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Description of Masters of Elements-Online CCG

Master of the Elements is a new fascinating collectible card game with unique mechanics! Gather an army of monsters and take over the magic world.

From the earliest times, people have been offering worship to the elements, appeasing them with offerings, and composed songs in their honor. Fire illuminates everything around, and Darkness recedes.

The Earth sunk into the Void, and Water flows over it, filling all hollows and cracks. Air fills the Void above the rest of the elements.

Together, they have created the world where we all exist.

When the user starts playing, he receives an initial set of "base" cards.

Later on, he can obtain rare and more powerful cards by purchasing card sets or receiving cards as a prize for participating in the Arena games.

Card sets and entrance to the Arena may be purchased with gold which is the game’s currency. You can get gold by performing daily tasks and battling on the Arena.


-The collective powers of all cards in the battle deck equal your health.

- Each card belongs to one of the elements: water, fire, air or earth.

- Each card has a unique lovely picture, name, and power.

- The power may be amplified by raising the card’s level.

- The cards have several quality levels from regular to mythical. The higher a card’s level is, the greater its power and quality are. Even a hobbit or a lizard can become mythical.

- You can raise your level by paying in gold but if you absorb cards of the same element, the value of the level raise decreases, often all the way down to zero. Simply click a card in the battle deck or bag and check if there is a card it can absorb.

- In duels, players battle by striking blows against each other with their cards. In duels, players choose the pair of cards which they use to inflict damage to each other. The stronger the card is, the more significant the damage will be.

- The elements strike blows against each other in accordance with the ancient law: water extinguishes fire, fire burns air, air blows away earth, earth covers water.

- By performing daily tasks, you can gain valuable resources: silver and gold. The game offers various collections which will give you some bonuses when you put them together. The collection includes all the cards you have ever had in your bag or battle deck even if you no longer have them.

Pass through trials, conquer bosses, get rewarded with good cards for each victory!

Gather the most powerful card deck and become the Master of all four elements!

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:6.7.8 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Overmobile

User Reviews


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Monkee Supremacee 2019-04-09

It finally happened. Someone actually forgot to include a game with their microtransactions. This is the first time I ever took the time to give a game 1 star. There is absolutely nothing here except a collection of tiny yet costly .jpg images of character art and ugly ugly cynicism.
anthony briggs 2019-06-16

It\'s a neat little game to play, I\'ve been playing for about a week now and already spent around $200 on it😅😅😅 if there were event special cards, or cards everyone could buy with gold that\'d be great. my only complaint is how long it takes to level cards, as being so new it isn\'t easy to vs, or compete, with players who\'ve been playing for a year+ haha
Lawrence van Rijn 2020-10-17

They are trying to be clever and they are massively stupid about it. The game has fun and addictive properties, all plus points. Yet the bag with all cards is nowhere to be found, except when you do not need it. It is the one setback that gets you aggregated when you think things through. It hopes for \'investors\' and you get value for money, no doubt. $2 is enough to get you ahead of the game in the beginning. After that there has been no need for any cash, which is a good thing. An original CCG
Shannon Wright 2021-01-17

I downloaded this game tonight to try it out. After a couple hours I have uninstalled it. There is no tutorial on what to do or how to play the game. I some what figured out some of it. You only get a limited amount of duel chances then you have to wait about 2hrs for more or use gold to buy more. You win some gold during duels but to really get anywhere you have to buy gold with your real life money. To level up cards you need gold also. So this game seems to be a money pit.
ProphetZ LiveStreamZ 2019-05-08

Very good game i just wish it wasnt sooooo looong to wait to play 2 hours ever 10 dules is way to long, there needs to be more content eg diffrent missions, but other than the wait times its well worth a download if you like these types of game. 4\\5 its good just needs more, and waiting times lowered.
Hlias Pachos 2020-10-25

It is one of the best games I ever played... It is really wonderful. No fancy and unnecessary animation, just pure game play!
Mary Onoapo 2020-06-21

I love this game though they should really put a column for weak enemies and strong enemies either way I love it.
Kamsi Obike 2020-05-05

The game is great but will do allot better with translation of the major languages
Bobby Guzman 2020-01-19

I tremendously enjoy the game. There are two things I\'d slightly alter but overall its fun, quick, engaging, and doesnt use an unnecessarily large amount of storage, keep em coming
Rex Freeman 2020-08-04

Slick, silent, flashy, immersive card game that doesn\'t require an expensive phone to run perfectly.