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Description of meepl

"The perfect fit just needs two pictures of your body, taken with the meepl app - for free.

Your body scan, your personal meepl, is the basis for a range of body-related applications like made-to-measure services, size recommendations and a virtual try-on in a virtual dressing room.

Create your free meepl now!



• Wear tight clothes which clearly show your body‘s silhouette

• Let the app guide you in three simple steps through the body scan process

• Use your meepl profile in our partner online shops"

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:2.36 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:Fision AG

User Reviews


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Z E 2020-08-31

Weirdly accurate! Despite this app\'s alluring millennialesque design, I wasn\'t sure what to expect. The last time I tried something like this, Scene kids were on MySpace and the Shrek franchise was struggling to stay alive. How things have changed! With its guiding hand and sleek animations, I was taken step by step through the process. In 2 minutes my photos were processed, and hey presto it got every measurement correct! I kid you not, sir! Only issue - I have no idea how to use it to shop.
Emmanuel Adekplovi 2020-08-15

If your phone have not 4gb ram , dont download this app.
Minh Dang 2017-10-04

Ali Cherriman 2020-08-26

Managed the body scan process quite well (beware of any background that casts a shadow as your silhouette may end up larger!) However now I have a scan it\'s a bit of a \'now what\' situation. You are encouraged to scan a QR code but they aren\'t easily accessible on shopping websites or I suspect you have to physically be in a shop. Some guidance would be useful!
Sandro Huber 2019-04-04

Valerie Pierre 2020-04-03

Once the pictures were taken it take forever to process. The scan was taken 10 minutes ago and it\'s still processing even though it says it will only take seconds. Update: after 40 minutes it did not process and sent me back to the initial sign up page. Never actually worked.
Mark Gillespie 2020-08-26

Sexist, all marketing seems aimed entirely at women\'s clothing.
Katy Baker 2020-08-26

After some technical glitches which meepl rectified, app worked well and gave accurate body measurements. Once this is adopted by more retailers, could be extremely valuable as a digital solution to online shopping.
Debra Cuming 2020-09-01

The app itself worked fine. I took a number of different scans as I already know my measurements and wanted to match what I know they are and I can say it isn\'t completely accurate but it is close. The problem is I\'ve searched high and low and can find no information anywhere in the app, this app listing or online about where I can use this!!
Pauline Jackson 2020-08-25

Firstly tried it as a guest; got to step 6/8 and it never analysed photos for measurements. Then set up an account, and had a 12 step procedure with dots and sticks to follow (rather than a body outline) to take photos which worked ok. Measurements are pretty close, (limited in scope) but as I have a narrow back/shoulder it remains to be seen how good the recommendations are.