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Description of Material weight calculator

Calculate the weight / length of rods, pipes and profiles based on the dimensions given by

You or by standards (EN, DIN, GOST, IS). Built-in database of 30+ materials: metals

(e.g. steel, aluminum, gold) and others (e.g. rubber, ice, cork).

You can manage the list of materials in the database.

The application calculates the price of the item (e.g. pipe) based on material prices

(cyclically updated and exchange rates). You can enter your own prices per kg/lb.

What will the app calculate?

- The weight (kg or lbs) of the element based on its dimensions

- Length (cm / m or in / ft) if you provide weight (mass)

Types of elements (items):

1. Rods

    - round rod

    - rectangular (square) rod

    - triangular rod

    - hexagonal rod

2. Pipes

    - round pipe

    - rectangular (square) pipe

    - hexagonal pipe

    - round hexagonal pipe

3. Profiles

    - angle

      standards: EN: 10050-1, EN: 10056-1, GOST 8509-93, GOST 8510-86, IS 808


    - C section

      Standards: UPN DIN 1026-1, UPE DIN 1026-2, GOST 8240-89, IS 808

    - T section

      standard: EN 10055

    - I section (I-beam)

      standards: GOST 8239-89, IPN DIN 1025-1, IPE Euronorm 19-57,

      HEA Euronorm 53-62, HEB, HEM, IS 808

You can make calculations using your chosen material (e.g. silver, aluminum) and your own

(custom) dimensions - or by abovementioned standards

A list of favorites that allows you to quickly re-calculate.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.1 Publish Date:2021-10-09 Developer:Freshdata

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