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Description of Me@Walmart

Introducing Me@Walmart, the one app designed for and developed from the feedback of Walmart associates, as well as a venue for customers to learn about and apply for a career with Walmart.

With the Me@Walmart app, you can easily learn about Walmart history, cultural values, the benefits we offer and apply for a career with Walmart.

Walmart associates must be enrolled in 2 step verification to access the internal features which include:

Schedule: View your schedule, manage all time-off requests, and even swap or pick up unfilled shifts

Ask Sam: Your search/voice assistant to help you answer questions related to products, metrics, and more. The more questions you ask the smarter it gets

My Team: A roster view of who is working with an in-app walkie-talkie feature to stay connected to other associates and your team

Inbox: Notifications and Actions for scheduling, time-off & more

* Some features unavailable in certain locations

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More Information Of Me@Walmart

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:1.4.3 Publish Date:2021-11-27 Developer:Walmart

User Reviews


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Amy Powers 2020-06-10

I have huge frustrations with getting into this app. Now that associates can use this app for the Covid-19 health screen prior to starting our work day it\'s even more frustrating. When I log in it tells me to close my browser and try again. I\'ve uninstalled and re-installed several times. I\'ve done the double verification and can easily access the Wire. I\'m not understanding what the problem is. Please advise.
Ian Comtois 2020-07-01

Okay, after some trial and error, it seems the app wouldn\'t let me use it until I registered for 2-Step Verification. I did so, and it\'s not much harder to use than the USAA app. It lets me see my schedule an extra week in advance, which is useful enough, but I can\'t make any edits or do anything useful with that information from the app itself. The COVID-19 self-assessment seems like overkill when we already have to pass through a checkpoint when we arrive at work.
Janice Reeder 2020-08-17

I had really liked this app. However today every time I try to use it, I sign in, enter the security code, and then it disappears and goes to the last place I was. I check my schedule wveryday to make sure I am going to be on time. Can someone tell me what the problem is, when it will be fixed, and what time I work today???? Well, it has happened again. Now I can sign i n, but I don\'t receive a text with a security code. I feel like quiting Walmart because they went to this buggy app.
Joi Vormelker 2021-01-21

This app sucks! This morning when i tried to bring up my schedule, I actually had to sign in. However, when i ask for a text message to be sent to me, two or three were sent all at the same time instead of just one. I don\'t which number to input. When i input the number I need, I got an error message. Why do we need to \"sign in\" at all? Just use the employee win # to sign in instead. I would make everything so much easier! Revamp the app so one can use WIN # to \"sign in\" when needed!
Julie Wagner 2020-10-28

Like many others, I no longer have the option to enter my password. When I try to use just my username and store number, im instructed to enroll in the 2 step verification, which I did quite a while ago. I\'ve reinstalled the app, restarted my phone and even redid the 2 step verification process. I sign on fine at home on my laptop. Its only this app that I\'m having trouble with.
Dymond LeRae 2020-05-17

I installed this app, but it won\'t let me log in. It says error retrieving user profile. When I exit out and come back to this app it does the same thing. I am trying to see if I was placed back on the schedule since my LOA is over. I\'ve called Sedgwick, they told me I could return to work starting April 30, 2020. It is now May 17, 2020, I can\'t check the schedule to see if I\'m on it. I went and talked to my manager via in person, and he said he would tell the personal manager.
M C 2020-10-07

It gets annoying when everytime i try and go check my schedule. I have to login again and send a text message to myself with a code given when i want to look at my schedule. Also having to fill out this covid assessment everytime before a shift is impossible. It wont let me take it right before my shift. Only when my shift has started it allows me to take the assessment.
Sou Yang 2021-02-24

The app logs me out very often. I have to go through the annoying steps of sending the security code via text because it stopped allowing me to get past the security through the app. This gets annoying when I have to do this every morning for the health screening, and then almost everytime I want to open the app to view my schedule or read a message. Why must I always be logged out? Doesn\'t make sense cause you\'re not securing anything important...
Bryan Rumsey 2020-02-22

My app worked great at first. One day recently it won\'t work anymore. It keeps telling me that I\'m already signing in on another window. Then it tells me to hit resubmit but that doesn\'t do anything. I\'m very frustrated because I can\'t check my schedule from home now. I don\'t know who to contact or what phone number to call for help to get the issue resolved
Paul 70stastic 2020-11-24

Completely nonfunctional. Doesn\'t allow me to log in; I get a \"successful log out\" screen when I try to sign in. For the short time that it worked, the schedule screen jumped up and down repeatedly. Glad I only need the app to get allowed in the store and find out when I have to work. It\'d be a real pain if the app was the only way to do vital things at work; oh, wait.