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Description of MandalaKit

MandalaKit is a Mandala designer tool that allows you to create and color the most beautiful and magical Mandalas.

With this app you can craft a Mandala from scratch. Build content layer by layer, to express gradually the inner feelings and forces of your soul.

You will be able to create mandalas of all kinds in just a few simple steps. Do you prefer colorful and symmetric mandalas or more abstract geometric ones? You choose! MandalaKit includes tools in its kit to define the shape, texture, colors and details that you want in your Mandala.

If you enjoy Adult coloring books try our free app and discover a new way to create mandalas.

It's time to be creative! Enjoy your Mandala Kit!

Easy to use and perfect to relax. A great choice if you enjoy coloring and mandala creators. Great for lost moments while commuting or waiting.

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More Information Of MandalaKit

lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:1.1 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Over the Top Games

User Reviews


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jemima 2017-08-18

I love this app so much. It helps me release my stress in the form of art. It really deserved five stars. It has functioned very well on my device. So here you go, PEGI 3, 5 stars from me.
James Spears 2017-05-20

I really like this app. So much so, that I paid to unlock the premium version, which I like even more. **Edit to my last rating: The backgrounds are now all unlocked. Excellent. Now, my only problem with an otherwise freaking awesome app, is that I can\'t select a background of my own, aside from the ones that come with the app. This is now one of my absolute favorite apps, and I pass the time with it often. 5☆ if I could use my own backgrounds.
Rachel Lindenberg 2018-01-06

One of my favorite mandala makers, meditative and helps keep me awake if I need to, but I can put it down. However there are a few things it needs: 1) shape mirror, so the teardrop and such can curve in another direction. 2) An option for increasing the slider size or at least docking it elsewhere. 3) Shape layer improvement, make a ring of shapes and smaller than a certain diameter they don\'t layer right and you get one on top of all the others
Tyler Warren 2018-10-24

Awesome to be able to create your own Mandalas! Lots of great shapes and abilities to control them
Yehia Ali 2017-12-13

I just gave it 5 stars before download since i already know the creators r the awesome people who made fancy pants adventures so yeah ty guys
Jake Urban 2019-07-23

Amazing! Its free and easy to use. This apl has great potential and its using it!
petellwyn Sta 2020-03-02

Easy to create mandalas but when I try to save I get a message telling me there is a problem saving to my gallery although it does save. There also is not an option to print what I have created. If this was added I would give it 5 stars.
TheWeird World 2019-06-30

do not download!!! it is a bad game it dosent work right I find this really hard to use!!!!
Kim Thompson 2021-02-10

Had to revise my review, the controls are now on top of the home and back button. Making it impossible to edit a saved design or duplicate. Why would you change it like that. Can\'t even use anymore!
Pamela Clark 2017-11-29

Love this app, trying different combinations to get different effects is great, but could do with more shapes/colour options, especially blending ones, to get a better effect