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Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers personal finance tools to help you save, borrow, and invest. Grow your money with a high-yield Online Savings Account, high-yield CDs and No-Penalty CDs. Pay down high-interest debt with a no-fee personal loan. Automate your investing with Marcus Invest. And you can connect thousands of financial institutions to Marcus Insights -- free tools and trackers that help you organize and optimize your finances.


Grow your money on the go with our high-yield Online Savings Account and Certificates of Deposit.

-Earn a competitive rate on our Online Savings Accounts, No-Penalty CDs and high-yield CDs

-No minimum deposit to open an Online Savings Account



Marcus Invest helps take on some of the work of investing. Our managed portfolios of ETFs are designed to keep costs low and optimized to help balance risk and returns. Plus, you can customize your investing approach by selecting one of our Goldman Sachs investment strategies.

-Get a managed portfolio recommended for your risk level and investment goals

-Portfolios built to include low-cost ETFs that have been vetted by Goldman Sachs professionals

-Open your investment or retirement account with as little as $1,000


With a GM Rewards Card, you can earn toward a GM vehicle.

-Apply for the My GM Rewards Card, GM Business Card or GM Extended Family Card

-Earn on your everyday purchases


Our free smart tools and trackers are designed to help you see your money clearly and make empowered financial decisions. Marcus Insights is free to use even if you’re not already a Marcus customer.

-Link external accounts to see and track your finances in one place

-Explore your spending breakdown by category

-Visualize your cash flow


Marcus personal loans have no sign-up fees, no prepayment fees and you can customize your monthly payment.

-See your loan options in as little as 5 minutes

-Loans between $3,500 and $40,000

-Fixed rates between 6.99% and 19.99% APR

Marcus by Goldman Sachs® is a brand of Goldman Sachs Bank USA and Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC (“GS&Co.”), which are subsidiaries of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

All loans, deposit products, and credit cards are provided or issued by Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Salt Lake City Branch.

© 2022 Goldman Sachs Bank USA. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. Equal opportunity lender.

Brokerage and investment advisory services offered by Marcus Invest are provided by GS&Co., which is an SEC registered broker-dealer and investment adviser, and member FINRA (https://www.finra.org) & SIPC (https://www.sipc.org). Research our firm at FINRA's BrokerCheck (https://brokercheck.finra.org/). Custody and clearing services are provided by Apex Clearing Corporation, a registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC. Please consider your objectives before investing. Any information provided prior to opening a Marcus Invest account is on the basis that it will not constitute investment advice and that GS&Co. is not a fiduciary to any person by reason of providing such information. For more information about Marcus Invest offerings, visit our Full Disclosures (https://www.marcus.com/us/en/disclosure/invest-disclosures).

Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Salt Lake City Branch, is the issuer of the GM Rewards Cards. GM is solely responsible for the operation and administration of the Earnings program and points program. For more details, including redemption options, go to mygmrewardscard.com.

Investment products are:




© 2022 The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.8.0 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Goldman Sachs

User Reviews


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Phil Carson 2021-01-12

Prior to the latest update the app worked quite well. Now, when viewing \"home\' there is a blank screen, there is no transactional data updates being pulled from the linked accounts. I would suggest you pull back the latest updates and quit using your customers to test your updates. At this rate it\'s easier for me to delete this app Update the app is working again. Now that it is working the stars have been updated to reflect.
555_ PROGRESS_555 2020-06-11

Progress Is Being Made, Marcus Provides an excellent example for creating a savings account for your future that lies ahead, as long as you take the time to read through the rules and regulations of the app, You\'ll be fine, It felt good being able to make a savings account.From emergencies,priorities, or for your love ones, This savings app is definitely the way to go. I myself am still learning about economics and money, But this app will continue to be my training grounds for it.
Chau Nguyen 2020-05-04

I\'ve been waiting for Marcus to finally create an app since I opened my account 2 years ago. ☆ May 2nd UPDATE: I waited a few days and excited to say sign-in glitches are a thing of the past. Sleek and simple navigation with a modern look. Not cluttered with extra nonsense, yet everything is accessible. Great work team! I\'m already in the process of consolidating and moving external accounts to Marcus. Their products have always been great and the app tied it all together for me.
GoBoilers 2021-01-25

Update as I tried to use the app, very little has improvedEverytime I login with finger print, it will automatically log me out right after login with a message \"to protect your account, we\'re logging you out.\" It doesn\'t matter whether I logout of my previous session or not. It will also pop up a message that to continue, you have to update your profile or contact information. I updated it, same thing though I can continue to use the app but message randomly. Uninstalled, reinstall, same thing.
Matthew DiFrancesco 2020-08-09

This app is slowly running out of reasons that make it worth having. Firstly (and mainly), The interest rate is rapidly dropping. Its very fast on track to become on par with local banks interest rate. And at that point there is no positives to having this over a physical bank. Its often bragged about how they can offer higher interest rates due to no physical branches..... Yet its still pretty low. NOT impressed. Also, transferring money is a rip off. It takes 1-3 days MAX for the money to clear from your originating account, yet it will not be added to your available on Marcus for 10 whole days. It earns interest granted, but it is unacceptable for a 7 Day hold after the funds are cleared. So you better not need your money for an emergency. Also the desktop website is often broken and unavailable. Overall, if you want to use it don\'t keep money in it you\'ll need access to in 10 days, and no physical branch if an issue should arise.
Fred Hman 2020-05-26

Using a Galaxy Note 10+. App works flawlessly with me so far. No login or biometric issues. I transferred money from my traditional bank into marcus and everything worked without a hitch, so stability is good. It looks like your experience may be dependent on what device you have.
Mk II 2020-04-24

Biometric login, smooth and most of the website features. Unfortunately, worked great the first day I downloaded it (about a week ago). Hasn\'t worked at all since. Sticking to the website until this is fixed. Too frustrating to constantly have errors and being kicked back to the login screen. I\'d expect something like this temporarily, but since it\'s been days now, it\'d be nice if there were a message about a timeline or what the issue is. It\'s got our sensitive info in it, afterall.
M House 2020-05-17

I\'ve been unable to login. I\'ll log in with my password and it\'ll ask if I want to use biometric scanning. If I save yes, it will let me try, accept, then go back to the Login screen. If I say \"not now\" it will take me back to the Login screen. If I try to log in with my biometrics in lieu of my password it will still ask if I want to use biometric scanning and the loop will continue as above. Until this is fixed, I have to stick to the website.
Roy Slack 2020-12-31

Used to be a great app, was able to sync all my outside accounts and investments, but for the last two days I haven\'t been able to log in, keep getting \"we\'re having technical issues\" message. If Marcus is looking to launch a robo advisor next year, they need to consider mastering the basics first. Very unhappy, likely to pull my money and exit this financial relationship.
R W 2020-09-03

Update 09/03: App issues have gotten worse. Same message below continues to show on every screen after logging in. 3mths and Goldman can\'t fix this? Useless now! Update 07/22: App still has the same issues. No improvement. Initial: App was working previously. After logging in, no financial account information is displayed, so basically it is no longer useful. Persistently shows a pop-up: \'We\'re having some technical issues\'. It\'s been 3-4 weeks, and this issue has still not been fixed.