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Description of Manga Quiz - Take a Quiz !

Manga Quiz is a quiz game featuring a large panel of questions more or less difficult for each manga. To this day, the game counts 35 mangas and over 1000 questions.


Every month a new manga is added based on what the community requested, you can see the current requests ranking list here : https://starvingfoxstudio.com/manga-quiz/requests-ranking-eng/


Progress through all the sections and unlock all the badges ! Collecting badges will get you medals to use in the new in-app voting panel (The voting panel is still in beta and this feature is unstable, we're already working on improving it). Every manga has its own unique badge.


Play alone or with friends with the new Versus mode ! Requested by the community, it is now available !


The recent redesign of the app, adding a lot of new features, also means the app is not as stable as it was. If you encounter any issue weither it is related to the game itself or its translation, please reach out to us so we can fix it in the next update. Improving the player experience means a lot to us : https://starvingfoxstudio.com/contact/

If you can't open the app after updating (Device blocking), we invite you to clear the app cache and uninstall/reinstall the app.

If you still can't open the app, please consult the Google Play support page dedicated to this issue : https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2668665?hl=en



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lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:3.45 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:StarvingFox Studio

User Reviews


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Chenko Mortier 2021-01-11

Nice game, a little bug on tokyo ghoul question 10 is in french instead of english.
Moritz Schumacher 2021-01-15

I suggest \"Overlord\", \"The irrgeular at magic Highschool\", \"That time i got reincarnated as a slime\", \"Pokémon\"
AA AAA 2020-07-09

Well it was mostly interesting, although the difficulty of some questions is kinda random, but I was disappointed (although not surprised) to see only mainstream battle mangas there.
Kodorin Pokharel 2020-05-18

Great but where is change the language option?? If you make it in English, it will rule world
Alaine Hallen 2021-02-07

Nice graphics. It has a great number of anime, but I suggest to add more. His reaction whenever I guess wrong is very amusing that I sometimes do it intentionally. Oohh! Maybe you can add the cat\'s reaction too! I also suggest, you can make rewards out of anime wallpaper like after finishing a certain set of questions to make it more interesting and motivational.
Isabella Graham 2021-02-18

Good questions. Not too difficult, not too easy. Only complaint is that there\'s not the widest selection of manga. A lot of popular shounen are in there, though I would love to see questions on gintama.
Marindrano Randriamanasina 2020-06-21

Good but too short
Turbulence0013 2021-03-01

Its good. Just not alot of diversity, for instance adding some manhwa and webtoons would be nice (Solo leveling, Apotheosis, Unordinary, Martial peak...). Other than that its a great and fun way to test your knowledge.
Karl Mark Tiglao 2021-03-04

This app in underrated, you might think it\'s not good because of the appearance but it is indeed good. It\'s easy to use, fun, interactive, and neat. Too bad it has few series yet but each and every question was indepth and properly prepared. I recommend Kaguya-sama: Love is war, i just love that series
Max Keely 2021-02-11

Hi you should add platinum end. But very good game