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Description of Mancala

Play for free one of the oldest known games Mancala Kalah from Africa. Download Mancala, also known as Mancala Bao, a classic board game which is a smart and funny entertainment.

Play with the computer and choose one of the four levels of difficulty:

- easy,

- medium,

- hard,

- expert.

Whether you're a beginner and prefer simple mancala or an expert and prefer to play mancala hard, in our game you will find different mancala levels. Also now, during the game, you can see which level you are playing at.

At the beginning, only an easy level is unlocked. To unlock the mancala levels you need to win at the previous, simpler level. Practice and unlock all four levels of difficulty!

Are you a master of Kalaha Mancala? Be the grandmaster and beat your records at every of the levels.

Tip You can touch and hold stones on your or your opponent's side to see how far they'll go. Thanks to the highlighted cups now it's easier to find the best move!

Undo your moves

Have you made a mistake? Undo your move and try new tactics.

Do you like Mancala Kalah?

Now, with the "share" button in the game, you can easily send a link to the game to a friend! This is also a perfect board game to download for kids.

Settings Mancala single player

You can choose language and turn on / off sound or music effects. Download Mancala free and play a game offline.

Mancala Rules

The game board consists of two rows. Each player owns six cups or holes and one reservoir, a large cup also named mancala zone. At the beginning of the game, the player finds four stones (or pieces) in every cup.

Players put stones repeatedly in a counterclockwise direction. To begin, the player takes the stones from any cup on his side of the game board - leaving empty this cup that he has already taken the stones. The player put pieces through all twelve cups and his mancala zone (which is on the right of the gameboard) but not the opponent's reservoir (on the left of the gameboard).

Go-again play

If the last stone lands in your reservoir, the turn is yours and you can take another move.


If the last stone lands in an empty cup on your side of the board and there is one or more stones in the adjacent hole on your opponent's side of the mancala board, you capture these opponent's stones and yours last one.

End of the game

The game ends if all six cups on the side of each player are empty. The one who has more pieces captured in his mancala zone wins.

Different names of Mancala games

Games from the same group have various rules and names. The most popular ones are:

- Mancala Bao - a complex strategy game of Kenya, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Comoros, Malawi and some areas of Burundi. The board size is 4×8.

- Mancala Kalah - known as the children's game. The board size is 2×6 with reservoirs.

- Kalaha Mancala - played in the central part of Africa.

- Oware or Awele also known as Ayo, Awari, Ouri or J’odu. This is the national game of Ghana. The board is 2×6 with reservoirs.

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More Information Of Mancala

lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.0.24 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Mancala & Oware Games

User Reviews


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Irmina Koniecka 2019-10-12

Really nice design of classic board game Mancala. Playing gives me a lot of fun. And music is also great!
Emily McClellan 2020-06-09

Not how you play this game at all the app is set up cool but unfairly starts randomly taking chips off the board and putting them in your opponents box. I started a game and had 7 chips and the opponent had 30 because of taking chips. Very disappointed
Theresa P 2020-08-12

It lets people rage quit WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES People, during vs mode, can just leave the game without losing points, and without the person who was going to win, or the one who didn\'t leave, gaining points. I understand that some ppl just have bad connections, so maybe don\'t penalize people who leave matches bc it may not be their fault. BUT the one who still stuck in there for the entire, long-ass game, should get points. Bc half the time, people leave bc they KNOW they\'re gonna lose.
Sabaidee Bee 2020-04-09

I really like the simple clean aesthetic of this Mancala game and the ads are minimal compared to the rest on the app store, they look like something you\'d find from the 90s, however, this version is too simple when comparing to others. All you can do is play against ai. You can\'t choose to go 1st or 2nd(only randomly), play against a friend on the same phone or online, or customise anything else, like the board texture or changing the rules like the amounts of stones or holes, etc.
Shelby Bostock 2019-12-21

This is not how you play this game. Doesnt follow the rules at all.
Dennis Lee 2020-07-11

yeah expert level is impossible. human stand no chance against computer in this game lol. computer already have all possibilities mapped out and just have to pick the traversal with the most extra moves/highest chance of success ok finally won the expert level by 1 chip by using the comouter strategy of getting as much extra move as possible lol, and thats when im the first player
Monica Price 2020-09-21

I love Mancala and have used various Mancala apps. I recently came back to this app after uninstalling for a while. Unfortunately, the glitch which caused me much frustration has not yet been fixed. I would have given 5 stars. The glitch is: whenever I move the stones from a pit with 13 stones, the computer places the last stone in the 14th pit instead of the 13th. Yesterday, I noticed it did the same when the computer moved 13 stones.
korntika chullabrahm 2020-03-12

Will be even better if there are choices of numbers of rocks than only pattern of 6. (Added 12.march.2020) But now that you lock the levels. I see your point. This is very upsetting. So I am going to uninstall this app of yours. Goodbye.
Lukasz Oktaba 2019-10-12

My favourite game of Mancala
Tom S 2020-12-04

Great Strategy Game. Rules are simple & you learn them the hard way - there are no instructions. You simply lose your stones until you figure out how & why and learn how to prevent it from happening again