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Description of Manor Matters

Welcome to Castlewood — an old manor full of mysteries! Why is it abandoned? What’s hidden behind the tapestry? Is the manor really haunted?

Inspect and renovate rooms, find curious artifacts from all over the world, and unravel the secrets of this thrilling location together with Carl, your charming assistant! Are you ready to step inside? They left the door open for you… come on in!


Explore stunning scenes to find hidden objects and earn stars

Try your detective skills with a variety of modes and items

Restore the manor to make its interiors strikingly beautiful

Search for ancient treasure, unlocking rooms to get more clues

Delve into an intriguing storyline with a wide cast of characters

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manormatters/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ManorMatters/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/manor_matters

Questions? Check out our Web Support Portal: https://bit.ly/3lZNYXs or contact our Support Team by filling in this form: http://bit.ly/38ErB1d

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More Information Of Manor Matters

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:2.7.0 Publish Date:2021-10-15 Developer:Playrix

User Reviews


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Anne O\'Brien 2021-02-02

Your puzzles are too hard, you do not give enough time to find the objects and some of the objects are so hard to find it\'s ridiculous, for example find 2 dogs....one of which was a dog\'s face on a balloon, very misleading. Sort it out or I will be deleting this frustrating game. I play games to chill out....this game does not chill me out. And also you do not earn enough points for each game you play maybe up to 7, but then you have to spend up to 20 to fix something, it seems very unfair. 😩😡
Missi Buchanan 2021-02-03

I don\'t mind a challenge, but this game is ridiculously hard after a certain point. Not near enough time to find all the objects and I never have enough coins to buy more time. I refuse to spend real money, so I guess I am uninstalling the game. Too bad, because I like like game otherwise. It just stopped being fun and is only stressful now.
Lisa Bartley 2021-01-03

This game lets you restore and decorate the interior of a Manor, BUT it has a timer that ruins the game for me. The timer has a short length of time to find Hidden Object items. If you find everything on the list before the time runs out, you gain points to decorate with. If you are an investigative and strategic type of game player like me, then the timer might disappoint you too. However, connecting w/Facebook to send/receive gifts might help, but I don\'t want to bother my non-playing friends.
Beth B. 2021-02-12

The storyline & graphics are decent, but the levels are way too difficult to be enjoyable. I\'m pretty good at hidden object games, but this one is too frustrating. The boosters aren\'t very helpful; you don\'t get enough time to search for objects; the time limit is the same regardless of level difficulty & the number of objects you have to find; & when you replay a level, the objects that you need to find change, making it even more difficult. I\'m uninstalling this one.
Sheila Brennan 2021-02-05

Very frustrating game, to little time to complete tasks. Cost to purchase items to help in game really expensive. Hidden objects impossible to find with limited time allowed. Before you know it your energy is gone and you remain stuck on the same game forever. If you want to unwind this is not the game to play, you come away feeling unsatisfied. Developers need to consider how much is too challenging and find a balance. My recommendation: Seekers Notes would be a much better option.
Echoe LaCaille 2020-12-25

Love the game itself. But the timer needs to be scrapped. Many players are disabled. You\'re really limiting the ability of us to play by setting time limits. I\'m visually impaired for instance. Others may have physical difficulties of a different sort or mental challenges that may make time a need. Your game can still be fabulous without the timer. Let me know when you\'ve removed the timed aspect. Until then, I can\'t play.
Chanin Taylor 2020-12-20

I\'m addicted to this game, but something changed that I don\'t like. Mostly you need minimum of 10(or more) stars per task. Only get 5 per scene. But, it costs energy per level. If u beat a level you should be able to continue without burning up more. But no. Gotta keep paying energy for each one. Get to play 6 scenes. Then that\'s it. I call BS! Makes it not so fun. If I beat a scene, let me continue. Just take energy when I retry. Not fun anymore. Just a headache.
Tracey Hunter 2021-02-12

Could be a great game...however...as most people have stated, the time allowance is ridiculous! I love these styles of games but this one is being removed I\'m afraid, the fact you only get two minutes plus the items change location if you get it wrong means there is little game play, which is a shame because it could be a great game After so many comments on the same thing you\'d think they would change it 🤔 let\'s hope they listen...
Ms. KDC 2021-02-05

I like this game, it\'s very addictive but the fact that it camouflage the object to find, makes it impossible to clear the level. It\'s as if the developer doesn\'t want us to win. I am thinking of uninstalling the game just coz of it. Very soon the energy gets drained just to find that the last object U are looking for is almost impossible to find. Kindly make it simpler for the player, difficult task is fine but making it impossible to play Is not done. Plz correct it.
Rebecca McGibbon 2021-02-04

I love this game. It has a great story line and the mansion is great to renovate. However my main problem is that you don\'t get enough time on each scene to find the objects. I am straining my eyes and have had to stop playing because of this. The items are too well hidden to find in time you\'re given.... if it continues I\'ll have to uninstall it which would be a real shame .....hence only 4 stars x