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Math & Science Tutor - Algebra, Calculus, Physics



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Description of Math & Science Tutor - Algebra, Calculus, Physics

1500+ Math Tutor Video Lessons in Basic Math, Algebra, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Statistics. 500+ hours of step-by-step instruction.

Learn fast and get help in any subject by solving example problems step-by-step. Every lesson teaches the student how to solve problems, gain practice, and perform the calculations to score higher on exams and quizzes. All classes are taught assuming that the student has no knowledge of the subject.

Whether learning basic math, algebra, calculus, or advanced courses such as electrical engineering or mechanical engineering, this method is the fastest way to truly master the material.

Included Courses:

Basic Math (Arithmetic):

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Ratio, Proportion, Percents, Word Problems.

- Algebra 1 and Algebra 2:

Real Numbers, Integers, Rational Numbers, Algebraic Fractions, Simplifying Expressions, Solving Equations, Multi Step Equations, Graphing, Quadratic Functions.

- Geometry

Lines, Rays, Planes, Quadrilaterals, Surface Area, Volume, Prisms, Parallel Lines, Geometric Theorems, Proofs, Circles, Circumference.

- College Algebra

Rational Functions, Shifting Functions, Sequences, Series, Matrix Algebra, Summation.

- Trigonometry & PreCalculus

Imaginary Numbers, Complex Numbers, Unit Circle, Sin, Cos, Tan, Trig Identities, Exponential Functions, Logarithmic Functions, Trigonometric Equations.

- Calculus 1

Limits, Derivatives, Integrals, Techniques of Integration, Substitution, Improper Integrals, Curve Sketching

- Calculus 2

Integration by Parts, Integration by Trig Substitution, Sequences, Series, Convergence, Implicit Differentiation

Calculus 3

Partial Derivatives, Line Integrals, Surface Integrals, Directional Derivatives, Green's Theorem, Stokes Theorem

- Differential Equations

Solving Differential Equations, Graphing Solutions, Systems of Equations

- Calculator Tutorials

Texas Instruments TI-84, TI-89 Graphing Calculator Tutorial

- Physics 1

Motion, Projectile Motion, Torque, Momentum, Work, Energy, Friction, Fluids, Pressure

Physics 2

Temperature, Heat, Thermodynamics, Waves, Simple Harmonic Motion

Physics 3

Electricity, Magnetism, Maxwell's Equations, Electric Field, Magnetic Field

- Chemistry

Atoms, Compounds, Chemical Reactions, Stoichiometry, Gas Laws, Redox Reactions

- Probability & Statistics

Sampling Statistics, Central Limit Theorem, Hypothesis Testing, Linear Regression, Correlation, ANOVA

- Electrical Engineering

Circuit Analysis, Node Voltage, Mesh Current, Dependent Sources, Thevenin Circuits, Phasors, 3 Phase Circuits

- Mechanical Engineering

Statics, Vector Mechanics, Equilibrium, Forces

- Engineering Math

Linear Algebra, Laplace Transform, Matrices

- Java Programming

Objects, Classes, For Loops, While Loops, Variables, Methods

- Matlab, MS Word, MS Excel

- Science Experiments

App Features:

- Mark favorite lessons for later viewing.

- Recently watched videos list.

- Search all lessons for any topic.

- View featured courses.

- View recently released courses.

- Worksheets for selected courses.

- Share lessons via email & social media.

Excel in school. Learn any subject fast by solving problems step-by-step. Our lessons have helped thousands of students achieve success!

Information about Math Tutor subscriptions:

- Most lessons in the app are free. For $19.99 a month, you will get access to all 1,500+ lessons and courses.

- Your subscription will automatically renew at $19.99 each month, billed through your account.

- You can cancel anytime by turning off auto-renew in your account settings.

- The subscription automatically renews every month unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

- Read our terms of service (http://www.mathtutordvd.com/public/73.cfm) and privacy policy (http://www.mathtutordvd.com/public/department12.cfm) for more information.

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User Reviews


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Baba Harouna 2020-04-20

My experience of this app is exceedingly satisfying. I just wish I had the opportunity to be exposed to this exact tutoring approach earlier in my life. The tutor has an excellent mastery of the topics covered in the app. I would pay any price to level up and update myself in the subjects taught here. But unfortunately, I am not financially competent to purchase the app. Because of my limited buying power. However, I am very thankful to you for your honorable service to the public.
Jonathan Statham 2020-04-05

I just want to say- THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS APP! I want to study at home yet have found even simple problems become monumental in difficulty- for instance, learning how to use graphing calculator. If you can imagine, not knowing how to use that critical tool compounds my issues. So, having a resource that guides me through the fundamentals of all the little, and major things I need guidance through is so helpful and time saving for me. Thank you for covering all the bases. Ty ty :)
Sulayman Abdi 2020-06-01

Definitely a 5 star rated, A well organized app, unambigous in explanation and information. A very explicit content with alot of resources and fudamental knowledge to grasp. I have been a witness of struggles and difficulties when learning math and it was something I was fearing of. However as time changed i became more inspired and motivated just by watching you videos and believing myself. I came across this app wondering what benefits and knowledge await for you. You know i am really proud
Karen Shahwan 2020-08-03

I love this app! I am learning so much and I am finally able to understand math. This app will break it down for you to the basics, so you can understand the fundamental information you need to solve problems. This is set up in a superb format so you build your skills on a solid foundation of knowledge and confidence!
Lee Fuller 2020-08-20

I like the app, it\'s very informative. The problem I have with it is that the audio keeps playing after I pause the video and the when I press play the audio keeps playing and the video and audio play underneath it, so this is very frustrating, I have to restart my phone to stop the audio.
Jaskarn Singh 2018-12-12

What the heck. I have a 20 dollar subscription already, why cant I login to my account? Are you serious? I feel like canceling nt subscription, they\'re essentially making you pay for it twice will update,renew and recommend subscription once this is updated. Very greedy move.
Amanda Manners 2020-10-12

This app (so far) is fantastic. Litteral courses, with a well informed teacher explaining definitions, principles, and operations of different forms of math. Its broken down by levels so that you are able to find where you are and grow at a pace that isn\'t overwhelming and won\'t leave you lost. The only thing I would love to see that isn\'t available in app is a practice test or quiz after each lesson so that the learner has the opportunity to try solo, and then check the work.
Space Cadet 2020-10-27

No ads, offers free content & paid. Instructor is an awesome teacher, simplifies examples giving you confidence with spaced repetition. Short 4-10min videos on easy subjects. Instructor doesn\'t blink an eye when I come up with snarky comebacks as the class clown, other teachers would throw the chalkboard eraser at me. No pretty girls to distract either. I\'m in heaven. Paid for the subscription & have seen a dozen videos already...most importantly I REMEMBER the content. Get this app !!
Denis P. Nghitutuka 2020-07-03

Amazing I never knew how to solve some complicated equations, but this has thought me a lot. I can also use it to make lesson more interesting to my learners. I like it because there are no disturbing ads.
alhaji mohamed gbla 2021-01-06

This is the best App i have ever seen it is very powerful that is to say, every single topic in his dvd turto, he explained in details and it\'s well understood to me. Thanks for making me enjoy Math and science turto. Relly i benifit a lot from this app. It makes me fell like am gaining something and its absolute true.But one there is one problem that am having with this app, that is to say about some of the videos are lock.How to unlock without crdit card? I realy have the money.