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MangaToon: Web comics, stories

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Description of MangaToon: Web comics, stories

MangaToon is a free app for reading comics, manhua, manhwa & manga. All the comics are colorful. Different comics in Action, Romance, Boys' love, Comedy, Horror and more, are updated daily.

[MangaToon Features]

► The hottest comics updated daily. Read dozens of HD comics such as romance, action comics, BL manga, etc. All the comics are updated regularly. Some comics are even updated every day. That means 7 chapters a week. Some Korean comics can be read on Manga toon now.

► Free Comics Release every week. New comics will be released every week. We provide free comics. Subscribe to your favorite comics and you will never miss an update. Most comics are free and MangaToon also provides pay-per-view comics.

► You can download your favorite comics and read them offline.

► We optimized the manga reader for mobile phones. You can scroll smoothly for an uninterrupted reading experience.

► You can read comics in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese, French and Arabic now. MangaToon will support more languages for comic lovers in the near future.

► Write your own stories in mangatoon and share with millions of readers. We will choose the most popular novels to be converted into comics.You can even create and read engaging chat stories in your phones, get more fans!

One comic one world. MangaToon, help you step into a different world!

Tips: If you want to read comics in other languages, please re-select the language in Settings. English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese, French and Arabic are supported now.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MangaToonEN/

Contact us by Email: support@mangatoon.mobi

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More Information Of MangaToon: Web comics, stories

lable: Comics - Apps Current Version:2.07.03 Publish Date:2022-01-14 Developer:MangaToon

User Reviews


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Rutika Palwe 2021-03-10

There\'s plenty of comics to read & unlocking them is EASY. But my first novel work was deleted without warning/explanation.
A Google user 2020-12-25

Ummm...it\'s a nice app but why do I often get to read \"We are sorry that this page does not support your device right now. We are working hard on resolving this.\"- I don\'t really know what this means but since you are working hard then okay, I\'ll wait. Btw, I gave this only 4 star \'cuz it\'s hard for me to unlock other episodes w/ coins😅 tho I know that it may be unreasonable of me but still!
An Unknown Wanderer. 2021-02-17

As an app for readers, it\'s totally great. It\'s literally my favorite app. There are great stories, fanfics and writers there. But as a writer, it\'s kinda hard for me! I don\'t even know if that problem happens to everyone or only me! Everything is easy, like literally. Writing there is so easy and fun. But, when I upload my episode it takes SO long to upload!! It always happened to me but this time it took about a week or more! Like, that didn\'t happen when I started writing! Please fix this!
Aira Shet 2021-01-11

I\'ll give it 5 stars cause it really is a great app... but after the recent update, there are a few issues like, 1. It keeps showing that \"we are sorry but this page doesn\'t support your device and we\'re working hard to solve it\" I\'ll wait but I hope it is resolved soon. 2. When I click at genres and then completed, it does not show the completed ones... instead it shows the recent ones... that segregation of genres isn\'t there. I hope these are resolved soon. :) thank you
Vanny 2020-06-08

Hello! I\'ve been using Mangatoon for a little bit now. The choices are great, and you can read/write novels/texting novels. But when I try to upload the cover or profile picture for a texting novel, it won\'t let me. It\'s been getting increasingly annoying and I dunno if that\'s just my phone (I\'m confident I have enough data!). I think it\'s at the point where I can\'t even upload photos anymore forever. But other than that and the CONSTANT loading issues, it\'s pretty good.
Samayita Biswas 2020-10-28

Very good app if you want to read comics. There are places where you have no coins, no points and no coupuns so you can\'t read the next chapter but that is resolved by the ad option. I had a difficulty, later finding that the mistake was mine own. It\'s still my favourite comic reading app and will be. Keep it on, you mayy reach your dream by this. Have a nice day😊😊.
Brittney Jessop 2021-02-08

I love it. The free stories are good, and the paid stories are fairly priced. Two problems though. When I am writing in the outline, it keeps going out of my writing every 20 seconds or so. It is very annoying, but it doesn\'t affect my ability to read. The second problem; when reading chapters purchased with adds or unsubscribed comics, it often does not update my bookmark.
joshua jonathan david 2021-02-14

At the beginning, it was a great app with no disturbance though there still has few advertisements. But now, I seem to have difficulties in closing the advertisements to continue reading... So for now, I\'m going to give it a 3 star I hope in the near future it will be for the better cause I really like the mangas as it keeps me distracted to my headaches in my life..
한태현 2020-10-24

When I tried to read new chapters using ad, sometimes I can\'t seem to open the ad. But when I tried unlocking previous chapter using the same method, I can open the ad. Now i dont know whats the problem. A lot of times, I cant open the new chapters using advertisement, but the old chapters that I read can be unlocked via advertisement. Please do fix this problem
Melody with Caius ! 2020-12-17

This is one of the best comic app that I\'ve used so far. Though , I never write reviews of any other apps , but I think , I should absolutely write for such an amazing app ! Not only there is a variety of comics but also novels too. You can open then easily with a very small amount of points ( mostly ) or coins. And the most interesting thing is , you can also publish your own comics , novels and chat stories too ( which is only present in Mangatoon as far as I know ). This app is Fabulous ! :)