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Description of MarcoPolo Weather

Explore the fascinating world of weather! Create rainbows, thunderstorms, blizzards, and more as you learn about 9 major weather types.

Have fun while learning – our “digital sandbox” design seamlessly blends education with engaging play.

Experiment and Discover:

Weather controls allow you to change atmospheric conditions such as temperature, wind speed, precipitation, cloud coverage and so much more. Every choice and combination creates a new weather experience!

•Control 9 different weather conditions: sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rain, thunderstorm, snow, blizzard, tornado, and hurricane.

•Choose from 4 different wind speeds – make a pinwheel spin or even fly a kite!

•Adjust the temperature – see the environment change as you go from hot to cold in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

•Play with 3 mini-games and 55 interactive elements. You can plant flowers and make them bloom, melt an igloo, or have a snowball fight!

•Interact with 3 wacky characters that respond to the weather choices you make: you can dress them in light clothes when it’s hot, give them hot drinks in the cold, or hand them umbrellas when they're wet.

•Add flowers, birds, a snowman or a picnic basket to the scene and see how the different weather types affect them.

•Acquire new vocabulary and build an understanding of weather through age-appropriate narration.

Through self-directed discovery, we expose children to early skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), focusing on the following concepts:

•Observe and describe different weather conditions including temperature, cloud cover, and precipitation

•Identify ways in which weather affects daily routines, such as dress and activities

•Determine how weather affects the natural landscape

•Learn about the water cycle and how clouds are formed

Privacy Policy

We take privacy very seriously. We do not collect or share personal information about you or your child, nor do we allow any third-party advertising. You can see our full policy at http://www.gomarcopolo.com/privacy-policy/

About Us: http://gomarcopolo.com/us/

MarcoPolo t-shirts and hoodies: http://gomarcopolo.com/shop/

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:2.02 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:MarcoPolo Learning, Inc.

User Reviews


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Ellie Playz 225 2016-10-24

I love this game I love this game because in my school,we have I pads.We have this game on the I pads and everyone plays on them when we have free time.My frend called Alex has a really good scence of humor.He always laughs out loud and he is now banned from playing this game.
Fi Roro 2017-07-18

My 2yo loves this game and changing the characters\' outfits and feeding them. Is there any way to he able to default to Celsius? Fahrenheit is really not relevant to us at all.
Lucas from Mother 3 2019-04-29

this is suprisingly good to learn, its easy and fun, plus you can learn how to properly dress! Your extremely good at education, keep on uptading!
A Google user 2018-10-21

Best weather game EVER! The characters are so cute! I only have one complaint, and it\'s not that bad. It\'s that there\'s not that many outfits, characters, and free weather. Now, I understand you need to make a living off of something, but maybe add a bit more free weather? P.S. I like how it\'s just 0.99 😀
Elizabeth Cox 2018-10-19

Jessica Kotzan 2016-03-17

I tried out this game and thought it was so fun! I showed it to my almost 2 year old daughter and she LOVED it. I don\'t trust her alone with my phone so I looked it up for her kindle. I guess it\'s not compatible :-(. Please consider making for Kindle! The game itself is adorable. The characters each have their own little personality, outfits and activities. It\'s so fun to play with the weather and how it interacts with different objects (flying a kite, blooming flowers, creating a rainbow, etc.). It\'s also fun that some of the objects and interactions change between night and day. Such a fun little sandbox app!
Cember Kahm 2016-02-26

Disappointed My daughter was so excited to get a chance in playing this game. Sadly this doesn\'t even load properly for usto even get past the main screen. It crashes most of the time on a dark blue screen before it says marcopolo. If we are lucky to get past that it crashes after you click the play button. Pleeeease fix this. My daughter loves weather and was looking forward to playing this game.
Tori M 2016-12-15

Pink and black glitch When i opened the app the title was black and would not show and the characters were pink and would not show as well. I couldn\'t play it and that is what made it even more bad.😡💩
Sloane Aldrich 2016-03-29

MarcoPolo Weather I loved it!!! but... make all the weather free so i don\'t have to buy it. i showed my brother it and he totally got obsessed with it!
CDL Anne 2020-03-01

My 3yr old is absolutely obsessed with this game!! For such a small little game that don\'t do much, he sits for hours. Wish I could find more games just like it!!