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Description of Massive Warfare: War of Tanks

Online Battle Game: World of Helicopters, Tanks & Hovercraft! Modern War Machines Battles.

3D Battle Game – Massive Armored war machines battles in real-time 3D multiplayer with tanks, helicopters, and hovercraft!

Military game

Massive Warfare – Gunship mobile multiplayer game where you can fight against modern vehicles all over the world: tanks, helicopters, and hovercraft in sync online battles. Jump into the massive war with millions of players online.

Air vs Sea vs Ground: Third-person Person Shooter Action Game

Online Tanks War? Military Helicopter shooter? War Ship Battle? All-in-One Massive War Mobile Game!

Global blitz combats take place across ground, sea and air. You will live the thrill of the battlefield in a Third-Person Shooter Action. Choose your tactics and strategy. Do you hear this thunder of War?

Upgrade your Tanks and Helicopters

This is all about modern army vehicle fighting. Take your favorite shooting machine to combat: an iron tank, armored hovercraft or Apache gunship and fight against enemies all over the World. Upgrade your war machine & improve your attack skills. Cause a blitz air combat with your Sea Hawk helicopter. Forge your battle tank with heavy iron armor to protect your driver. Optimize your hovercraft (water tank) and destroy enemies in online battles.

Don’t underestimate your rivals. This is the World of Massive War and mistakes are mortal. Watch-out for planes bombarding the battlefield in air attacks. Make sure you go to the battle with the right military camouflage.

Winning is key to progression if you want to become the top ace in this mobile war game. Heavy artillery will be awaiting you in the field. Shooting is intense out there! Feel the immersive action in the battlefield. Looking for the tank shooter? There is no action entertainment like this. Hear the call? Winning is your duty!

Game War Alliances

Join top army alliance to fight with other players, or form your own military alliance with friends to battle against other online alliances! Take part in Massive Warfare to feel the Action of global war games.

If you like to play tank wars games, and you imagined a battle game with upgradable war machines, this is your game. Battling is global. So form an Alliance and recruit an army. Join the Iron Force. This is MASSIVE WARFARE!

True World of War:

– Jump straight into the action and start battling immediately!

– Easy to learn, intuitive touch screen controls

– 35 army machines including iron force tanks, helicopters and hovercraft

– 15 patterns and decals to customize your vehicles

– 28 tech power-ups to chose from

– 3 battle modes: Free for All and Team Deathmatch

– Strategic PvP online multiplayer

– Unlock new tanks and make strategic decisions over what part you want to upgrade

– Show your enemy who you are with tank customization with decals and patterns

– Free-to-win: equal access to in-game elements for everyone

– Deep progression system: 8 tiers of tanks to unlock and explore

– Supply Crates with super powerful tech to enhance your combat

– Optimization for various android devices

– Play online with friends or against players from all over the world!

– Global PvP rankings with rewards and customizable player emblems

– In-game chat and Clan chat functionality

– Clan functionality, allowing players to unite and invite their friends to play online

– Help your Alliance in Alliance Wars to win amazing prizes every week!


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Visit: www.massivewarfare.com

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.61.235 Publish Date:2022-01-13 Developer:TinyBytes

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Mc Karyaz 2019-02-18

This is the worst game.... I use 10 gold to buy paint and not a permanent... just 6 hour.... 15 gold paint only 1 day.... waste my time.... watching so many add already you will wasting time if download....just like me....
A Google user 2019-02-17

its a pritty good game except the helicopter s dont go over buildings but over all easy to use , user friendly, 1-10on graphics its about a 6 or 7. events need more umf but its ok. if you want a couple idea upgrades.. helicopters go over building, water vehicles have areas that tanks cant get to like a big body of water, tanks can run inside buildings to hide. but any way good game looking forward to updates.
Gunther Immers 2018-10-09

Its a great game where they let you choose to be a tank helicopter or hovercraft. Its really fun to play I just wish they made it so you could buy new vehicles with either cash or gold instead of only gold because it is really hard to obtain enough to get a new vehicle
A Google user 2019-02-16

terrible, signed up for VIP rewards, supposed to receive a free trail nothing. cancelling my VIP now thank you
Hayzoom Hassan 2019-02-10

The game is great and enjoyable. However The Gold is very expansive compare to other games and rare to find in games. Arabic language is made from left to write means people from 33 countries can not communicate in the chat. The only way is What\'s up groups. i don\'t know about other languages. fix the language issue and i give 5*
Ubi Cat 2018-10-09

Ok start, has potential. Vehicle control is horrible; turn a couple of times in the helicopter then you\'re screwed. Tutorial too short to get used to controls, needs a free roam to be able to test out vehicles/weapons.
Deamon Speed 2019-02-27

the game is pretty fun. it does hold my interest for a while but there are a few quirks that i don\'t like, so at this time I\'m giving it only three stars.
A Google user 2019-04-13

Ideal. Of course as is so often the case its a bummer that many just buy upgrades and vehicles/weapons.... such is life though. Game itself is excellent. Maybe the best of its kind.... WARNING : YOU WILL BECOME ADDICTED TO PLAYING THIS GAME, IT IS THAT GOOD, PREPARE FOR YOUR REAL LIFE TO TAKE SECOND PLACE TO PLAYING THIS! IF YOU HAVE A WIFE OR GIRLFRIEND.... YOU WONT HAVE FOR LONG LOL. One to try before you die for sure. Hats off to the developers/makers of this game.... definitely install it.
Simon Trayhern 2018-10-07

The game is very good and smooth from what I have seen...I\'m playing on a Note 9 8gb ram. The only downside to this game is there to much pay for transactions ....If you want to pay for \"Certain things like rare vehicles and camo\'s then pay for them. But damage boosts for cash shouldn\'t be allowed, Nor should armour boosts for cash. The other frustrating thing is most other games allow you play the game all the time regardless but this one let\'s you play for a bit \" Then apparently you run out of fuel\" of course you can rejoin if you....yes you guessed it....buy some more.... Would be a 5 star game if the company wasn\'t so greedy and like all these games people get tired of waiting for the time out on these things and uninstall them,
A Google user 2019-05-29

This game is too good to play and addictive but, there are 2 things to be changed. 1) the fuel system should be changed or the time to refill should be decreased, 2) war should be a face to face, like a DEATH MATCH,but it\'s like MOST KILLS WINS THE WAR, so please change it. BUT IN OTHERWAYS IT\'S FUN TO PLAY