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Description of Meesho: Online Shopping App

Meesho: India’s Favourite One-stop Online Shop

You can now shop for yourself or earn money online, both using the same Meesho App!

Meesho offers stylish top quality lifestyle products at the lowest wholesale prices, allowing you to shop online at any budget. You can also resell products to your friends and family. Start your Online Business with Zero Investment today! Work from home and earn money online with just a phone. If you are wondering what makes Meesho the top online shopping app, take a look at the list below.

1. High-Quality Products at Lowest Prices

Place your orders from an amazing network of wholesalers across India that supply the best fashion and lifestyle products, at prices you will love.Since all the products on the Meesho app are sourced directly from suppliers and manufacturers, you will get them at wholesale prices.

2. Exclusive First Order Discounts

Now, you can avail a 30% discount (upto Rs. 100) on your first order. All new users can avail this offer on their first purchase irrespective of order value or product categories.

3. Free Delivery/ Free Shipping

Meesho offers Free Delivery on all orders with no minimum order value.

4. Cash On Delivery (COD) Available

Meesho products are available for Cash On Delivery (COD). You can choose to pay after receiving the product.

5. Free Returns/Refunds

We offer a 7-Day Free Return & Refund Policy with which you will get the money back, no questions asked. With these policies, online shopping and earning money through reselling is a safe experience!

6. 100% Safe & Timely Payments

Our payment gateways are safe, secure & quick for online payments. Your online transactions and payment details are safeguarded.Your commission is transferred automatically into your bank account, thrice a month.

Huge Variety Of Products In Every Category

If you are looking for good quality products at lowest prices, you are at the right place.Choose from over 50 lakh top quality products from over 650+ categories like women’s fashion, men’s fashion, latest kid’s fashion, accessories, home & kitchen essentials, beauty & health essentials, etc.

From women’s ethnic wear like Sarees, Lehengas, Kurtas, and Blouses to Western Dresses, Accessories, Bags, Footwear, and Jewellery, our fashion and lifestyle collection has everything. You will also find the latest apparel and accessories for men in our collection including ethnic wear for men (Kurtas, Kurta sets, suits, Sherwani sets, and more. You will also find trendy men’s Western wear (Jeans, Trousers, Shirts, T-shirts, Winterwear, etc). But that’s not all we have to offer! From basic kitchen accessories & home decor items to daily use products & electronic items, you will find everything here.

How to Shop on the Meesho App

Download the Meesho App to shop for products in different categories. Meesho online App offers you the lowest wholesale prices on products, which are sourced directly from suppliers.

You can buy anything for your household needs. With shopping options under ₹99, ₹200, ₹500, Meesho app is the perfect shopping partner.

How to Resell on the Meesho App and Earn Money(in 3 simple steps)

1. Browse - Sign up on Meesho to browse through a variety of stylish high quality lifestyle products at wholesale prices.

2. Share - Once you find a product you want to sell, share it with your friends, family and existing customer networks on Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook to start getting orders.

3. Earn - Once you get orders, add your profit margin to the wholesale price of the products, collect the payment from your customer, and place orders for them. In case of Cash On Delivery (COD), your profit margin will be transferred to your bank account.

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping online or earning money online now! Have A Happy Online Shopping Experience and A Successful Reselling Journey!

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More Information Of Meesho: Online Shopping App

lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:11.4.1 Publish Date:2021-12-26 Developer:Meesho

User Reviews


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Meesho रेफरल कोड- NATWARS856 2021-02-17

Amazing app. I love meesho app very much. It\'s really easy to use. I\'m so impressed that I came here to write a review. No annoying ads. You need to choose the picture you want. Then you can crop it or whatever you want to do. And then write text. Like this you need to make a pack of stickers and name it. After making all the stickers for the pack, you\'ll click on \'add to whatsapp\' and done. Really so easy. Recommend to everyone who want to create own stickers. Best app ever.I love this app so m
Meesho referral- NATWARS856 2021-02-18

