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Description of Meditation Tracker

Keep track of the progress of your Buddhist practices.

** If it hangs when you start practice - uncheck (or move slider to right) "Dim at night time" in settings **

Meditation tracker comes with predefined preliminary practices group(Ngondro) and you can of course add your own practices and plan a schedule based on date you aim to complete practice or number of daily repetitions. Each session is stored for possible later use.

Now with the sync/backup. The app will automatically export its data to the SD card once a week when you enter the main screen. There's an option to trigger export and import in settings.

This application is not teaching you anything. It's just a humble counter. If you want to learn Buddhist meditation - better find yourself a teacher. Check if he or she shows qualities you'd like to achieve and ask for the teachings.

Karmapa chenno!

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:Path Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Doo Reelkow

User Reviews


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Dániel Nagy 2016-01-11

Sync I like this app very much! Please make it syncronisable. It would be really nice, if i don t lose my data if i lose my phone. Thanks you!
Stephanie James 2017-02-21

Love the app. Please update to accommodate for alternative time zones, it can be confusing seeing \"completed today\" numbers from the previous day. Thank you!
Tindigo Szépségreceptek 2013-01-24

Joyful! This is a perfect application to count my daily practice. I am very appreciated and make you good wishes at the Stupa in Hungary. :)
Luke P 2019-01-16

Hello, I like your App. One feature I would request though is to have the time based on the user\'s local timezone. This is most relevant for the \"Completed today\" tracking. Thank you
Erick Stojšić 2017-09-11

Wonderful app. However, would you please update it to include a detailed history of practice so that I may know what day I practiced what mantra and how many repetitions. Thank you very much!
Bonnie Schmeisser 2015-07-23

Thank You! I\'m working on Short Refuge, and I really appreciate that this app exists. The completion date estimation provides great insight.
A Google user 2012-09-30

Wonderful! This app works and suits my needs very well. Thank you.
Håkan Andersson 2017-01-31

Singaravel R 2020-01-23

Great app, simple for counting and tracking..
A Google user 2012-04-06

Nice app Very handful, simple app. All i need to count my daily practice