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Description of Math Master - Brain Quizzes & Math Puzzles

Are you searching for a math quiz game to practice basic math operations?

Or you are searching for an app that offers mathematical, general aptitude, reasoning and logical puzzles to speed up your calculation skills for your next competitive exam? Or you are a math expert searching for a brain game to give your brain a workout? You've come to the right place! Math Master is a free math quiz app offering a great set of challenging math quizzes and various math tricks to improve your mental math.

Math Master can be a great source of learning for everyone, it can be a math practice tool to crack competitive exams. It lets you play math quizzes of basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or statistics like average, mean, median or complex math concepts like sequence and series. Solve challenging math puzzles and be Math Master!


• Dedicated book for every mathematical operation

• 10 chapters for each book with increasing difficulty

• Unique math quizzes & puzzles

• Create a profile to synchronize your game progress

• Leaderboard to watch your standing in the world of Math Master

• Mathematics tips & tricks

• 5 quiz timer modes and other settings

• Multilingual support

• It’s completely free and designed for all ages!


App offers a separate book for every mathematical operation. Simply tap the book and start playing! Available books are:

1. Addition

2. Subtraction

3. Multiplication

4. Division

5. Basic Random from 1 to 4 books

6. Average, mean and median

7. Power

8. Statistics

9. Smallest & Largest

10. Equations

11. Mixed (1-10)

12. Sequence and Series

13. Brain Quizzes 1 - Logical puzzles of Percentage, Simple or Coumpound Interest, Profit & Loss, Stock and Shares etc

14. Brain Quizzes 2 - Logical puzzles of Age, Calendar, Clock, Fractions and Logarithm etc

15. Brain Quizzes 3 - Logical puzzles of Average, Chain Rule, Time & Work, Time & Distance etc

16. Brain Quizzes 4 - Logical puzzles of Missing Number, Area & Volume, Permutation & Combination, Probability etc


Each book consists of 10 unique chapters with increasing difficulty levels. Start playing and raise your game score chapter by chapter.


Unique random math quizzes/puzzles will be presented to you depending upon difficulty level of chapter. You can flip or change one question per game.


Want to learn how to crack complex math quizzes to earn more points? Go through Tips & Tricks!


Is it hard for you to finish game within limited time? No worries! We’ve 5 quiz timer modes for you. Just go to Settings > Set Quiz Timer and set as per your math expertise. Also app offers multilingual support to let you explore app in your preferred language.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:3.12 Publish Date:2022-05-23 Developer:Pavans Group Techsoft Pvt. Ltd.

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Andy Longley 2018-12-16

I cant say anything bad about this app. I\'m learning from it, I\'m improving my cognitive maths speed & agility through it & finally I\'m loving every minute I spend with it. Top show :-)
CinnamonRoberta Cook 2017-12-31

Tone down \"You failed!\" comment. I am 58 yrs old and enjoy math very much. It has been a while with remembering median, range n averages rules. Basic statistics Sane thing. Please be more encouraging to make me stick with the puzzles. Allow me to turn off your timing feature. No reason to rush (for me). I am doing this for fun and prefer to be more accurate and successful in reaching the end of a current puzzle. I almost deleted this app without giving this app a chance. Hardly touched this app after 3 tries cuz i disliked some features of yours. This app sd be for all sizes of intelligence and proficiency. Thank you very much. I will stay with this app for now and come back to re-rate this app after your improvements if any.
JDY DenverCo 2020-04-15

Just started using it. My biggest doubt is how many people are actually using a calculator, especially for big division problems, instead of entirely in their head. Also, seems very bizarre that as of this review only 1 other person has a United States profile. The leader board is a cool feature. So far seems pretty fun and has some challenges. Thanks for developing this.
Evan Allen 2017-10-19

One of the only maths apps I could find that didn\'t make you buy expansion packs to learn anything useful. Tutorials are well described and helpful. Great for young mathematicians to learn how to do more and more complicated maths problems in their head
Kaushek Joshii 2020-04-12

Perfectly useful for the brain The games are well put, straight forward and easy to understsnd. The levels are enjoyable and what I love is that you can play any type (adition,division etc.) whenever you want. Sometimes same questions repeat in same game but not often. I am quite slow in math and this app surely is helping me to practice. Good exercise for brain!
LA HA 2019-09-28

So far so good. I didn\'t realize how rusty I was until using this app. I\'m a lot slower doing mental math than I thought, so I\'m starting over with basic math (adding, subtracting, etc.) and will work my way up again. The app is really helping me think faster and use mental math better. Really good free math app.
Mark Angelo Justiniano 2017-01-08

Simple yet really helpful There are ads but I can live with it. I am a young adult who has got rusty at this for having it used less since i study psychology; more on terms than numbers. Having this helps the brain keep its mathematical skills in check.
steven green 2018-12-16

Requires creating a profile, which demands first and last name or you cannot continue. Uninstalled before I even got to play. Update: Profile problem is fixed! This is a great app, just not what I am looking for. This is for math drills (with timed answers) and I am looking more for super hard puzzles that take a long time to solve. If you want math practice, though, this app is great.
Justin Dickinson 2020-09-29

Excellent app. Lots of drills, lots of variety and progressively more challenging. You can go back and practice whatever you want anytime though. No annoying ads, simple, smooth, exactly what I wanted to help me sharpen my math skills.
Sayi B Panickar 2020-10-23

I am amazed by this app...it really helps you to increase your calculation speed..i have been on it for like a week now..& i am already seeing some improvemnts.& It\'s decently organised,the interface is also simple & interesting ..it makes maths fun..