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Description of Mahjongg Builder

Mahjongg Builder is a collection of 19 mahjong solitaire games.

The goal of the game is to disassemble a figure constructed of 144 tiles. Two identical unlocked tiles are removed in one move. A tile is unlocked if no tile is on it and its left or right side is free.

Available: Unlimited undo/redo, quick undo/redo, autoplay, bookmarks, demo, highlighting moves...

The game editor is built-in in the program. It allows for creating new game figures.

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More Information Of Mahjongg Builder

lable: Board - Games Current Version:3.1.1 Publish Date:2022-06-06 Developer:Alexei Anoshenko

User Reviews


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Terry Donald Washington 2019-01-15

Very good quality. Small download size, which saves storage space. Looking forward to more games from this guy.
A Google user 2018-03-03

This persons games are excellent. Love his solitaire games as well. He is very responsive to any complaints.
Marc Robinson 2017-10-12

1 issue, when I select confirmation pop up to not ask again to reshuffle confirm it will not remember
Dottie Sewell 2019-11-15

Game gestures are extremely distracting. The tiles are too small for my android and no way to exit game.
stella ulrich 2017-06-09

this is the best version of mahjong i\'ve found. one big negative is every game can always be completed. this takes away the thrill of winning and makes it easy & boring. please give an option to have truly random boards!
Carlene Spears-Liles 2017-05-29

I have enjoyed the solitaire for years and happy to find this series.
G Morgan 2020-01-27

works nicely on android, BUT... you CANNOT read the stats! page is cut off just past the first number of all the stats (kinda rubbish, imo). it works offline very well. liked your solitare collection which is GREAT, btw, so took a chance on mahjong. c minus, sorry! Edited 1/26/2020 Still the same complaint. All stats are cut off, therefore unreadable. Still a C minus.
Mark D60 2017-06-29

It\'s great, but too small for my screen.
Manya Fivehouse 2017-05-23

Good game ...needs more puzzles.
Rafał Malczewski 2020-06-16

My favourite Mahjong, just have question, what resolution should be for custom background to look good?