset my bloody (new) phone in hopes that it would be removed- permanently !!