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Description of Make it True — Solve the Circuit

This application develops logic, where you will be given the role of Assistant Engineer. Your tasks are simple: develop, assemble and configure the robot. Just give the right signal to make the circuit work. Replace broken items. Encrypt and decrypt the signal. All this awaits you here, in the puzzle using real logical operators.

Do you like uncommonness? Do you like logic games? Do you want to understand how electronics work? If you answered yes, then download our app, this fascinating brain workout! Getting engineering knowledge has never been so easy and fun.

It's simple, you will choose the values at the inputs of the circuit or replace the broken parts to get 1. Remember, 1 is “true”, 0 is “false”.

The game is created in the image of real logic gates, on which microchips are built. You can easily understand the basics of circuitry just by playing. The application is free to download, the passage is also free. Games for the development of logic, games for the development of memory occupied a dense niche in the learning environment. If you are fond of computer structure or robotics games, this logic puzzle will take its place on the shelf of your favorite puzzles.

The game offers the following items:

Hundreds of interesting levels.

Many elements that will not let you get bored.

Many solutions for each level.

Two game modes.

The story where you have to help the Engineer with his difficult task. Our logic puzzle contains animated cut-scenes. We will not let you get bored;)

Black theme - save your eyes and battery.

Help for levels.

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:2.10.2 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Viacheslav Rud

User Reviews


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Brian Melchiorsen 2019-12-07

Starts slow with only \"AND\" and \"NOT\" gates, takes way too long to get just a bit complicated. 30 levels in and it still only takes around 10 sec to complete a level with srill only 3 type of gates. Every second level there is a popup with the same damn add giving you about 6 sec ad every 30 sec of gameplay. Slow, boring and too many ads.
Kyle 2020-02-05

By the time you get to anything remotely fun/interesting you\'ve had to sit through countless ads (pretty much after every 2 second level). Clear indication of the developer\'s priorities. I would describe this app as \"ads with a circuit mini-game in between.\" If I get a response suggesting to make a payment to remove ads, I\'ll lower this review to one star.
Louis DePalma 2020-02-04

Fun and relaxing but very short. I did come back to lower it to 4 stars because of this, but I realise that I am only complaing because I want more and that is not a reason to complain! The interface is great. The gates are correct. The information is correct and the combination makes this game a fantastic educational game, if that\'s what you want. Yet this is also a great puzzle game, for anyone! Only request: Please give us expert mode! With pinch zoom for larger / more complex puzzles! :-)
Joshua Ortiz 2020-05-14

My one pet peeve about this game is that sometimes you don\'t know what you\'re doing when solving puzzles of this nature since upon arriving at the solution, you automatically finish the level. One way to counteract this is to allow us to MANUALLY check for solution instead of game telling us if we completed the level. Otherwise fantastic logic puzzle game, not too easy but quite challenging indeed.
Michael Conlon 2020-05-11

Wonderful puzzle game based on the simple premise of making a final output \"true\" . Fully fleshed out standard logic gates: AND, OR, NOT, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR, encoders, and decoders. Logic circuits are challenging but never too complicated. Incorporates multiple solutions, as long as you don\'t mind getting fewer stars. Encourages finding the most efficient path/fewest number of moves needed to complete a level. Short and infreuqent ads. Cannot recommend this game enough!!!
John Farnworth 2020-01-01

Good clear design, intuitive gameplay (at least if you\'re already familiar with true/false logic?), no distracting animation during levels, very engaging. Only complaint is the stars-per-level system, often you can only get 1 or 3 stars because 1 mistake is 2 extra moves (1 to get it wrong and another to fix it) which gets 1 star, or get it perfect for 3.
Concha B 2020-04-22

Ads are a bit excessive, but since I don\'t want to pay, I will have to suck it up. Love the game. One suggestion maybe, it would be nice if there was a pause after \"true\" is achieved, maybe include a \"submit result\" button (sometimes I get a true result without intending to, having to submit the answer would illuminate this lucky guess)
John Averill 2020-03-29

As someone who has done lots of logic circuitry in my schooling this game was fairly easy for me to get through with 3 stars on every level. I like the part for inserting the right gate, but there aren\'t that many ways to do so maybe just stick with part 1. And you could add other devices like multiplexers and also double nand gates with joined loops could be good. I feel like there are lots of things to expand on. One problem I had with it was there were a too many low hanging fruit.
Spencer Bliven 2020-01-02

Disappointing. Solving boolean formulas could have been challenging, but this \"game\" is poorly made. There\'s no sense of increasing difficulty beyond the introduction of new gates. There\'s no awareness of the issues that make SAT a hard problem. This just feels like a vehicle for invasive ads.
J SB 2020-12-24

Absolutely loved the game, made it up like 70 levels in an afternoon. Then I ran out of \'batteries\' (go\'s at the game), which y\'know whatever - just wait awhile, right? Nope. Timer kept resetting to 2 minutes every time I opened it and still said I had no batteries. For two days. Then I decided to try watching three ads to get them. So I did... and it still said I had none. The game is currently unplayable for me unless a put in money, but honestly even then I don\'t trust it not to bug out.