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Description of MDLIVE: Talk to a Doctor 24/7

Have an MDLIVE virtual doctor visit with board-certified physicians from the comfort and convenience of your own home or from wherever you are, whenever you want – nights, after hours, weekends and holidays.

MDLIVE also offers behavioral health appointments with licensed therapists and board-certified psychiatrists as well as dermatology services.

You can schedule an appointment at a time and day that's convenient for you or have an on-demand visit in around 15 minutes.

All MDLIVE doctors are board-certified and state-licensed, with an average of 15+ years of experience. MDLIVE has two National Committee for Quality Assurance certifications and is accredited by the American Telemedicine Association. MDLIVE doctors are also friendly, caring, compassionate, and experts in conducting virtual medical consultations. And best of all, 9 out of 10 people would recommend us to their friends and family members in need of a doctor visit.

Great reasons to use MDLIVE virtual doctors:

1. You’re not feeling up to leaving home

2. You want to avoid the high cost of Urgent Care or the ER

3. Your doctor isn’t available

4. It's after hours, the weekend or a holiday

5. You need a short-term refill on a prescription

6. It’s hard to get to the doctor’s office

7. You don’t want to take time off work or be away from home

MDLIVE doctors treat over 50 non-emergency medical conditions like these:

• Allergies

• Bronchitis

• Colds & Flu

• Ear Pain

• Fever

• Migraines

• Pink Eye

• Rash

• Sinus Infections

• Sore Throat

• Urinary Tract Infections (Female, 18+)

• And more…

We also offer treatment and support for a wide variety of behavioral health issues:

• Addictions

• Anxiety

• Bipolar Disorder

• Couples Therapy

• Depression

• Eating Disorders

• LGBTQ Support

• Panic Disorders

• Postpartum Depression

• Relationships

• Social Anxiety

• Stress Management

• PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder)

• And more

We treat thousands of people a day with many different conditions, but you should not use MDLIVE if you are experiencing a medical emergency. In addition, we don't treat sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infections in males, or urinary tract infections in females under 18 years of age. Children under 3 with a fever and children under 12 with ear pain cannot be treated by MDLIVE.

Copyright © 2020 MDLIVE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

MDLIVE may not be available in certain states and is subject to state regulations. MDLIVE does not replace the primary care physician, is not an insurance product, and may not be able to substitute for traditional in-person care in every case or for every condition.

MDLIVE does not guarantee patients will receive a prescription, does not prescribe DEA controlled substances and may not prescribe non-therapeutic drugs and certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse.

MDLIVE and the MDLIVE logo are registered trademarks of MDLIVE, Inc. and may not be used without written permission. For complete terms of use visit www.mdlive.com/terms-of-use

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User Reviews


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Martha Sifuentes 2020-10-09

1st time using an app like this, I was skeptical, I was also desperate. Instead of waiting for open enrollment for medical insurance, this app is a Blessing to say the least. It was fast! & My prescription was at my neighborhood pharmacy in less than an hour! Thank you to the M.D. that helped me! And thank God for this app! Highly recommend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Hayleigh Mosel 2020-12-12

Overall, this is an amazing app and an incredible blessing during a pandemic. Dealing with continued therapy appointments has proved to be a tad difficult. Obviously one would like to keep the same provider but you are unable to schedule another appointment until the next day and unless the provider is currently seeing patients, they don\'t show up in the list to select. Other than this small issue, this app is worth dealing with!
Finding Your Center 2019-03-16

Stellar, Superb, even at 3 AM.!!!! I am so glad I called for pain I was having in my mouth. I was confused....Medical or Dental problem. The Doctor I spoke with was kind, encouraged me to just tell him everything. I did and he listened. I felt heard by a compassionate Source. We both decided together it was a medical problem. Then, the Doctor encouraged me to stay the course, that treatment will really help. I soooo appreciate the caring, compassion and the great skill of the Physician
Joe Boyer 2020-12-08

This app is very easy to use. Requires one time simple setup. I selected get started, then, after a brief description of the reason for my visit, I selected first available doctor (by video) . I received a notice in the app that I would receive a call within 1 hour and it listed the number they would be calling from. After a few minutes, I got a call telling me I had two minutes to join from the app. I opened the app and kicked join and within a few seconds was taking to a doctor! Mind blown!
Dana Scott 2020-12-02

Great experience, would definitely use again. It was convenient and very easy to use. Update: Used again and was extremely disappointed. The doctor never looked and my pictures that I had sent. Also I wanted a video call, instead the doctor called me on the phone, he was driving and like I said he never looked at my pictures because he asked me to describe my rash. Without looking at my pictures he went ahead and diagnosed me even after I told him I already had the prescription he prescribed it
Adrien Nedrow 2019-07-24

I\'ve used this app twice and overall I believe it to be a great service, but the second time seem to be very unprofessional, the doctor was outside in a windy environment and you couldn\'t even tell that she was eye doctor by any of the video that I saw oh, it looks like she was standing out in front of some windows in a windy environment. the lot first time that I had somebody, he was a man sitting in front of a desk with his doctors jacket on and diplomas on the wall.
Alaura haws 2019-02-02

This was a great option for me! didn\'t have to leave my bed should have done it sooner! i could have done this at work while by my computer I waited so long cause i dreaded going to the Insta care. However it did say it wasn\'t going to charge my card till the claim ran through my insurance but charged it right away?? other then that was fast and easy.
kelly lane 2020-10-02

Ridiculous!!! I would love to use this mobile app if only I could sign in from your locked out system! I would also love to use your Mobile app if you would listen when I say I have insurance instead of you saying I owe you $175 3 hours of different Representatives who don\'t know what they\'re doing, 8 password reset links absolutely ridiculous. Never seen a worse mobile app than MD live. And now when I try to write your app it says no or not sure. Where\'s the yes so I can tell you how bad this ?
Justin Harlin 2020-10-26

I love MDLive for it\'s convenience but I do question why there isn\'t an option for reoccurring appointments or a way that I didn\'t have to fill out the appointment request information weekly for my therapy visits. It\'s rather annoying that every week I have to fill out the information rather than just confirming the repeat appointment my therapist has set up. If it wasn\'t for that I would give it 5 stars, and I have recommended this app to many friends of mine because I do find it to be amazing.
lynndsay Pike 2020-08-21

The scheduling and appointment help has been awesome. The major issue I have is that the sound when on the appointments will not go through my Bluetooth headphones. This is the only app that the calls won\'t go through. Edit: Appreciate passing it along. I isolated the issue; when the app is running,even in the background, no sound from any app will play to any Bluetooth device. Once the app is closed, the Bluetooth audio in other apps works as expected. Please contact me for more specific info