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Description of Maker Projects 360


1. Support different boards

• 8051

• Atmega16

• Arduino Uno

• NodeMCU

• ESP32

• STM32F103C8T6

• Raspberry Pi Zero W

2. Display projects

• Character LCM 16x2, 20x4

• Graphic LCM 128x64, LCM5110 (84x48)

• I2C OLED 96x64, SPI OLED 96x64

• TFT 176x220

• UART HMI TFT Display

3. Sensors Projects

• DHT11 (temperature and humidity)

• BMP180 (pressure)

• 18B20 (1-wire temperature sensor)

• MPU6050 (accelerator + gyroscope)

• Pulse sensor (Measure heart rate)

4. Automation projects

• Use an Android app to control home appliances

• Use Google Assistant to control home appliances

• Use Siri & Shortcuts to control home appliances

5. Internet-of-Things Projects

• Post sensor data to Iot Thingspeak website

More projects will be added soon !

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.8.10 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Peter Ho

User Reviews


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Andy Ho 2020-01-17

Good resource for building electronics projects
Doug Bromley 2020-06-14

Every project requires payment which is suggesting considering your can get must of the source code online. This app is nothing more than a cash grab.
Mr Starnge 2020-12-23