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Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway



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Description of Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway

With Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway, you can

- Review test results

- Manage your appointments

- Message your doctor

- Renew your prescriptions

- Pay your bill

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:9.8.5 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Mass General Brigham, Inc

User Reviews


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Jackie Finn 2020-07-01

This is a great and very helpful app. I always misplace the card that has the date and time of appointments on. With this portal I can just pull it up and see. Also it helps to review the Doctor appointment I had.
aleje 2019-04-04

I don\'t like how this requires constant updates just to actually use this app. otherwise you cant open it until you have updated. that\'s wrong. i shouldn\'t have to update every time theres something new on the app or what ever it may be just to use the portal for medical reasons. if there was an emergency and no other way to reach out but the portal, i may not have the extra minutes to update just for the sake of of using something thats supposed to be helpful. plz find another way
Stephen Weeks 2020-07-24

on my chromebook, app keeps stopping. works on my phone. emailed the tech support about it. Their answer was, we saw you logged in , so your all set. NO, it still stops on my chromebook. I have uninstalled the app twice from google play. It says compatible with all devices, just not mine I guess.
Melissa C 2019-08-15

I love this app. It helps me to get all my medical info, appointment reminders, test results and best of all, It helps me to reach my doctors so easily
Kelli Huber 2020-01-07

This app works well but when it required extra information to sign it it locked me out with out any way of recovering. I understand the importance of of security but there must be a simpler way to allow a person to recover their own account. It\'s extremely frustrating when I can\'t reach my information and there is no information on how to correct the problem. Extremely frustrating.
Jordan Lee Wagner 2017-09-28

You can\'t print anything, nor select text in messages and reports. You can\'t copy to clipboard, nor forward anything (say, to your spouse). You also can\'t delete messages. It demands that you read them first. So if you have 200 appointment reminders and 45 monthly billing statements, you can\'t delete them without reading them all. There are also 2 inboxes to poll for mail, for no reason (as far as the patient is concerned).
Chuck Ferullo 2019-11-14

This program is the pits. You get an email telling you that you have a message you need to read it in the portal, with a link to the login page. You go there, log in, find the message (not easy) and it tells you that you have something you need to read, but you have to go to a different heading (and the headings not only are grouped in a very illogical and counter intuitive way, but they don\'t quite correspond to the headings\' names given in the instructions!) and find the right subtopic, and it turns out to be something like an appointment reminder, which they could have just told you in the email. The developers of this software are mostly interested in justifying their jobs, perhaps? Moreover, if you\'re writing a message, and there\'s a hiccup in your connection or in their server, all you work is gone, and you start the message over again. They should be ashamed.
Newlife n 2020-08-04

Love the app quick info to my doctor and they get right back too me. Thank you app helps alot
Salvatore S 2019-08-23

great when it works. lately it\'s been poor. Having to sign in and not accepting username and password. no way to redownload, stuck on download pending. no help from customer support. Constant updates require sign in afterwards which isn\'t recognized.
Ron Allen 2019-06-27

Terrible. I have a new phone as my old phone broke. I can not open Patiend Gateway at all even though my info was downloaded to my new phone. Terrible!!!