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Description of MD COVID Alert

MD COVID Alert is the official COVID-19 exposure-notifications software for the Maryland Department of Health. The app is an instance of Exposure Notifications Express platform developed by Apple and Google and configured by Maryland.

Your personal use of MD COVID Alert will help anonymously alert Maryland residents who may have been near someone with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. When you enable MD COVID Alert, you are doing your part to efficiently and effectively help your community slow the spread of COVID-19.

How MD COVID Alert works:

When devices with MD COVID Alert are in close contact, they exchange random identifiers using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). When someone tells their app that they tested positive for COVID-19, whoever received their random identifiers may receive an alert that they may have possibly been exposed to COVID-19. When a device receives random identifiers it date-stamps them and records their signal strength so that the Exposure Notification system can estimate how close the two devices were to each other and for how long. If the timeframe was at least 15 minutes and the estimated distance was within six feet, then the other user receives a notification of a possible exposure.

Apple and Google's Exposure Notifications framework runs in the background, even when the MD COVID Alert app is closed. It will not drain the device battery at a rate that would occur with other apps that use normal Bluetooth and/or are open and running constantly.

How MD COVID Alert Protects Your Privacy:

Maryland takes your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Apple and Google's framework is designed to avoid correlating any personal data and location information with the random identifiers that devices exchange. Maryland Department of Health does not want or need to know where or who you are for MD COVID Alert to work. If you are close enough to another app user, your device's BLE will exchange random identifiers with that user.

Laboratory results for all persons who test positive for COVID-19 are sent to Maryland Department of Health. This is not associated with the app. Our staff follows up with persons reported as positive, based on information provided within the laboratory report. As a courtesy to all app users, MD COVID ALert will verify positive tests and then provide MD COVID Alert users with a personal identifying number (PIN). You must use that PIN in order to report a positive result to the app. This prevents people from falsely reporting positive results, which could generate false exposure notifications. Maryland Department of Health wants all app users to feel confident that when a possible COVID-19 exposure is received via the app, that it is a real event.

If you have the current Apple or Google operating system installed on your device, you may have noticed that Exposure Notifications are now included. You cannot enable this function until you have installed the MD COVID Alert app. Apple and Google will delete the exposure notification service tools from their respective operating systems once the pandemic reaches a point that public health no longer requires the use of this technology.

Thank you for installing MD COVID Alert! Together, we can protect our family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, and keep Maryland moving forward!

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User Reviews


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Henry Farkas 2020-11-12

It\'s certainly valuable to have a way of being notified if I was close to someone for 15 minutes who didn\'t know my name and who came down with COVID-19. The reason I didn\'t give the app 5 stars is that it doesn\'t allow me to check in daily and report suspicious symptoms. The only thing I can report is a test result. The other thing I don\'t like is that there are separate apps for neighboring states. That means that I have to have multiple contact tracing apps on my phone.
Karen Grant 2020-11-12

There is absolutely no way to turn on exposure notifications. I\'ve tried everything. Keep getting an error message when trying to do it from within the app, and the option is greyed-out when trying from within the phone settings, where it instead gives me a message telling me to install a participating app first. The phone does not seem to recognize this app as a participating app. Samsung Galaxy S20+, fully up-to-date Android OS, but cannot turn this on via app OR phone settings. Please fix.
MythicalRedFox 2020-11-11

Glad Maryland finally got one of these. It\'s absurd we don\'t just have a national system, but this is the next best thing. If you\'re worried about privacy, look up the \"3blue1brown\" video on YouTube explaining the cryptography behind contact tracing apps like this, and see for yourself how it keeps you safe and anonymous. Let\'s stop the spread.
Rachel Sloan 2021-01-13

The app literally doesn\'t work. There\'s not much else to say. When you open the app, and press \"Turn on exposure notifications\", all you get is an error saying \"Something went wrong. Try again\". I\'ve had it installed for several weeks. It happened when I first downloaded it, and still continues. I\'m going to uninstall it. It\'s pointless. EDIT: So, I decided to try this app again to see if it had been fixed. I guess I\'ll never know, because when I try to download, I just get an error message. ??
Jerry Adney 2020-11-12

Had to find a link from an article because it never showed up in the play store. Otherwise, I assume it\'s built on the same framework/template as many other states\' apps and it remains to be seen how effective it is.If it really requires you to volunteer a positive test result, I\'m not sure how they can expect much participation (or prevent trolling).Considering how little messaging I\'ve seen and how resistant people are to even the most basic prevention, it seems like it may be a token gesture.
Nicole 2020-12-15

Broken Process. Useless app. My husband tested positive. The process: your health care provider reports your positive result to the MD Depth of Health and THEY text you a code to enter into the app to report your status. It took 4 days to get that code. Even after entering it, I still haven\'t received an exposure notification and we\'re together constantly. Verified all settings are correct. It actually has to work & QUICKLY to benefit individual users & public health. Extremely disappointed.
Gerald H 2020-11-11

Seems simple enough, not sure what the review claiming they couldn\'t enable notifications was talking about. Installer had message about permissions when it was starting, and \"Settings\" button was right inside the app. AND in the \"Apps\" management entry under \"System Settings\", the normal toggle switch allowing notifications was there. I admit there is no way to tell if it\'s working until you actually get \"pinged\". Users might need to make sure Battery Optimization doesn\'t put it to sleep.
M S 2021-01-05

Useless! As other reviewers stated, to enter positive results you need a code. My husband tested positive on 1-02-20, and the healthcare providers never reported his positive results to anyone. As a matter of fact, he has several coworkers that also tested positive and I don\'t think their positive results were reported either. No wonder covid keeps spreading in Maryland! Typical Maryland department of health. (Can\'t say that I am surprised!)
kevin harper 2021-01-06

Works well I guess. My biggest gripe is no feedback on the number of contacts made. It would be good to know how many people I have passed by that use or do not use the app in a given day. Why trust the app if I have no idea if it is registering or missing the people I pass by? There aren\'t even numbers on how effective this app is for me or everyone in general.
Kyle Robison 2020-12-06

Great app. Does not kill battery or face location. Please don\'t listen to the dumb conspiracy people. Everyone in MD should have this on their phone so we can get a control over the now uncontrolled virus.