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Description of MCAT Prep by MedSchoolCoach

Boost your knowledge & confidence and reduce anxiety before your MCAT exam. Get our MCAT prep app & access hundreds of free videos, plus a complete set of MCAT course notes and whiteboard snapshots, along with 2000+ flashcards & practice questions. Now with the new Progress Dashboard, you can further speed up your learning by looking at the key metrics.


Prepare yourself for the most important exam of your life in an easy and convenient way. MCAT Prep from MedSchoolCoach provides pre-med test-takers a complete solution to their study needs. And it’s FREE.

Reduce the expected anxiety, and skyrocket your confidence before taking the MCAT exam!


Access hundreds of free videos, flashcards, and practice questions to help you practice and crush the MCAT exam across all AAMC sections and topics:

- Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems

- Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS)

- Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems

- Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior

Enjoy an intuitive dashboard and neatly organized lesson categories. Search for a specific lesson with keywords in the “Search” category. Follow your day-to-day progress in the Progress Dashboard. Sign up today and learn in a way that works for your busy life.


- MCAT Video Tutorials -

More than 80 hours of high-yield content covering AAMC topics. Created by the experts at MedSchoolCoach, you can select videos by categories and access questions at the bottom of the videos. All MCAT content videos are available for free.

- Study Scheduling –

Know what you need to do each day during your MCAT prep. Planning with our MCAT study scheduling tool lets you focus better, organizes your study sessions, and reduces anxiety related to unorganized learning.

- Progress Tracking –

Track your completion and progress through the entire MCAT journey. Boost confidence knowing you are completing the prep step by step.

- MCAT Flashcards –

Study the highest yield AAMC topics on the go. Enjoy the classic flashcard experience and learn effectively at your own pace. Pick from 1000+ MCAT flashcards all divided into 7 subjects.

- MCAT Prep Question Bank –

Monitor your progress and assure you are learning the concepts you need to for your exam. Review by status: New Questions, Correctly Answered Questions, Incorrectly Answered Questions, Flagged Questions. Alternatively, pick a subject and get questions only from that subject. More than 1000+ MCAT questions are available.

- MCAT Tutors –

If you want to get expert help for a certain subject, you can always book MedSchoolCoach expert tutors from within the app. Just tap on “Tutoring” and request info.

Before your next panic moment of using apps & courses that are either too expensive or are too limited in features, get MCAT Prep by MedSchoolCoach to learn effectively and in an organized way.

Your exam prep is easy, fun, and productive with MCAT Prep by MedSchoolCoach!

= > Get it now and start learning!

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User Reviews


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Alvin James Cortazar 2020-06-16

This app is well presented and gives you confidence in your MCAT exam! Their guidance will lead you to the right path of becoming a physician-scientist. A detailed explanation they provide in every scientific competence. They will also teach you how to study and prepare the MCAT exam. This is the best app designed by the Prospective Doctor and the Medschool Coach.
Brett Rudy 2020-06-17

This app does a great job combining all the various learning tools I need in one place, from flashcards, to questions, to videos. So many videos!
Nadine Engmann 2020-09-13

This app is great as I am preparing for the MCAT! Love it :)
Sancia Shalom 2020-08-28

Perfect helper to develop confidence and eradicate fear. And it prepares its students really well . sincere thanks to Mr. Ken tao
Anne Muigai 2021-01-07

Very happy with the app. Am studying for GMSAT, not MCAT and the content is providing great background knowledge. I love that the videos are short and very easy to understand.
Jordin Klar 2021-01-06

This is the most helpful app I\'ve found to study for the MCAT. I especially love the ability to study on the go. I feel much more confident in my ability to do well after all these short reviews and practice questions.
Maheen S 2021-01-26

I absolutely love, love, LOVE this app. I\'ve only used this for a few days but the subjects are broken down to such easy concepts, it makes content review a breeze! I hated reading the Kaplan books because I felt as though I wasn\'t absorbing info or understanding the basics and this is helping immensely. I\'ll update once I take my MCAT!
tiffany liu 2020-12-27

amazing!! really great supplement to review books
Elijah Muhammad 2020-07-21

Victoria Pallares 2021-02-25

Great app, however the dimensions of the app on my phone cut off some of the wording.