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Description of Measure

Measure helps you with quick everyday measurements around the house or office, similar to a tape measure. With the Measure app, you can:

• Measure the length and height of objects on flat surfaces, ​like​ the size of a rug, the width of a sofa, or the height of a table

• Easily switch between imperial and metric units

• Take a photo of your measurement

• Copy measurement to clipboard

Move your phone around the space to find flat surfaces such as a tabletop or the floor. Point and tap to start your measurement and adjust it accordingly. When finished, tap on measurements to get quick reference to unit conversion, copy, and delete functions.

Measurements taken with this app are estimates.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Google LLC

User Reviews


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adavis91786 2020-08-13

Don\'t expect anything accurate. You have to move your phone on a flat plane (no twisting it), but then have to use the touch screen to start and end the measurement, and by touching the phone will guarantee throw off your starting and end point. Garbage app. Only reason it didn\'t get one star was that you can get a measurement within a few inches, so it kind of works as an measurement estimator, but a bad one at that.
Catherine Morgan 2020-11-12

Hard to use & needs work. The only instructions were \"move your phone from left to right\" which wasn\'t very helpful. Took a while to figure out, and once I did I realized it just doesn\'t work very well. I made sure I had good lighting, and I tried to measure a light colored box on a dark background, which should\'ve been pretty simple. Seems like it has trouble recognizing images correctly and my measurements were always at least 2 inches off. Has potential but needs work and maybe a tutorial.
Tech SPLOSION 2019-02-01

This app is great! it works with a single camera phone! but can you add a cube tool so you can drag a corner and it tells you the volume surface area and length, width, height? that would make this app even better! can you also add a way to integrate this into the already in phone camera? a measurement next to one of the playmojis would be awesome and... wait idea, you could make a section with measure tools with a way to make them bigger or smaller. also does playmoji have a playmoji limit?
Mikko Paakkola 2020-05-13

Simply does not work. Doesn\'t show any measurements no matter what I try to do. I have no idea how I\'m supposed to use it, because there are no buttons or even hints anywhere on the screen. It attempts to detect surfaces, but can\'t tell the difference between horizontal and vertical. Markers on the screen just randomly flip around. Edit: After installing a better app for the job, on the next try the UI buttons appeared on this app. Seems to actually work sometimes.
Tyler Biehl 2020-11-28

The concept is good but it is leagues behind Apple\'s \"measure tool\". (Coming from someone who won\'t buy an apple product ). This version spends more time crashing than it actually runs and has a problem attuning to the spot you choose. Because of this attunement issue, it may read UNDER the table, vs what you\'re pointing the camera at, as your designated spot -- so instead of 3 feet you get a measurement of 8 feet seemingly randomly.
Papa Trucker 2018-09-19

On a galaxy note 8 it\'s a little finicky. Need good lighting. Not real bright. Not too dark either. But seems fairly accurate. \"Tool\" placement is sometimes in the way. I would make the tool transparent instead of solid. Use the s pen if you have it. Needs some tweaking. But not bad at all.
Bogdan Spoitu 2018-11-02

Takes hard to recognize flat surface, and most of all measurement photo output is a purple blank jpeg. Using a Galaxy S9 Android 8.1 latest version of ARCore. Was actually looking fwd for a good app since it\'s made by Google. I guess this isn\'t a major focus of theirs for the time being. A real pity, I would say. I find this one of the very useful tools for AR
hale 1320 2020-02-23

Amazing idea, possibly not stable. Tried it a few hundred times. If it didn\'t crash within the first 5 seconds it was actually pretty good. It was good enough to decide how to rearrange my furniture. But that took dozens of attempts to keep it from crashing. And my phone (note10+) got uncomfortably hot to the touch, no other app has ever done that.
Linda T 2020-06-15

Don\'t know how to make this work! There are no instructions and when I aim it at a bookshelf or a ledge with knickknacks or a book, it seems stuck on trying to measure one thing, but not the bigger item. I don\'t know how to get it to measure the ledge and not an individual book. Or the book and not the flower vase pictured on the book\'s cover, for example. Absolutely frustrating!
Marcello Velocci 2020-12-08

Crazy accurate! I assume you need a phone with capable cameras to produce accurate measurements. Xiaomi Note 10 Pro seems to do it just right, afterall, it is a camera first with smartphone capabilities. Anyone arguing Apple has a better measurement tool has to remember they only cater to a specific set of specs and nothing else in between. Their apps will match their phones perfectly, or at least they should.