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Description of Manor Diary

Welcome to house design games! Are you ready to meet everything in this manor?

This is your estate,there is a home scapes, resort and many mysteries here, and there are also many problems. Everything here is too old, can you fix house, decorate house, restore home and design room with me? This is a good opportunity to stimulate your design potential, enjoy the mansion story in home game!

· Renovate the landscape, decorate it in your own style!

· Complete different challenges in limited steps!

· Move the cake tiles and matching them to be 3 or more tiles to eliminate them.

· Get key rewards after completing the level, unlock more new areas.

· Fascinating plot, more interesting during the game.

What are you waiting for! Come and join Manor Diary!

Manor Diary is a home design app. It looks like garden games. You can play this puzzle matching game with your friends through Facebook. Or you can also don't need to connect to the Internet (offline). The stand-alone content in the game is also rich. This is the best decorating games, let's play together!

If you have any questions or suggestions in the game, please contact us via Facebook:


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More Information Of Manor Diary

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:0.48.2 Publish Date:2021-09-12 Developer:MAFT Wireless

User Reviews


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Corazon Peralta 2019-04-17

it is fun playing the game. not too hard and not too easy unlike homescapes that it will take you days even weeks to pass a level so it get kinda boring and frustrating. This game however gives you the satisfaction to see the fruit of your labor so fast you dont want to stop playing. To the creator of the game congratulations. Minor grammar lapses can be considered.
shirley stokes 2019-06-21

it\'s an all right game I think there\'s too many ads and now I can\'t get back to the game because it asked me if I wanted to build a restaurant I said yes answered all the questions and took me to Google Store Facebook and I had to update the Facebook not sure what to do from here thinking about uninstalling it UPDATE as soon as I wrote this I hit play and it ended up going back to the game
Cora Penaflorida 2019-06-23

i really enjoy this game. the levels are manageable and the tasks doesnt require a lot of coins. this is what a game should be. i stopped playing the other design games
Tina Symons 2019-09-11

The game constantly freezes and crashes at least 3 times each time I play it especially if I\'m finally winning a hard level. I lose lives in regular play as well as special event tickets in the current dog side game for example. I would give this a 5 if this didn\'t happen nonstop. I can\'t even send support a ticket because that\'s not available in the game. I\'m about ready to give up and delete it. I\'m definitely not spending any more money on a game that has all these issues every time I play.
Charlene mowrey 2019-07-18

there is no reason that you should not have it so it\'s easy until you get to like a hundred when you\'re on 1516 and losses and lives over and over again you\'re not going to play it and if it\'s too hard you\'re not going to play it. and then being docked for getting a dog and feeding it that\'s just ridiculous
Elise Nelson 2019-07-15

I love renovation games. I am playing two other as well at the present time. This is still a great game. I can\'t wait to see how this manor looks all fixed up.
Chiclet 2019-04-12

Sorry, but the horrible use of the english language has made me uninstall this game. It\'s a pity because the game is fun to play. I just can\'t get passed the talking. For this reason I have downgraded you from my last post to just 2 stars. If you want your characters to speak english properly, you must learn it first yourself.
Flávio Abrão 2020-05-05

This game is 100% free to play and money is merely for cosmetics. I have finished the game and waiting for new levels now. The fact that I went through this many levels says everything. I love this game!
Lisa Heimbigner 2020-08-04

Not player friendly just buy buy buy too hard and I have played over 300 type game on every device and this could of been #1 but the program is set to fail,,,,, do not install is my recommendation, , I loved it but its too corrupt.
Mollie Dominy 2019-09-06

A nice concept for a match 3 game. The sentence structure in the dialogue is hard to understand at times, in a grammatical sense. So word placement could use some work as well. The game still has some glitches that makes the images shutter as the codes are running. Overall the potential is good and I can\'t wait to see what future updates have in store.