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Description of Makeblock

Makeblock APP is a robot control software in smart devices. Everyone can directly control Makeblock robots using official controller in the software, or creates and programs a specific controller to achieve richer robotic functionality.

Makeblock APP gives the user a way to grow. You can use the controller function to control directly, you can also drag the control to create a different multi-function console; advanced users can even programmatically through the control to achieve more complex functions.


-Brand New UI Design, User-Friendly Interface.

-Stronger Controllability, Simpler Way to Learn STEM:STEM education becomes easy & fun as you can also master robot freely to sing, dance or light.

-Create Customized Robot Controller with Graphical Programming: Realize your imagination and control your robot by simply dragging, dropping and programming the command blocks.

-Supporting Makeblock Robots: mBot、mBot Ranger、Airblock、Starter、Ultimate、Ultimate2.0 .

-Multi-Language User Interface :Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Croatian, Polish, Romanian.


-You can visit the official website: www.makeblock.com for more information

-Support email: support@makeblock.cc

-Support forum: us.makeblock.com

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More Information Of Makeblock

lable: Education - Apps Current Version:3.9.0 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:xeecos

User Reviews


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Pasadena Shawn 2018-11-17

The requested permissions are too much. There is no reason to require location access in order to use Bluetooth. Also, why is it requesting permission to use my camera, microphone, and phone? All it should need access to is Bluetooth, and probably storage access. For now, I\'m deleting this app.
uno farkis 2019-09-16

Very fun all you have to do is turn on your robot, connect and play!!! Its that simple!
Sir Flutter 2019-08-20

spent a few hundred dollars on the robotank starter kits put them together correctly lights up and makes noise but to control it it hardly ever connects to bluetooth and when it does it says you need to download firmware from a PC version so I did that after an hour of looking up how to do it finally got the firmware from my PC to the robot, close my PC and open the app on my phone again to see if I can control it now and still nothing. I\'m done with it just going to scrap it for parts.
Cassy Rubia 2020-04-12

I love this game so much!! even when I play with mbot in our class I like hearing mbot sing. Thank youuuuuuuuu soooooooo muchhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Mark Grohman 2019-12-09

When I click the Code section from my Note 8, I receive the message, \"Item not found.\" Also, the app has the option to upgrade firmware, but when I try it, I receive the message I should use the PC version. The PC version, in contrast, works great. You will want to use a PC with built in Bluetooth or a dongle. The software is designed so that the robot must be very close to the device for pairing to ensure you don\'t pair with another nearby robot by accident.
Genevieve Blair 2019-05-28

I think that the app is amazing.It\'s a great opportunity for kids to learn coding.I think that the company should work on the app more often.
Sean Wong 2020-10-25

Interesting for children to pick up rudimentary programming skills however it is a few years down the road and there are no updates and sharing for more codes from the community. Even your own relative \'newer\' products did not feature in your app, like the servos kit and talkative pet. There has been a few years to add them in and there is no update to the phone app to include these. Support is lacking and the desktop version of the programme is vastly different which doesn\'t work well.
Naomi Chisholm 2019-01-23

ii just like robots
Jessterton Dequilato 2019-01-09

pls fix mbot build download files. always failed to download. even I already finishned download the file
Omeyer Najjar 2020-07-19

Amazing app! Please add to the blocks a got towards phone block it would be great!please download this app it is the best!👌🏼