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Description of Meet New People - Hily Dating

Hey, friend! 👊 
Looks like you’ve just discovered Hily Dating App in your app store! Well, mark your calendar because today is your day. It’s the day when a new chapter of your life begins — a chapter full of romance, fun, and interesting conversations! 🥳

You might think: “There are plenty of dating apps, so why is Hily ‘the one’?” Glad you asked.

- Good old dating — meet single people and form meaningful connections with them

- Stream your heart out — express yourself, find like-minded people, and make new friends

- Find your soul-streamer-mate — it’s the best way to meet someone who’s perfect for you

So you might think: “That sounds cool — and pretty easy too. Let me install Hily real quick”.
But we’d tell you: “Wait a sec, we’re just getting started”.

Video Calls — get to know the real person behind their profile. If you don’t feel like meeting in real life just yet, you can have an online date right in the app!

Compatibility Quiz – created by leading American psychologists, Hily Compatibility Quiz analyzes your personality to help you find your perfect match

Live Support — if you have any questions or concerns, send a message to our customer support through Hily messenger, and we’ll sort it out as soon as possible.

Security — every user goes through human moderation and profile verification

Then you’d say: “Okay, sold, I’ve already installed it. What do I do next?” No worries, we got you. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for you ⭐️

- Instal Hily and create a profile. Set your search criteria and start looking for whatever you’re looking for — love, relationships, friends, or just some fun

- Check out the profiles of other users in Finder. Once you both like each other, you’ll be able to chat

-To add a Story, open the Stories & Streaming section, press Add, hold the button to record a video and release it when you’re done

- To start a Live Stream, visit the Stories & Streaming section and go live.

You might say: “Honestly, I’ve got no time for just chatting and hanging out. I want to find the love of my life as soon as possible, and I’d do anything to make it happen”. And we’d say: “Hey, we get it! That’s why we created Hily Premium — the best way to make your search super fast and easy”. 🏆

Rollbacks — undo accidental skips and never miss your chance

Filters — find exactly who you’re looking for

Incognito mode — only be visible to your matches.

Chat requests — send the first message even before matching

No Ads — so that nothing distracts you from chatting, streaming or dating.

Are you still here? Stop wasting your time! Go on Hily, meet new people, or start a live stream. Your soulmate is already waiting for you on Hily.

👀 Stay in touch with us!

To learn more, go to Hily website https://hily.com

To share your experience with Hily, share your feedback at apps@corp.hily.com

Also, take a look at the Terms of Service at https://hily.com/terms

and Privacy Policy at https://hily.com/privacypolicy

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:3.4.0 Publish Date:2021-11-18 Developer:Hily Corp.

User Reviews


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QuickBolt 2019-03-25

Similar frustration has elicited a similar review. I started my free try, and cancelled the subscription only a day later. The app was not to my liking. During the deactivation process, I was informed that I had correctly cancelled my subscription, which should have consequently prevented the charge from being incurred. I absolutely want my money back, as it is completely unacceptable to falsely, and a borderline scam to continue charging without any indication of how to cancel the process.
Fate 2019-11-18

Absolute scam. You can\'t even \"go back\" when it first offers the free trial to immediately delete the app- it locks you into a contract no matter how you navigate. It will immediately demand you to upload a photo and I can never get past that screen- even when I did upload photos. I emailed support and they said to go to settings- I LITERALLY CAN ONLY ACCESS \"UPLOAD PHOTO.\" I have no idea if it\'s going to bill me- I can\'t even check. This is a bad app, bad customer service and a total scam.
Jescika Jones 2019-07-29

It was good for the first week. It is a lot of pervs and weirdos along with fake bots. Ended up being a complete waste of time. People messaging in the middle of the night. Ultimately I ended up being banned for reasons unbeknownst to me. It\'s useless to contact customer service because evidently it\'s okay to continue to be harrassed by somebody you block. Complete waste of time I wouldn\'t utilize this app! Also the filter is completely off.
Alvera Green 2019-12-29

From my overall experience, I can say that Hily has many advantages over other dating apps I used to have. First of all, people here are real, and they are very attractive (I can be sure about the girls 😁), the chatting system has many options for sending messages. And more surprising was the subscription price. It\'s very reasonable for all the features Hily has. Everything runs very smoothly. My top recommendation!
Aiden Bridges 2019-12-26

Such a scam. I have had \"18 matches\" in two days all within my local area, I\'ve been checking the location before swiping. You will notice two or three times a day after logging in the first two swipes will be an instant match to someone local, they appear to be dead accounts kept on by the company and used against the person\'s permission. I am making video screen recordings and will be reporting this app to Google to have it removed. Avoid at all costs.
Ryan O\'Connor 2019-05-13

Wow. I did the math and if someone subscribes to the free trial and does not unsubscribe after the trial, they get billed 27.53 a week. This amounts to a WHOPPING 1431.56 (before tax) for a dating app yearly. Scam app that isn\'t interested in connecting people unless you\'re willing to pay a LOT---considering you can\'t even message people unless you pay. Hily is just bad. Shame on you. Edit: Even so, if a person forgets their \"free\" sub expired, they\'ll be exorbitantly charged. See the prob?
Kal Skirata 2019-10-21

This app was cool, you got to meet real people and actually made some matches, however I was on a free subscription which I forgot to cancel and apparently those subscriptions are nonrefundable so there goes $25. I think that is an incredibly shady and underhanded way of making money. Not to mention the outrageous price ($25) to use a dating service that is mediocre at best. $10 I wouldn\'t have minded so much, but $25 non-refundable because I forgot to cancel a free subscription? Ridiculous.
Nemesis Mckenzie 2020-01-01

this app is a scam. I was charged full price for a free trial when I should not have been. Even on the info display on Google subscriptions it shows I should have been charged $0 for the first week of the trial and then I will be substantially charged $30 every week. But for some reason $30 was taken out of my account regardless and then when I go talk to a service representative they were no help and refused to give me a refund.
John 2020-06-09

I\'ll edit the again so I don\'t want it to be hidden, your canned response is meaningless if you don\'t respond using either of those methods. Edit: As a web developer my suggestion is very simple. Do not add functionality to an application that doesn\'t work. The TOP feedback in your own app is make the range filter actually work. If the range setting in your app doesn\'t work it has no place being there until it\'s ready. You can edit your response if you want to take responsibility.
Kathryn Daniel 2019-09-13

This entire app is a scam. The profiles are fake. It seems it was made strictly the trick you out of money. By deactivating and canceling your account it DOES NOT cancel your \"subscription\" when you sign up. There is no option not to do so when you make an account which I should have seen as the first clue. You must link your pay pal/google pay account immediately and it will be automatically charged until you go into google play and cancel the subscription. There is no way to get a refund.