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Description of ManyHats — Free Habit Tracker & Micro Journal

A parent, an artist, a healthy person, an entrepreneur, a friend.

We all wear many hats.

It's all mixed and mashed. This is just reality of our beautiful world. Our app was designed with multiple persona support at its core.

Become the person you want to be.

ManyHats is a free habit tracker app crafted with exceptional care for simplicity. So that you can focus on becoming.

We've worked hard, invested in an innovative design, to make the experience self-explanatory for us, humans :-)

Mini-Journal with Photos

A simple place to store your thoughts and memories. Review quickly as a feed of notes, habits, to-dos & photos.

To-do Lists

Be it a bucket list or a grocery list. We all have things to do. ManyHats gives you easily accessible to-do lists per persona.

Customizable Habits

Only Monday and Friday, Daily, Weekly, Monthly - we all do things a bit differently. We've got you covered.

Mood Tracker

Our days consist of various emotions. You can track many different pre-defined emotions per persona per day.

Review Your Journey

ManyHats allows you to see a scrollable feed of all events for each persona.

See all your habits / to-dos / notes / photos

Re-live your story as a specific persona. Appreciate how far you have come and who you have become.

Export & Share coming soon.

Free, No Ads, No Signup.

We guarantee that the core of the app will always remain free. Unlimited personas/habits/notes/todos.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.6.5 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:IdeaRoots

User Reviews


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Henjilica Lisondra 2020-12-02

This is exactly the app that I was looking for💕. I just installed the app and immidiately loved it. I have a suggestion tho, I wish there would also be statistics for the emotion tracker, I hope developers will consider it. Overall, this app is awesome, totally recommended.
nazif hazarika 2020-07-07

This is the first review in my entire life. this is the perfect app that I was looking for . I just want to say that it would be better if we can save data in the Pdf form( or any other form) in cloud. and calender integration would give more vitality to the app. So that by clicking and past date I can see all the habits and persona that i have done on that particular date. Sorry for my bad english. Hope you understand
Jivan Navij 2020-05-03

Amazing! This is the app that I\'ve been looking for! So much customization and it\'s the kind of intuitive app that I look forward to using daily. I\'m really glad there\'s a sound for ticking off your task. So satisfying and I wish more apps have it. Question for the developer: I haven\'t used it for too long yet, but I\'m under the impression the stats is only for weekly? I\'d love to see stats for weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. And maybe to see a calendar of streaks. And more sounds if possible!
marcus kielly 2020-12-04

I really like the idea of looking at habits through the lens of the roles in your life, but the app could do with improving its image library integration, as it relies on iconography and images representative of the roles you perform.
kelsay morgan 2020-11-30

I have only used this app for a couple of days so my knowledge of it is limited. Creating and setting reminders for things I need to do to be healthy has really motivated me and that aspect has made me enthusiastic about implementing these changes. I love the idea and application of this app, and I\'m very thankful to the creator for making it free and accessible. You have helped me take the first steps to becoming my best self, so thank you.
Brightscales 2020-01-25

Great simple app for habit tracking. I love that it\'s just one page for habits, to do lists and a small journal section. It has a pleasing design as well! It could do with some small improvements but that would purely be to make a good product better. It would be nice to be able to track habits done multiple times a day. Aka count the amount of times. And to be able to postpone ones that only happen weekly or something. Some more moods, like bored & sleepy would be great too. Overall great!
Jessica Brock 2020-10-20

Finally, what I have been looking for in a habit tracker! Love this app...little hard to figure out at first but once you get the hang of it, it\'s awesome!
Nick 2020-02-19

Found this on a subreddit post and I\'m excited for it. It\'s very easy to navigate and figure out. One thing that would be great would be to set specific goals for certain dates, or for some habits to be set for specific days of the week, I feel like this would clean up the UI a little bit. Thank you for providing this to everyone free from ads and sign ups. You really are amazing for doing that.
Lisa 2020-02-18

I just downloaded the app, and I\'m already a huge fan. It\'s a very individualistic approach to habit apps, and the ideas and the design implemented here are new to me. I love that it\'s simple, that you have your WHY at the top, that you can add a lot of habits without having to pay extra after the first 5 or so, that you can divide your habits so that you have different Personas that you wanna develop. The idea with the emojis is also super cute and I appreciate it. A very good app
Zaura Zareen 2020-06-01

the app is really good if you have a lot of goals and habits that you want to achieve, and its free! you are able to customize the appearance of your targets and goals to your hearts\' desires and it also comes with reminders. definitely worth the download.