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Description of Medicos Histology:Anatomy histology figure & guide

Medicos Histology app provides mobile access to a complete collection of ultra-high-resolution histology microscopic slide images with notes and explanation of those topics in a simple and easy to understand way. Medicos Histology app provides a comprehensive notes and related hand-drawn and microscopic diagram. Histology helps to make study easier and a quick revise of every topic in short period of time.

--------Key Features of Medicos Histology--------

• Histology App covers all the topics and classified accordingly under 17 topics that covers all syllabus area.

• Microscopic images are more clear and easily understandable. In histology app Handmade sketch images of every tissue can be downloaded easily.

• Histology contains more than 500+ images with zooming features and images are clearly understandable and handmade images are also in high resolution and directly taken from microscope of the human tissues for anatomy.

• Histology provides a quick reference revision guide before exams

• Test yourself using OSPE and Flashcard anywhere and anytime using Histology app

• Five different languages make easier to learn from their languages and user can control over the app from settings pages.

• Premium contents share Medicos Histology App with your five fellow mates to get the offline features.

• Identification points with clear images used for OSPE makes easier.

Medicos Histology App is useful in preparing for general school examinations, Medical exams, or personal study lessons on Histology of anatomy and human tissue. Also allows students, teachers, researchers, and the general public to explore the complete microscopic landscape of the body as if they were looking at a collection of actual slides on a physical microscope, all through the cloud via their Android/ IOs mobile devices.

Module Includes:

• Histology and embryology of Epithelial Tissue

• Histology and Embryology of Connective tissue

• Histology and Embryology of the cartilage of human body

• Histology and Embryology of Blood vessels

• Histology and Embryology of integumentary system

• Histology and Embryology of Muscular tissue

• Histology and Embryology of Respiratory system

• Histology and Embryology of Gastrointestinal system

• Histology and Embryology of Salivary Glands

• Histology and Embryology of Hepatobiliary tissue

• Histology and Embryology of Lymphatic Tissue

• Histology and Embryology of Endocrine system

• Histology and Embryology of Renal system

• Histology and Embryology of Male and Female Reproductive System

• Histology and Embryology of Central and Peripheral Nervous System

• Histology and Embryology of Special senses- EYES

Histology app help yourself to learn Histology in a simple and managed way. Tis app is the best way to approach histology Objective Structured Practice Examination (OSPE). This app provides you all the histology content in your mobile phone. Histology app makes your study easier in a smart way.

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All organizational and test names are trademarks of their respective owners. This application is an educational tool for self-study and exam preparation. It's not affiliated with or endorsed by any testing organization, certificate, test name or trademark.

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User Reviews


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shovan lal 2020-07-22

Overall the app is very good . It will be very helpful for studying histology and histopathology ....but there are some errors for example , for stratified columnar epithelium the picture given is of transitional epithelum . Please correct this kind of small errors...but again overall the app is fabulous.
Dr. Gulam Anwer Khan 2020-08-12

This is fantastic app for medical students . The pictures are real. A Great way to study variety of histology topics where ever you are ! Highly recommend !
Jatin Das 2020-11-06

This app is the best till now. I have downloaded other histolgy apps to see which one is good and i realize that this one has everything a student needs. It can sometimes be useful for the teacher itself. It is comprehensive and has a lot of pictures. Well you can add more information on the Integumentary system. Like about Hair, glands etc.
Skorp knight 2020-12-18

Very nice app. It\'s good for studying basics of histology. Content language is easily understandable and is consice. Also slide photos are great. Worth to give it a try. Very helpful. What\'s more worth that\'s is free with no ads. Can\'t ask more than that. Great work.I already recommended many of my friends about this app(all of apps) . They are also enjoying it. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Apotheoz 2020-12-21

A \"search\" toolbar would be reaaaally appreciated to find quickly informations on a specific thing. For example if I don\'t remember where the Peyer\'s patch is, it would be faster to just write \"Peyer\" in a search bar and to find the organ that contains them.
Steven Arinze 2020-11-18

This is the best histology app in the world. It\'s so easy to understand, and it\'s straight forward.
Amrit Sagar Bhattarai 2020-08-28

Best app to learn histology in smart way. It\'s is useful for all medical students. 100%recommended
3k falcon 2020-11-19

Good app but need to add some more topics.
Arshad Aslam 2020-09-04

This app is very good app.Easy to search anatomy of whole body.....easy to use no need to data connection.... offline app
Areej Fatima 2020-12-11

Best ever app....I tried many apps....but most of them are not as good as they seem to be....but this app is worth 5-star rating👌🏼