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Description of Medical Biochemistry

This app is designed to help biochemistry students learn and understand the basic topics of biochemistry more.

The content of this app includes the following:

Introduction to Biochemistry

Metabolic Regulation

Steroids abd Bile Acid: Lipid Metabolism

Ribonucleic Acid (RNA): Basic Knowledge

Fluid Mosaic Model & The Role of Cell Membrane, Proteins and Membrane Transport

Cell Cycle: Regulation, Apoptosis, Mitosis and DNA Replication

Energy, Enzymes and Metabolism

Gene Mutations and Repair Mechanisms of Cell

Gene Expression: Transcription and Translation

Amino Acids and Proteins

Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Steps and Pathway of Gluconeogenesis

Steps and Pathway of Glycolysis

Definition and Function of Enzymes

Cholesterol Metabolism

Fat Mobilization, β-Oxidation and Ketone Body Metabolism

Triacylglyceride Metabolism

Metabolism of Amino Acids

The Chemistry of Carbohydrates

Fructose Transport, Degradation and Biosynthesis

Citric Acid Cycle

Lipid Metabolism: Fatty Acid Metabolism

Nucleotide Metabolism- Purines and Pyrimidines

Hemoglobin and Movement of Oxygen.

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Alkasim Abdulbasit 2020-07-14

This app is really superb,I found it useful.With it, it\'s easily to get distinction in medical biochemistry.Feel free to download it.It will help alot and pay you back.
Umme Ayesha 2020-06-06

It\'s really a wonderful app for all readers. Because it shows all the basic topics with wonderful graphics . The topics are shown in a skilled way. Thus, I think it would be the best app for medical students and readers.
Melissa Silvera 2019-10-05

Very easy to use and informative
Akram Katumba 2021-01-08

Its a very nice app. Has very organised, detailed notes with illustrations and explanations. Thank you
kechi chishimba 2020-07-04

Very nice so simplified and helpful
Monong Esther 2019-12-16

Wow nice app, I love it. If looking for biochemistry app download this
Phenomenal Medico 2021-01-13

Feeling sorry for your content, its just theory written over there. No mnemonica are there, especially on nucleic acid metabolism topic
Emmanuel Ojo 2020-01-12

Experience in the revelation of the wonderful complexity and dynamics of the subject during exploration of this App has ignited my interest beyond measures to the fact that - as year-one undergraduate in a First Degree programme on the subject in the university of Lagos Nigeria 🇳🇬, I am very confident of the full understanding of the Greatness and the complexity of BIOCHEMISTRY
Angelo mayen 2020-11-12

Very nice app I hope I will learn more about biochemistry in very easy way
Gesimi Assayomo 2020-11-15

Nice app 👍. The topics simplified and understandable. Thank you