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Description of Make Money & Earn Cash Rewards

MAKE MONEY & EARN CASH for playing games & GET PAID to play music. The Mode Earn App (formerly known as Current Rewards) allows you to earn real cash rewards for your everyday habits. EARN MONEY & free gift cards in minutes. MAKE MONEY playing games, music, shopping, & even charging. MAKE Money from your phone & make everyday payday on the Mode Earn app! The only cash app that pays you REAL MONEY after downloading!

Mode Earn App free music, Earn money listening to music & playing games!

Everyone can earn cash money rewards!

Looking for a perfect side cash money app? Earn extra money rewards? A new way to make money & side cash on your phone? The Mode Earn app is the top cash rewards app to earn money with! Real Cash! Get paid to listen to free music from a selection of 100,000+ radio stations with the world’s top songs & get paid to play games from the top game studios!

Make money daily on your phone playing music & free games on the Mode Earn app!

Make money by listening to free music on the Mode Earn app!

Get paid cash to give us your opinions through surveys on the Mode Earn app!!

Earn cash money rewards by trying free games, apps, & watching short videos!

Earn gift cards, money, and cash by inviting friends to the Mode Earn app!!

Make money for having the Mode Earn app free music player on your lock screen!

Get paid cash instantly for shopping & save money with the Mode Earn app!

Get paid to play games from the best game studios in the world on the Mode Earn app!

Earn cash when you travel to department stores, convenience stores, and restaurants!

Make Money by charging your phone, yes, we make earning cash and money that simple!

+ make money bonuses on the Mode Earn app!

The Mode Earn app (formerly known as Current Music & Game Rewards) is here! The first music platform that rewards you cash! The Mode Earn app is a subscription-free, free music lock screen that provides users with a free music streaming experience with built-in money-making reward opportunities to cash in on their daily habits. Make money!

Earn cash rewards by listening to free music while working out, while at work, or just charging your phone. Earn cash rewards by listening to our free music player & free radio while driving.

Earn Cash Money By Streaming Music For Free! Earn cash by playing favorite music! Earn rewards by completing surveys, sharing opinions, inviting friends, & shopping! Get paid to play games & download the best apps! Who doesn’t want to make cash money from a free music player?

Get rewards! Earn up to $600 per year or more!

Don't Pay Money, Get Paid money from a trending free music player! Cash in on Free Music!

Free rewards! Streaming unlimited music stations worldwide & Earn!

Make money from all music genres! Cash for free Music player Listening!

Unlimited cash rewards from the only free lock screen music player!

Earn money for music player streaming recorded from Radio! We Cash you out!

Real money & rewards! FREE to use! No fees. Just Earning!

Make money from games! Cash in on time playing games!

Load up on rewards! & Free listening! Just Record! ~WiFI required to Earn~

Make more money for inviting friends! Fast Cash for Top Radio Music player Mixes!

Download top games & make money!

Once you earn enough money to cash in on the Mode Earn app (formerly known as Current Rewards), select money rewards, cash out, & we'll send an email!

Get Paid Rewards For Listening to free Music. Cash & Money Rewards Paid In Giftcards For Listening To Free Music & Radio! Make Money Walking, Get Paid Real Cash for listening to music on lock screen! Get Paid Real Cash Money for surveys, offers, & playing games! The Mode Earn app is the only place for Free Music, Free Games, Free Money, Saving, & Gift Cards! Stack rewards by listening to our free music player while you get paid to play games!

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lable: Personalization - Apps Current Version:1.139.4 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Mode Mobile: Make Money On Earn App

User Reviews


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Rolando V 2021-03-16

Good app to listen to music. But with regards to the promised rewards - don\'t expect it will be fulfilled. Even after 8 weeks since the redemption request was made, the product/reward is still NOT received. 3/16/2021: Reward is still not received. As per last update (1/21/2021), Current is still processing my order (it seems they are processing it for the last 12 weeks). App is still good to listen to non-stop music.
Sunsoon Murray 2021-01-19

Be aware if you are going to redeem. There is no way to tracking your redeemed money. If you ready to redeem then you have to remember the date yourself. A few days ago I redeemed but I have no idea if they got my redeeming request or not. This app needs some upgrades. If they fix it or if I get $10 Amazon giftcard (which is what I requested) then I would mark more stars for review. I am still waiting for my giftcard. It\'s been more than 10 days. 😠
Rosie Dover 2021-03-05

I highly recommend this app, I think it\'s great! It needs a few tweaks, for instance, it tells you when you missed the check-in feature instead of when it\'s time to check in.. It actually pays off though, and they aren\'t constantly trying to get you to spend money to play or whatever antics usable to get your money. I enjoy and highly recommend this app.
DouglassRobert 2021-02-14

Not what I expected. I have some fun with listening to new music plus some old faves, I just can\'t select the exact song or tune I wish to hear... it\'s like Google Play Music or YouTube Music, you get a station with similar songs to what you choose to listen to. Maybe you get the song you want, maybe you don\'t, but the wealth of music you get in the meantime is a rather pleasant experience. The only downside, I must confess, is the game ads you get are for games that are proven scams.
Stephanie Chang 2021-02-19

The most legitimate and also fun passive income app I have come across to date, it will use a good amount of data but I expect that with income producing apps. You need to be patient with reward processing (normally will take a few days), but I have received all giftcards requested to date and have been using the app for a few months now. I\'ve also listened to a lot of good music I hadn\'t heard before 🥰
Lamont Schumpert 2021-01-19

The Offerwall is trash. Do not use the Offerwall. It does not pay the points advertised. When you contact them and open a support ticket, they respond with a generic answer that does not explain why you didn\'t receive your deserved points. At the end of their reponse they say and I quote \"If certain offers do not work, please choose other ones to collect coins.\" What kind of support answer is that? I gave this app 2 stars because you do earn points for listening to music and playing games.
Nachos Mimi 2021-03-05

I\'d say that it is kinda good with the music. The charge screen is good too but I think that the constant stopping of music is kinda bad. Especially when I am enjoying it. The game option isn\'t working too. When I tap it will suddenly gone away and the survey doesn\'t even work for me. I\'m bearing the offers and video for the options. Overall it\'s a hardwork but I guess I\'ll just enjoy it for now.
Joe Garite II 2021-03-09

Has potential, but is buggy. Music won\'t play more than one track. Surveys freeze part way through. The UI is a bit confusing and cluttered. Once they resolve those issues, I\'ll come back. Update after day one: the music is playing fine now. Some people mentioned the music stops randomly but I haven\'t experienced that. The earning does stop at what seems like a specific timing, but that\'s expected in my opinion to make sure you\'re still actively listening. I haven\'t tried any other surveys yet
J L 2021-01-29

Although I was skeptical, things started off great. I was able to find a few stations I absolutely loved listening to, I\'d literally have it playing on my phone all day. 28 days in they abruptly shut down my account and accused me of \"fraudulent activity\" (total bs). I think they just shut me down because I was earning a lot of points and they didn\'t want to pay me. Very unfair. I do not recommend this app. Use S\'mores instead!
miselaineous 21 2021-03-13

I just started today. So far the app is user friendly. I like the song selections and the diff ways to earn. Even just charging your phone has a corresponding point! Amazing! Hoping that you will continue to work on more unique ways of earning in this app. Though the referral link is not working, I dont know why? I\'m so excited to share it with my friends but I cant share nor copy the link. Hope you can do something abt it so I can share this great app to my fam & friends!