Awesome experience! Meesho app is amazing. However I am very annoyed at one thing. I\'m on the unpaid version. Sometimes it asks me to watch a video to get 30 minutes of commercial free listening. Every time I hit \"no thanks\" it plays 3 videos instead of 1. Then asks me to watch a short video for 30 minutes of free listening again right after the 3 videos. I hit \"no thanks\" again and it starts over. I get into a cycle of watching videos because I said I don\'t want to watch a video. Sleazy tactics
Meesho referral- NATWARS856 2021-02-27

Awesome! Quite easy to use. Open a chat, type text messages and tap the green button to send. Press and hold the green button for a short voice message and release to send or swipe left to bin. You can also send longer voice messages but I have forgotten how (oops). Send photos and videos by tapping the paper clip or go straight to your camera by tapping the camera icon, both found next to the green send button. Voice and video calls can also be made by tapping the icons at the top of the chat.
Meesho referral- NATWARS856 2021-02-22

I have been using meesho for years now. But I am absolutely disappointed that for such an advanced application there is no option to turn off calls. Please support, help me with this. I get very busy sometimes and the calls are a big interruption. I do not wish to receive calls at times especially video calling. Why is there no option to just switch it off!? Both video and calls. And just use my chat. I want people to not have the option to call me. Especially when am very busy without blockin
Niraj Jaiswal 2021-02-17

Good! Meesho app was working fine up until a week ago I did an update. Now while casting from my phone or other devices on to my TV the Autoplay option does not work any longer. What happened? My Autoplay toggle is turned on and I\'ve turned it off and on a million times and it still doesn\'t work. I\'ve checked all my settings on my TV , phone, tablet you name it. I\'m completely updated. I\'ve disabled this app and enabled it over and over again including the update. Still doesn\'t work. Annoying!!!
Manish Chauhan 2021-02-14

All Is Good but Some Product quality is not good n the price compare to market are same in all product n very important thing is that when u placed the 1st order after receiving that all product price suddenly increase its very bad thing and the other things is in many products tjey already set there cut cut price which i not possible to us for earning margin so its the problem how can we sale it...
Sachin Agrawal 2021-02-27

Gratefull for the free storage space. Found the app very useful and reasonably user-friendly, except for one thing. Wanting to reorganise my photos so they come in the order that I desire (this is important for me) rather than the deafault date-wise order can be a pain. The way to do that is rather clumsy and time-consuming. What is worse, sometimes it doesn\'t work either and the photos get jumbled up again after hours of painstaking work. Extremely frustrating. A lovely app, but for that flaw.
Jyoti Mayank 2021-02-04

This meesho app is so longer working properly. If my PC is connected via Ethernet, and my phone over WiFi, I would suspect it would still work as I am on the same network. In any case, even after using WiFi o both devices, my PC says it cannot connect. I\'ve updated everything and restarted both devices. Still nothing. No sure what happened, but it\'s frustrating to not be able to use such a previously useful app. It\'s strange that I cannot find the app on my phone, though it\'s clearly installed.
Vrusha Bhiba 2021-02-06

I\'ve been disappointed before. I selected all my meesho and edited a few pages and clicked on \"Save PDF\", it took me to my home screen but everything vanished! I am only able to view my previous scans but my new one wasn\'t saved. It was 24-pages PDF which I have to send my teacher, and after all the editing of each ans every page, the whole PDF disappeared and I\'m not able to find it back. Other than that, everything\'s fine. In fact, they have good options as well. Please look into my problem.
nidhi 2021-03-09

Very Bad app. My customers did not like quality so they returned, sometimes we get the product that you didn\'t ever order! They blocked my ID three times as reseller because I returned many products! What will I do if I don\'t get same product which is showed! When I called the customer care service they said to reboot the phone and put it on airplane mode, then uninstall it and install again...my time was wasted so bad!