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Description of Medallia Mobile 3

Medallia Mobile is the ultimate tool for closing the loop with customers fast. New role-based dashboards, streamlined workflows, and built-in alerts put real power in the hands of your workforce to take quick action on trends or feedback in real-time.

Listening and responding to feedback becomes a habit when you bring the customer experience to employees at all levels with an intuitive interface and the ability to access this critical information anywhere, anytime:

Role-based dashboards mean instant access to the most relevant, fine-tuned CX metrics for every employee

Close the loop fast via email and phone

Call customers back and record call results

Quick email replies with starter templates, or forward to colleagues

View, close, or reopen alerts

Optimized case management actions and ability to assign a case to user and/or role

Consistent look and feel between mobile and web with common modules that have the same behavior and user-defined filters in both

Self-service administration makes it easy to set up and build dashboards for each role, aligning every employee with their most important customer experience metrics. Users can then view individual customer feedback and see the full context of each response along with related case management activities.

Medallia Mobile 3 is built with the Medallia Alchemy design system to provide a consistent, fundamentally better user experience between mobile and desktop. And support for Single Sign-on, Pincode, and Enterprise Mobility Management platforms makes it easy to manage user access across your organization from one place.

Download Medallia Mobile 3 today to activate your employees everywhere by putting real power into the hands of your mobile workforce.

About Medallia:

Medallia Mobile provides access to the Medallia Enterprise Feedback Management solutions used by Global 2000 companies around the world to track customer satisfaction.

Medallia’s solutions enable companies to gather, monitor, and act on feedback from customers, partners, and employees. Customers include global financial services, retail, high-tech, business-to-business, and hotel companies.


On behalf of the Medallia customer with which you are employed, affiliated, or associated, you’re agreeing to the following terms when you install or use the Medallia Mobile app. This is a legally binding agreement, so please read it carefully: http://www.medallia.com/legal-terms-medallia-android-mobile-app/

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More Information Of Medallia Mobile 3

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:3.14.1 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Medallia, Inc.

User Reviews


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Trevor W 2020-10-15

My two star review is now a one star review. Constantly get invalid company ID when logging in. For weeks. Not even my boss can figure out why every iPhone works but not android. Useless app. So many one star reviews. This app is broken and needs to be fixed.
Roberto Martone 2020-12-10

A complete disaster. From the previous and very well working version, not one thing has improved, but all got actually worse. You have removed the hotel ranking, scorecards cannot be set up properly and all looks very confusing and ugly to look at. It lags every time there is a pop uo notification, so you need to refresh. Please give us the previous version back!!!
Francis Martinez 2020-11-25

Can\'t even get the update to finish. Was working fine before, but of course updates ruin everything. UPDATE: update finally got through but now I\'m not recognized at all. Tried uninstalling to redownload. Now the download is in limbo. Worst app I have ever had to deal with. I wish I could give less than a 0 star.
Jessy Wolf 2020-12-01

Fix the logging out problem for gods sake ! I have to uninstall and reinstall this app every 2 days or so because it says no mobile access for no reason, I was just in ! That\'s why the one star, please fix it ! Your updates do nothing, the problem still persists !
Easyway Gaming 2020-11-02

Older version is better. In this update, we cannot copy paste the text of the responses. The copy paste ability is needed when we got a foreign language to be translated on other translator app. Well, this app doesn\'t have translation feature tho so why disabling the copy paste feature??
Marcia Rine 2020-03-05

I thought that a new one would improve on the old one. This is very basic and doesn\'t give you the cards of Medallia 2. You can\'t compare yourself to other hotels. I would still be using M2 if it hadn\'t quit working. Please fix it so I don\'t have to turn the notification settings on EVERY time I open the app. The updates are NOT new anymore and yet I have to skip them EVERY TIME I open the app.
Alisha Parizek 2020-11-13

App doesn\'t work. The old one worked just fine, was forced to update to this one and now my Guest Responses won\'t load period. dashboard and profile load just fine but no matter my network connection, can\'t read any of my reviews. What\'s the point of even having the app if I cant use it for its intended purpose?
Julie Scott 2020-12-14

Why the one star, let me count the ways. Medallia 2 was great but completely unusable now so instead we\'re stuck with this. To compare how 3 is unfavourable compared to 2..... -you can only respond to some reviews and not the most important ones -Only one dashboard option at a time (I liked seeing my YTD and MTD on one view - No ranker - You can\'t easily tell what portal the reviews have come from - It\'s slow to load - Constant error/retry flags - I\'ve ran out of characters Change it back
anupam gulati 2020-10-22

Why do I have to forcefully download medallia 3 ...when 2 was working fine Feedback not important for the app developer... No notifications no indication old from new....pretty messed up Pity I can\'t give lower than 1 star
Ryan J Dea 2020-07-27

Forced to change to the new one everytime I try to access the old one and it doesn\'t even work. The dashboard is always blank and it crashed every 2nd or 3rd time I access it. Do better! This is supposed to be a business app not candy crush.