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Description of Mapit GIS - Map Data Collector

Mapit is a professional, stand-alone, cost effective mapping and surveying tool designed to enhance productivity while you are out there in the field.

The app supports common file formats for input and output and is capable to work with number of external GNSS receivers so you can get a centimetre level accuracy when you need to.

Design your survey forms, organize data on layers, work offline with mbtiles base-maps, access WMS services, use GPS tracking to capture your line and polygon features, record GNSS metadata and much more to discover.

The app is widely used by professionals around the world and can be easily adopted for different applications from agriculture and forestry to road construction, geology, land surveying and solar panel solutions. Personalized settings and flexibility makes this app fit for purpose tool which will enhance your surveying workflow.

App can be also used as a measurement tool to calculate areas or distances.

When saving location simply choose required attributes from predefined drop-down list, no need to type the same information over and over again. Import long list of attributes from text files and re-use them in number of projects. If necessary you can add pictures to each location as well.

If you are working in the field, gathering large amount of spatial data this app is designed for you.

Speed up your workflow and make the data collection more efficient. Take advantage of survey layers and possibility to re-use same set of attributes for multiple surveys. Export your data to common GIS formats like Esri shapefiles, CSV, KML, geojson, DXF, GPX and post process your data using Desktop GIS software like qGIS.

Support for number of predefined coordinate systems and customised EPSG codes if required.

Mobile Data Collection Features:

- Base maps: Popular online maps selections and offline mbtiles,

- Support for RTK corrected coordinates when external Bluetooth GPS / GNSS is connected,

- Support for WMS and GIS Server Tiled map services - load topographic and orthophoto maps, geological surveys, cadastral information and number of other services.

- Possibility to create and maintain sets of attributes - these are available as a drop down lists when new feature is being recorded, long lists of values can be imported from text files.

- Clusters for point map markers, efficient way of having large number of points on the map without performance issues,

- Currently 4 methods of collection are supported (GPS / GNSS location, map cursor location, tracking, point projection using angle and distance),

- Possibility to group your data into the survey layers - each survey layer may have a default set of attributes.

- Local SD card or remote export. At the moment shapefiles, KML, CSV, geojson, GPX and DXF export is supported,

- Direct export to Dropbox or FTP location

- Possibility to record multiple points, lines and polygons on one layer,

- When creating new polygon or line features measurement details like area or length are also available.

- GPS / GNSS and satellites status,

- Address, location search,

- Import point, line and polygon features into layer from CSV, KML, shapefile or geojson file,

- Backup management,

- Import/Export attributes from file and much more to discover...

Our users are successfully using Mapit in number of applications including:

- Environmental and woodland surveys,

- Forestry planning and woodland management,

- Agriculture and soil classifications and sampling,

- Road constructions,

- Land surveying,

- Solar panels applications,

- Roofing and fencing,

- Tree surveys,

- GPS and GNSS surveying,

- Site surveying

- Snow removal

Do not hesitate to contact us directly or using the contact form on our website.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Mapit GIS LTD

User Reviews


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Michael 2019-07-26

requires GPS, storage, and video permissions. without these the app won\'t even start. i understand the GPS permission, but why do you need access to my storage and video in order to use a mapping tool?
Trispec Services 2020-07-16

Cannot zoom in close enough to avoid points clustering and makes it impossible to select specific points, importing shp files is a joke and works 2% of the time, cannot plug in coordinates to plot a point or to navigate to those coordinates, inability to organize layers into folders (maybe have a project folder you can keep multiple layers in),
Michael Strnad 2019-03-09

i would like a refund. waste of $15 for me. Maybe not a bad app for collecting data, but import functionality is quite limited. i purchased because it claimed to be able to import esri shape files. though that is partially true, i found that it can only import the most basic shape files with few points correctly. any polys with larger point counts or cutout areas within the poly do not import correctly, so it is of no use to me.
A Google user 2019-01-04

If you are happy to only have your data on your phone it\'s probably OK. But if you actually want to use it to make a map on your computer you have the upgrade to the pro version. Without that functionality it\'s absolutely useless. Devs should be up front about limitations on the free version so I don\'t waste my time on an app that \"can\" do what I need but doesn\'t.
Eli Montgomery 2017-04-22

As a person who uses $12000 data collection devices daily for work I can say this app works very well. It\'s simple to use if you follow the directions. So far has worked great for personal use when I want to collect a few items such as wild flowers and trees of interest on my phone while doing more complicated collections. The shapefile output is great if someone has the knowledge and ability to process with more complicated programs like Arcmap.
Steve Moore 2019-12-27

Excellent app! Very helpful with the work I do. Andrzej is always quick to respond to my questions or comments. Highly recommended.
Jon-Petter Magnessønn 2020-10-08

Only app where I\'ve been able to successfully implement a geoid model from my local (Norway) geodetic authority. I use it together with mock location from Lefebure NTRIP client. Would like to export DXF-file with full coordinates, and also DWG. Also shapefile export is 2D only, same for ArcGIS JSON, the point attributes contain the Z-value tho, but that works for point files only, not polyline/polygon. And the PRJ-file doesn\'t give the correct coordinate system of the SHP-file. Would also be useful to have more zoom levels when surveying fine details, or at least be able to disable the point grouping, at least when you\'ve reached the last zoom-level, so you can actually see the points at all. Overall easy to use, very promising!
Paul Traveler 2017-03-05

Perfect app only which it could label the line features with distance between various points in line as it does in drawing time. I.e be able to set labels to show line section lengths
george stram 2020-09-30

Fantastic app that I use for field collection of GPS data. Not centimeter accuracy of course, but it doesn\'t cost 4 to 5 figures either. Works perfectly for general data collection.
Mohammad Shahid Ali Ashraf. 2020-04-12

Excellent app, I just love it. Expecting some advanced features in this app in coming future, like support for other databases e.g. MS SQL. Realtime connectivity with QGIS and ARCGIS. Connecting and data sync among multiple Mapit GIS apps. Mapit for Apple and Windows devices. Thanks