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Description of Math Learning Games for Kids ❤️🦕

My Dino Companion: Math Learning games is the most comprehensive math and logic educational program for pre-school aged kids (3-6 years old). Preschool Kids Learning Games will spark your child interest for a long time with dozens of unique activities and over 10 fun minigames!

Designed in accordance with leading preschool programs, My Dino Companion contains a large library of unique educational activities for kids. Based on proven methodologies, each activity begins at a base level and adapts to the child skill level, offering new concepts in each phase. It allows to advance your kid skill level while playing. My Dino Companion focus is on math and logic and it offers a fun and rich educational experience, so as to ensure your kid ongoing interest. The application utilizes an adaptive learning engine to create a personalized learning experience with procedurally created sessions, aimed to avoid repetitions and prevent fatigue.

Key Points:

* Professionally illustrated, narrated and designed with every detail taken into consideration.

* Create unlimited amount of profiles, making it a perfect tool for teachers as well as parents.

* The only educational tool purposefully built to support both your tablet and your phone.

* Does not require any connection to the web to run, making it the best overall mobile education tool around.

* Optional dyslexic font.

* Fun dinosaur avatar accompanies your child throughout the game.

* An original background music provides a unique spirit to the game.

* Schools and Kindergarten - Are you a Kindergarten or 1st grade teacher? School District Rep? Contact us at info@tiltangames.com to find out more about our School Program.

Current topics offering:

Learning numbers,






Order by size,

Order Numbers,

Number line,


Tell Time,

Matrix matching,

More & Less,

Great & Small,

Big & Small,

Long & Short,

Tall & Short.

Also includes these fun educational minigames:

Bubbles shoot,






Whack a bunny,

Connect the Dots,


Raining shapes,


The program is divided to several session types:

1. Practice Sessions - Practice session allows children to explore various math activities, matching each to its skill level.

2. Adaptive Test - The adaptive test was developed to help evaluate kids grasp for the current skill level they posses. In addition, the test feature allows quick adaptation of the program to children with advanced skills.

3. Individual Activities - This is library of math & logic related topics the app currently have, allowing to focus on a specific subject in order to improve your kid capabilities in that aspect. each subject has a set of levels which can be manually set by the kid or the parent.

4. Individual Games - Similarly to the activities library, the games also contains levels allowing to practice different topics in various difficulty levels.

5. Playground - during play, your children will collect stars for each activity they successfully completes. They can later use these stars to get toys, dinosaurs and playground facilities into their very own playground yard. The open playground provides means to translate the kids sense of achievement into tangible toys they can collect which in turn drives them to cover more topics.

We appreciate your feedback, contact us for any question or suggestion at info@tiltangames.com

If you like our app, please support us with a review!

Have Fun!


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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:2.1.1 Publish Date:2021-04-18 Developer:Tiltan Games

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ODALYS RaMIRES 2016-09-07

The best game ever I love it so far
Andreea Dumitru 2015-10-15

I love it!!! so as my daughter👌👌👌👌👌
Barbara Salazar 2019-02-27

this is a great game
Meera Palanivel 2014-11-03

wow app!! It is a very useful app and my 4 yr old is glued to it.I wish to highlight the math game which makes kids divide objects into equal parts, it helped my son understand the concept easily. overall it is a complete pre k package Thanks Dino:)
Rabo Atamova 2014-08-23

An awesome app! Great job, guys! Full of engaging and colorful activities. Thank you for this app!
Fadzlin Fouzi 2014-12-11

A Google user 2018-04-15

This app helps kids learn even if the kids not even in 4k
Leah Powell 2014-11-14

Characters hide the back button so the game Get\'s stuck
NIcolas Skowron 2014-11-01

Febe Ramirez 2014-09-26

Great learning game Downloaded it for my nephew and he luvz it!