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Description of Material Files

An open source Material Design file manager.


- Open source: Lightweight, clean and secure.

- Material Design: Follows Material Design guidelines, with attention into details.

- Breadcrumbs: Navigate in the filesystem with ease.

- Root support: View and manage files with root access.

- Archive support: View, extract and create common compressed files.

- NAS support: View and manage files on SFTP and SMB servers.

- Themes: Customizable UI colors, plus night mode with optional true black.

- Linux-aware: Knows symbolic links, file permissions and SELinux context.

- Robust: Uses Linux system calls under the hood, not yet another ls parser.

- Well-implemented: Built upon the right things, including Java NIO2 File API and LiveData.


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More Information Of Material Files

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.3.1 Publish Date:2021-11-12 Developer:Hai Zhang

User Reviews


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Jovie Brett Bardoles 2020-07-29

I just found this app from a review posted by Android Police and the dev gave justice to its material design inspired file explorer, it looks so neat and beautiful! The proper implementation of animation is top-notch and the app functions well, I\'m not a power user so this is enough for me though I would definitely buy if there\'s a paid/pro version of the app with extra features to support the dev ☺️
Benedict Simmons 2020-07-04

This is my favorite file manager app. As suggested by the name, it has options for both Material Design and Material Design 2, both of which look great and aren\'t just slapped together. It has access to root files if needed and everything works well with no ads. It even includes apps to open pretty much any file. Also, it\'s open source.
Rahman Hakim 2020-12-17

One word: Amazing. Simple interface, reliable, and light. Even though it has a little size, it offers great features like ftp server and external storage which is pretty come in handy
Dan H 2020-08-18

Great app! I just wish there was an option to remove the \"Root\" tab for non-rooted users. I\'m also unable to extract files on external storage devices, but I can extract them just fine in my internal storage.
Faisal Nafees 2021-03-16

Overall best app. Would have given it five stars if i did not have a sdcard. Edit: as you replied. I dont want to permanently use sdcard as my default opening space. I meant to have an optiom as \"when i open material files there should be 2 options listed. One saying internal storage and the saying sdcard. \" then i can tap on anyone and enter whichever i want.
DemonLime 2020-08-05

Design is pretty minimalistic and neat. Does most of the stuff you would do on a phone, compress, extract, show hidden, has FTP, best of all it has no ads or any other annoying stuff. This is the best file explorer for me. Would recommend to anyone
anthoy 2020-08-12

Overall a fantastic app that combines functionality with a pleasing Google like UI design. The only thing that prevents it from getting five stars is the like of additional archive file support. You can\'t extract .rar .7z files or basically any file type that isn\'t .zip.
Peter Njeim 2021-03-15

Everything is awesome.
David B 2020-05-21

Implement grid style large thumbnails, better mouse & keyboard support (I humbly suggest copying the excellent DocumentsUI) and this is a flawless 5!
Izzat Haqim 2020-10-29

I\'ve been looking for a file manager that provides functionality (such as extracting non-zip archives) AND has a user interface that doesn\'t look ugly AND doesn\'t have any ads. Glad to say that this app fulfills all three. Excellent!