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Description of Medical Terminology Quiz Game: Trivia App

Do you find difficulty remembering medical questions & terms? Is it always a tedious chore for you to pour over medical knowledge in your brains?

Or the game is different for you! Is it your dream to learn medical terms & abbreviations?

Explore this super-easy trivia app for the best memory tricks. This Medical Game - Human Anatomy Quiz and Physiology Quiz is a standout amongst the best medicine quiz games!

Medical Terminology Quiz is the most comprehensive medical app which contains handpicked questions from Medical Science which covers various topics like Anatomy with diagrams, Biochemistry, Embryology, Genetics, Histology, Microbiology and many more.

It provides 4 game strategies: Medical Terminology Quiz, Medical Picture Quiz, Medical Game Anagram & Medical Spelling with answers! All strategies to help you understand & learn complex medical terms in this amazing Medical Quiz Game!

Take learning to a whole new level. Pick the correct answer and improve your insight without a coach! Challenge yourself and gain some new useful medical knowledge! Get a memory help with fun anatomy quizzes and tests! Practice &expand your medical knowledge regarding human body parts’ names and organs with fun medical games!

Medical Quiz Game like this keeps you sharp on your toes! Try to make random guesses of the pictures shown. If you are unable to memorize, then use hints to figure out the right answers. Fun is endless & learning is made easy for you with this educational medical app. Play & engage yourself in tons of addictive levels. Get high points to unlock more interactive levels & take your medical knowledge to the next level!

This handy application is designed with precision and understanding to give you a boost of brain power and at the same time a refresher. This Terminology App is for professionals, students and whoever is interested in increasing knowledge or refreshing what you know in this field.

With four different game strategies, this app happens to give you the edge to stay ahead. A handy reference and learning program for common medical terms, abbreviations, and prefix, suffixes. Basic Medical Terminology list and the free medical terminology training that you will get through this App will be helpful to improve your Medical Terminology in English.

If you are a medical student or a science nerd, this medicine quiz game is a must-have anatomy trivia app for you! Revise your basic knowledge with intuitive pictures. Find out amazing facts with the help of Multiple choice questions & Fill in the blanks. Note down all fun facts & share among your peers.

Features: -

- Turn the timer On or Off

- Picture based learning

- 4 Game strategies

- Pick up the best option from 4 MCQ’s

- No hassle, made easy to read and answer questions swiftly

- Includes over 100 levels

- Sort out letters to make right answer

- Spelling challenge

-Affluent design just to please your experience and pleasure

- Suitable for teenage science students & medical students

This play ready medical app can be thoroughly enjoyed whether you are on a plane, at your comfort zone, waiting for a friend, at the taxi, bus or train station, at the back seat of a car or even at work.

So, without further ado, let’s play this awesome fun-packed game. DOWNLOAD Medical Terminology Quiz Game now!

Happy Learning Peeps!

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:4.6 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Quetzal Inc

User Reviews


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Hayley Smith 2017-01-09

It\'s good It\'s a good app for beginners who are just learning the material & still need the extra practice. One thing I would like to see different; when you miss a question, give the answer at the end of that quiz/level. Other than that, it\'s pretty good & helpful.
Nattalia Paterson 2017-01-27

It is a fun app, but there are quite a few typos (e.g., Calories = Clories, among quite a few others) and at least one mistake, as far as I could tell after using it for about an hour (e.g., says EKG is the same as ENT. The ECG option in there but it\'s linked incorrectly). Not acceptable for a paid app (required to have full access)
mike prince 2017-03-15

Instead of brain dead games this is helpful. As first aid giver in camping citations this will not make me a doctor, but with study give me some small advantage. I still call 911 but with first aid training may help stabilize. Had to move person with broken bones a day and a half with improvised stretcher. This was along time ago before cell phones
DoubleLetter K 2018-08-02

In the term quiz it only shows the answers not the question. You need to get that fixed. Also there are several typos and wrong answers. I wouldn\'t trust it. Use a different app.
ACED 82 2018-07-04

The medical term for a headache is not Migraine (its cephalgia). This makes me doubt the answers to the questions I don\'t know. Therefore the app cannot be used for revision or learning. Useless.
S W 2020-07-31

The app has to be bought to access the rest of the quizzes and doesn\'t allow going back to them after they\'re done. If you don\'t finish the last one, you can do them over as many times as you want. It\'s somewhat limited as far as the broader scope of medical language is concerned and without being able to redo anything, it\'s not good for studying. The anagrams are a little confusing and also not too useful. As another review said, it would\'ve been nice to be told the right answers. Save your $
Saiful Islam 2016-12-26

So helpful when u will failed, u\'ll also learn from here. Thanks a lot to developers.
Christine Limbers 2020-01-04

This is a really cool game! You need to have knowledge of medicine and terminology. Great for people who like that type of thing. I REALLY wish that you would give correct answer if you get it wrong. Also, maybe a small part explaining certain things after or under question.
jaquana overton 2020-02-14

I am giving the app 4 stars because I enjoyed the content but I didn\'t realize the content would go away after completing it. I was using it as a study tool and now I no longer have access.
Jennifer Taylor 2016-03-02

If you already know This is a good app if you already have a knowledge of medical terms. There is no prep or learning part to this app. Just the quizzes, and they don\'t give you the answer if its wrong. You have to take the test again until the right answer is selected. I needed something to learn these terms before I take a quiz.